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Uptown top ranking: which city leads on Space for Cycling?

18 November 2014
CTC published its league table of political support for cycling in eight English cities on 17 November. Here we analyse the results.
Newcastle's Civic Ride, Sept 2014.

"Will you support Space for Cycling in your area and seek the funding needed to make it happen?"  That's the question asked in over 15,000 messages to councillors by members of the public over the last 6 months as part of the national Space for Cycling campaign.  With over 600 councillors now signed up, we take a look at which local authorities in eight English cities are backing the call and


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Helping Care Homes - cycling in a safe environment

Cycling at inclusive cycling centre Wheels for All – Get Cycling in Sefton gives the riders from Brook Lea Care Home the chance to keep fit and gain independence within a safe environment.
Cyclist on a trike
A group of riders from Brook Lea Care Home has been coming to the Wheels for All – Get Cycling in Sefton sessions at Litherland Sports Park since the project first got off the ground ten years ago. They attend the sessions once a week with support workers from New Directions care and support services in Sefton, who initially learnt about the project when they read about it in the local paper.
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English Core Cities appetite for cycling ranked

Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham have highest levels of support for cycling
Pedalling through Manchester

With the Government offering the possibility of funding for local authorities that can demonstrate commitment to cycling, CTC and local campaign groups have today (Tuesday 18 November) launched a league table ranking English Core Cities’ support for cycling, based on the number of councillors backing the Space for Cycling campaign outside London. The Core Cities represent the councils of England’s eight largest non-London city economies.

Contact Information: 

CTC Press Office
Email: publicity@ctc.org.uk
Telephone: 0844-736-8453

Notes to Editors: 
  1. CTC, the UK’s largest cycling charity, inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling, whatever kind of cycling they do or would like to do. Over a century’s experience tells us that cycling is more than useful transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone. www.ctc.org.uk
  2. The Space for Cycling campaign was originally created by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). LCC's campaign in London was focussed on lobbying candidates in 2014’s London borough elections, and had 867 candidates signed up to ward-specific asks (47%). CTC took LCC’s London-born campaign nationwide, working together with the Cyclenation federation of local campaign groups, and backed with generous funding from the cycle industry's 'Bike Hub' levy, run by the Bicycle Association. So far, support for the national campaign has resulted in over 600 non-London councillors signing up to the Space for Cycling themes. The campaign incorporates six main themes which are explained here: www.ctc.org.uk/article/campaigns-guide/what-do-we-mean-space-for-cycling 
  3. Core Cities are a united local authority voice to promote the role of our cities in driving economic growth. They represent the councils of England’s eight largest city economies outside London. For further information see: www.corecities.com/
  4. New evidence commissioned by CTC values the potential health benefits of cycling at £6bn per year by 2025 if UK cycling increased to 10% of all journeys and up to £25bn per year by 2050 if cycling reach Dutch levels of 25%.
  5. The Get Britain Cycling report called for cycling to be increased from less than 2% of trips at present to 10% of trips (a bit below German levels of cycle use) by 2025, and to 25% of trips (just below Dutch levels) by 2050. It also called for spending of at least £10 per person annually on cycling – rising to £20 as cycle use increases – in order to maximise its health, economic, environmental and other benefits. It took evidence from experts on cycling and sustainable travel, health and road safety, as well as representatives of motoring and freight industries, and Government ministers.  The report was authored by Professor Phil Goodwin, a leading transport researcher at University College London and the University of the West of England.  The inquiry was sponsored by News International, publishers of the Times newspaper, as part of its ‘Cities fit for Cycling’ campaign. Further information can be found at: https://www.ctc.org.uk/campaign/get-britain-cycling

Inspiring adults with learning disabilities in Leeds

Care homes run through Leeds City Council bring their clients cycling to give them better access to activities within the community. Cycling not only helps to keep them fit but it also helps them to relax if they've had a difficult time.
Two riders on a tandem quad bike

Over the last few years, Leeds City Council Social Care have been bringing their clients to the Leeds Adapted Cycling sessions at the John Charles Centre for Sport. The clients who are adults aged 18-70 with a range of learning disabilities, come from three care homes around the city.

Portsmouth - A City to Share

In response to a challenge from the Leader of Portsmouth City Council Cllr Donna Jones, Portsmouth Cycle Forum has just launched 'A City to Share', its strategy to put safe cycling at the heart of Portsmouth’s transport policy.
CTC cycling Case Study

The strategy was launched to an enthusiastic response from Cllr Donna Jones and other city leaders on Monday 3 November. The busy launch event was attended by representatives from local schools and businesses as well as many councillors and parliamentary candidates.

The strategy document sets out a vision for the city where there is space for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians to co-operate and treat one another with courtesy and respect.

Guild Wheel Revisited

Local Group Event (inc DATC and Audax Rides)

WBCCC are hosting a leisurely ride around the iconic Preston Guild Wheel, always a favourite with our club members this one. Route is a 21 mile circular around the outskirts of Preston utilising a variety of surfaces, dedicated cycle paths, canal towpath, shared pavements. quiet roads and some gravel track. Plenty of scenery along the banks of the River Ribble and the Brockholes Nature Reserve. Ride is open to anyone over the age of 16 but we do insist you wear a helmet. 

This Ride or Event is cancelled
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What a difference a mayor makes!

It’s so great to be involved with a good, confident campaign group, says Leicester campaigner Elizabeth Barner.
Leicester cycle campaigners

One week ago, the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group heard about a petition against a proposed cycle lane in Leicester. They decided to call a demonstration in support of the lane, and in support of a more rational use of space in our city – for people, not for cars. They wanted to physically show the support there is, and the number of people willing to come out in the cold to say, "Yes, we will benefit from change." Campaigning can feel so bleak when it’s all about "No". 


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Deb's story - patient to cycle instructor

Two knee operations put a temporary end to Deb Garbutt’s ability to cycle, until she joined a Wheels for Wellbeing session. Now, she’s not only cycling again but she’s a qualified cycle instructor too!
CTC cycling Case Study

I was in hospital again at the Elective Orthopaedic Centre having my left knee replaced just six months after having the same operation on my right knee. My surgeon stated: “You won’t ever be able to ride your bicycle again, but you should be grateful you can walk!”. That statement shattered my world; I just didn’t realise it then but depression started to become part of my life. I’d always ridden my bike from when I was a child – even when it caused me a great deal of pain to do so; it was such an important part of me.

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Community Cycle Club opens in Aldershot

A group of keen young adults were the first recruits to complete CTC Cycle Maintenance training as part of the new Community Cycle Club in Aldershot.
The Community Cycle Club at The Source in Aldershot

The CTC Cycle Maintenance training course was part of the new Community Cycle Club at The Source In Aldershot. The aim of the course is to equip young people with skills for life while promoting cycling and providing a valued community service.

The Community Cycle Club will be a focus for cycling within the Aldershot area and will provide the following services and activities:


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