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Play on Pedals says a big 'thank you' after incredible first year

Suzanne Forup, CTC's Assistant Head of Development in Scotland, leads the partnership behind Play on Pedals - a Glasgow-based initiative that is enabling pre-school children to explore the playful side of cycling.
The Play on Pedals launch event outside the Glasgow Bike Station

It's been an incredible first year for Play on Pedals.

The community project, a partnership between CTC, Cycling Scotland, the Glasgow Bike Station and Play Scotland, and supported by players of the People's Postcode Lottery has so far seen over 500 participants (including instructors) take part in cycling at nurseries across the city.


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Should children cycle on the pavement?

A police officer in Lincolnshire reportedly threatened to confiscate a four-year-old girl's bicycle because she was cycling on the pavement. CTC's Victoria Hazael explains where the law stands on children cycling on the pavement.
A four-year old girl cycling in the park

As a mum of a four-year-old who regularly cycles on the pavement, I must confess I was really shocked when I read the report in Grantham Journal, that four-year-old Sophie Lindley was stopped by Lincolnshire Police as she was cycling to school on the pavement.

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CTC helps women in Chelmsford to start cycling

12 February 2015
CTC has joined up with Chelmsford City Council to assist more women try cycling through the WoMEn TIME project.
A group of women cycling in Essex

A pilot project late last summer proved a big hit with the first dozen women learning to cycle over a five-week programme. Now CTC has set up more sessions and cycle rides specifically encouraging women to try cycling.

“The Council’s WoMEn TIME project is really positive and encouraging, removing many of the barriers that women have when it comes to taking up a recreational activity."

Richard Monk,  CTC Cycling Development Officer for Essex  


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Richard's tips on getting cycling this summer in Essex

With spring around the corner, our thoughts drift to lazy cycle rides in the sun. It’s easier than you think, says Richard Monk from CTC, the national cycling charity. Here are his key tips for re-discovering the pleasure of cycling:
Cycling on Essex's sunny country lanes

CTC's Cycling Development Officer in Essex Richard Monk helps thousands of people get cycling each year. Here are his steps to successful cycling:

Step 1. Dust off the old bike and give it a once-over

You’ll be amazed that often all the bike needs are its tyres pumped up and some oil on the chain then you can get going.

The key is to check that the bike is reasonable working order.

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New blow to hopes of New Forest campaigners and cyclists

Proposals based on sense, safety and compromise rejected for inclusion in the New Forest Cycle Events Organisers' Charter.
CTC New Forest Rally 2014 - cyclists of all ages

CTC has learned today (Thursday 22 January) that proposals designed with the spirit of both compromise and safety in mind have been rejected in the New Forest National Park Authority's (NFNPA) Cycle Events Organisers' Charter. 


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CTC and Sustrans united against "discriminatory" New Forest Charter

In the latest stage of developments in the ongoing saga in the New Forest, CTC and Sustrans have shown a united front against the New Forest National Park Authority’s draft Charter.
CTC New Forest Rally 2014

Since a growth in cycle activities in the New Forest, there has been an increase in reports from local residents and organisations against organised cycle events. In response to this, the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA) has launched an “arm's length” exercise to produce a “Cycle Event Organisers’ Charter”. The Charter, which is currently in draft form, will go up for final amendment and approval tomorrow morning, 22 January.


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CTC and Sustrans united against "discriminatory" New Forest Charter

Cycling organisations have taken a united stance today (Wednesday 21 January 2015) in opposing key aspects of the draft New Forest Cycle Event Organisers' Charter proposed by the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA).
CTC New Forest Rally 2014

The national cycling charity CTC and Sustrans have been actively involved in the Charter’s creation since its beginning and were instrumental in placing the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) at the centre of the process. As a result of their involvement, the Charter overall presents a balanced set of practices which aids in maintaining harmony between all users and inhabitants of the New Forest, and only presents a cause for conflict in certain areas.

Contact Information: 

CTC Press Office
Telephone: 0844-736-8453

Notes to Editors: 
  1. The draft charter is available via the New Forest National Park Authority:
  2. To read the joint letter in response to the draft Charter from CTC, British Cycling and Sustrans visit:
  3. For further information on CTC, the UK’s largest cycling charity, inspires and helps people to cycle and keep cycling, whatever kind of cycling they do or would like to do. Over a century’s experience tells us that cycling is more than useful transport; it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of freedom and creates a better environment for everyone.
  4. For further information on Sustrans see:

Jasuben's story - Learning to ride at 65

Jasuben had been wanting to join her husband on family rides for many years but had never had the opportunity to learn to cycle until she heard of some adult cycle sessions run through CTC's Cycle Champions project in Leicester. Now, she's not only cycling but she's gained lots of confidence too.
Group cycling session in action

Jasuben heard about the cycle training course via Sanskar Radio and her immediate thought was to have a go. She said: "I’ve been wanting to cycle for years and never got around to it; never had this kind of facility before. My husband always pushed me to ride because whenever we go on holiday we can’t hire bikes".

‘I’ve gained a lot of confidence and am over the world’
Jasuben, learner cyclist in Leicester

Pat's story - Getting back on a bike after 65 years!

Pat Lemon's interest in cycling was sparked when she read about another female cyclist in local newsletter. The problem was, she hadn't cycled in sixty-five years! Now, with the help of CTC cycle training, she is back on her bike.
Pat Lemon, Plymouth
As part of Plymouth City Council’s active and sustainable travel programme Plymotion, travel advisors visit residents at home or in the workplace to chat about how they get around the city. They provide help and advice on how they can travel more actively and more sustainably. Cycling is the obvious choice.

Brenda’s story – learning to ride a bike with CTC

Brenda was keen to join in one of the local led rides; the only problem was, she’d never ridden a bike before! Through the help of CTC’s Ross Adams, she’s now riding a bike and cycling with her family.
CTC cycling Case Study

CTC’s cycling development officer, Ross Adams, received an enquiry from Brenda who was keen to take part in one of the newly launched ladies only cycle rides in Sefton, Merseyside. The only problem was, she’d never ridden a bike before!

Ross was eager to make sure that everyone had the same opportunity to attend the rides and arranged a day to meet Brenda for some one-to-one cycle training at Litherland Sports Park. On the first day, Brenda arrived with bags of enthusiasm, and, with a bike, helmet and a dedicated cycle track to practise on, everything was set to begin.

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