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CTC's 'Bard on a Bike' helps get Rochdale cycling.

With the 40km Connect2 network well established around Rochdale, CTC’s local Cycling Development Officer Seamus Kelly decided to use poetry to revive interest in cycling along the routes.
The Larks poem by CTC Development Officer and poet Seamus Kelly

Seamus, a writer and poet in his spare time, came up with the initial concept  to display some poetry along the pathways and shared the idea with colleagues in the council and local arts groups. The Library Service, through the Maskew Bequest offered funding for the project and along with match funding from Cartwheel Arts, the idea of displaying poems on the routes became a realistic possibility.

How to change someone's life - cycle training Oxford undergraduates

After local MP Nicola Blackwood questioned the lack of cycle training for new students at Oxford during the 'Get Britain Cycling' debate last August, CTC stepped in to offer a day of free sessions for freshers.
Student and cycle instructor

Recruiting people for cycle training is harder than you might imagine. Which is strange when you consider that there can’t be many other human activities that people do without training: swimming, riding a horse, driving a car – would you attempt any of these without being shown how to by an expert first? Often the ones that could do with cycle training the most don’t  take it, even if it’s offered for free. The exceptions are usually women who are nervous riders but realise that a bit of instruction can help build confidence.

Cotswold Weekend

Please see group website for more details

Rides of varying distances. Meet Friday evening, ends Sunday after lunch.

The Cotswold Weekend Resurfaces – 4-6 April 2014.

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Stevenage Cyclists are reversing summer time !

Each year the Stevenage CTC mark the clocks going back with the 100km Emitremmus Desrever ride (Summertime reversed!). This year the event takes place on Sunday 27th October.

Whilst many of us may be still putting our clocks back over our cornflakes, 400 cyclists have already signed up  to join in the challenge of cycling  from Stevenage to Saffron Walden and back to mark the end of summertime. 

Contact Information: 

CTC Press Office laura.raymond@ctc.org.uk

or more from JIM BROWN 0793 968 7509;

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Stevenage cyclists are reversing summertime!

Each year, Stevenage CTC marks the clocks going back with the 100km ‘Emitremmus Desrever ride’ (Summertime reversed!). This year the event takes place on Sunday 27 October.
Emitremmus Deserver ride

To mark the end of summertime, 400 cyclists have already signed up to join in the challenge ride from Stevenage to Saffron Walden.

Organiser Jim Brown said they have some interesting entries already: “We have a cyclist coming over from Tokyo to take part, not to mention the family of Olympic cyclist Laura Trott! You can still enter and there is even a shorter ride the Emit Lite for the less ambitious Sunday riders."

We hope to break the record of 500 riders last year.
Jim Brown, Emitremmus Organiser

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The countdown begins to the Yorkshire Grand Départ

The full route for the 2014 Tour de France was today unveiled in Paris with Yorkshire flying the flag for the UK with the Grand Départ 2014.
photo Steve Jones and Leeds Cycling Campaign

The route takes in some breathtaking scenery around Yorkshire, including the Spa Town of Harrogate where CTC began in 1878.

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Liverpool's CTC members object to the Mayor's bus lane suspension

Paul McCartney wrote about the ‘Long and Winding Road’. Well, Merseyside's bus passengers may now be feeling they are living out the song's lyrics after the Mayor enforced a suspension of the city's bus lanes in a bid to ease traffic congestion.
A Liverpool bus

CTC's local campaigner for Liverpool Don Thompson has been updating National Office as CTC members, the  Merseyside Cycling Campaign  and MET (Merseyside Environmental Trust) plan to pose questions to the  Mayoral Select Committee on Wednesday  23 October 2013.

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The nude dude - why CTC Member Roger Coupe loves riding in the buff!

The World Naked Bike Ride is a mass participation event to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists. But Roger Coupe, from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, takes to the saddle nude mainly for enjoyment. He's even ridden in France without clothing. Now he explains why he loves the no-Lycra look.
Roger Coupe cycling naked

I’ve had a wonderful experience this summer cycling naked around the lanes of West Kent, sometimes alone but often with friends.  I always have a sense of freedom when I get on a bike and when naked, I feel fully liberated and joyful.  It is exhilarating to feel the sun on bare skin, a gentle breeze or the summer rain.  During my ride to Paris and back in July, the French seemed to take kindly to my chosen 'tenue à peau' (lit. skinsuit).

It is exhilarating to feel the sun on bare skin, a gentle breeze or the summer rain."

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Cyclist’s Fixed Penalty Notice legal challenge listed this week for London court.

Following a successful round of crowd-funding, the Cyclists’ Defence Fund (CDF),a charity set up by CTC, the national cycling charity, to fund precedent setting cases involving cycling and the law, will support a 27-year-old cyclist from Putney as he challenges a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) .

Alex Paxton received the FPN when he was unable to stop in a cycle box in Fulham in August.

When Alex reached a set of traffic lights he found that the cycle box had been illegally blocked by a car. Not wanting to cross three lanes of moving traffic in order to turn right, Alex positioned himself ahead of the illegally placed vehicle and ahead of the ASL, which technically meant he ran a red light even though he remained at the junction.

Contact Information: 

Senior Media and Communications Officer Laura Raymond 01483 238315 or 07960 349405

Notes to Editors: 

Advanced Stop Lines / Cyclist’s Boxes
The purpose of ASLs, or cycle boxes, is to give cyclists priority at junctions, where around 70% of cyclists’ collisions occur. ASLs help cyclists control their own safety as they prepare to manoeuvre through a junction by enabling them to position themselves where they are clearly visible to the drivers behind them and allowing them to move off in front of other traffic without being cut up by turning vehicles.
CTC and CDF want the Government to clarify and amend the legislation covering cyclists’ access to and use of ASLs, including amending the Highway Code.
The Cyclists’ Defence Fund
CDF is a charity set up in 2001 by CTC to fight significant legal cases involving cycling and cyclists. Since its inception, its remit has expanded to cover all aspects of cycling and the law.

CDF’s aims are: to advance the education of the public in the relationship between cycling and the law; to further the sound development, administration and knowledge of the law; and to preserve and protect the health and safety of the public by encouraging and facilitating safe cycling.
CDF achieves these aims by: commissioning and publicising research into the law; providing guidance on the law and links to relevant legal resources on its website; and providing support in legal cases which could clarify the law, especially cases which have the potential to set legal precedents.

CTC, the national cycling charity
CTC is the UK’s largest cycling charity with 69,000 members. Established in 1878 CTC is also the oldest cycling membership body in the UK and continues to inspire and help people to cycle and keep cycling, whatever kind of cycling they do or would like to do. Over a century’s experience tells us that cycling is more than useful transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone. Visit www.ctc.org.uk


AUK BP Warwickshire Wanderer 105 km

Local Group Event (inc DATC and Audax Rides)
See website for more details
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