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What a weekend for new cyclists in Winchester!

Hundreds of people came to the 'The Six Towns Cycle Roadshow' in Winchester to try out different bikes.
Child in bike trailer

CTC and Hampshire County Council are working in partnership trying to persuade more urban dwellers in the county to get out on their bikes.

Despite the rather uninspiring weather, the event in Winchester attracted 733 people who were keen to have a go on different types of cycles. 

Not only were there KMX carts, an electric powered bike and a tandem, but also a range of quality children's bikes and bikes designed to transport families in real style.


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Family cycling adventures

Going for a family bike ride with your children can be a real pleasure - and planning it well could make all the difference between success and disappointment.
Happy child out cycling

If you're keen to encourage your children to take up cycling, making their early cycling experiences enjoyable is a good start. If they enjoy it, they'll want to do more and more bike rides and will gain confidence with every revolution of the pedals.

When you plan your first cycle ride with them, whether they're riding their own bikes, are on a tag-along cycle or in a trailer, these tips might help:

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Cyclists Welcome - CTC's cycle friendly accommodation listings

Looking for cycle friendly accommodation, cafe or cycle hire operator? See the list we've compiled on our Cyclists Welcome pages.
Cyclist on Raithlin Island in Northern Ireland
  • If you're looking for somewhere to stay for a weekend away cycling or a cycling holiday, CTC's Cyclists Welcome pages are just what your looking for.
  • If you're an cycle friendly accommodation, cafe or cycle hire proprietor and would like to take advantage promoting your business to cyclists from across the UK and beyond by advertising in Cyclists Welcome, you apply for a 3 month free of charge listing.
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Carfree living - what is it really like?

Can you live without your car? After using a car for over a decade, CTC's Victoria Hazael finally became carless in February 2011. Find out what happened next.

As soon as I passed my driving test, I bought my own car and I loved it. In almost a decade, I drove it over 100,000 miles and I thought I couldn’t live without it.


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A statistical look at the success of Swindon's Workplace Cycle Challenge

Find out what effect the second Workplace Cycle Challenge had on the number of people cycling in Swindon.
CTC and Challenge for Change logo

What is a Workplace Cycle Challenge?

The Workplace Cycle Challenge is a behavioural change programme, designed to encourage more people to cycle more often.

It allowed organisations, and the individual departments within them, to compete against each other, seeing who could encourage the most staff to cycle for at least 10 minutes over a three-week Challenge period.

The Challenge focuses on participation rather than mileage, to ensure a fair competition which engaged new and occasional cyclists as much as regular cyclists.

Merthyr Tydfil Bike Club

A Transition Bike Club project has been established in Merthyr Tydfil engaging five primary schools as a 'stepping stone' to fully-fledged bike clubs in High School.
Merthyr Tydfil Bike Club

The Transition Bike Club Project encourages more young people to become involved in cycling. 

The participating primary schools are:

  • Heolgerrig Community Primary School
  • Cyfarthfa Junior School
  • Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Santes Tudful
  • Caedraw Primary
  • Twynyrodyn Community Primary School

The Transition Bike club is split into four periods during the academic year covering the following areas:

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Islington Community Rides Bike Club launches

Islington's first Bike Club launched on 13 April 2012. The London Borough Of Islington Community Rides Bike Club aims to provide family-friendly opportunities and training to a diverse range of people new to cycling.
Children set off on the Islington Community Rides launch

The London Borough Of Islington Community Bike Rides Bike Club got off to a flying start, with a good showing of family and solo riders turning up to Rosemary Gardens to set off at 11am on a chilly but bright spring morning.

All bikes were checked by Islington Council’s team of qualified cycle instructors to ensure they were roadworthy and any needing attention were put to rights.


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Free cycling training for the over 50s in Swindon

The Over 50’s Cycling Courses in Swindon have been so popular that it is fully booked months in advance and more dates have been added to cope with demand.
Over 50s begginners line up for their first lesson

Many people have continued cycling in their learning groups many months after their courses finish, which has created a growing cycling scene for older people in the area.


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Cycling to school

Most children live within cycling distance of their school and want to get there by bike. Alix Stredwick examines what’s stopping them – and how to tackle it.
Three schoolgirls cycling to school in green uniform

'“You must be mad!” was the frequent response when I was a School Travel Plan Adviser at Hackney Council, talking to parents about cycling to school with their kids. “Look at the state of the roads!” they’d say, referring to the lumbering double-decker buses, careering tipper trucks, zooming mopeds, a myriad of manic cars, and gaggles of older pupils spilling out into the road.

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Islabikes Beinn 29 Cycle Magazine Review

Islabikes Beinn 29
Islabikes Beinn 29

For anyone who just wants ‘a bike’, a non-specialised, all-purpose hybrid is a good choice. This new offering from Islabikes is a true jack-of-all-trades option. It’s like a Beinn kids’ bike writ large. Scaling up for adults means 700C wheels, called 29 not for marketing reasons but because the bike can be ordered with 29x2in mountain bike tyres. If you’ll mostly stay on tarmac, you can specify touring tyres. If you’re not sure, the default, lightly-treaded 38mm Kwik Trax tyres will do fine.

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