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CTC Staff Profile
What I do for CTC: 
Local Cycling Development Officer in Essex - my dream job
My Cycling
Where I Ride: 
Everywhere I have to go to, to the shops, to work, to school with the kids, to friends and to important social engagements, (you can invite me to some if you want).
What I Ride: 
A bicycle. Very happy with my second-hand bike from Recycle the Colchester Bikes to Africa charity.
Cycling Interest(s): 
Cycling and encouraging more people to re-discover the pleasure of cycling.
About Me: 
Undicovered superhero and football genius whose three children don't understand. Very clever and found a lady who is patient, understanding, clever and a great cook.
Likes and Dislikes: 
Likes everything fun and dislikes everything not so fun, likes justice and dislikes injustice, likes hope and dislikes despair, very much likes my children.


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