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Belles on Bikes: cycling, cake and confidence!

Suzanne Forup, CTC’s Assistant Head of Development in Scotland, packed her panniers and headed to the beautiful Perthshire town of Pitlochry for the first Belles on Bikes leader training weekend.
Belles on Bikes

The original Belles in Glasgow have continued to grow, supporting hundreds of women to get cycling. Since January, the Belles network has been spreading across Scotland, funded by small grants from Cycling Scotland and 2014 Communities.

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Video: How to teach your child to ride a bike

Learning to cycle the CTC way is easy and fun - and teaches skills that will last a lifetime.
Ida the star of CTC's How to teach a child to ride a bike video

Learning to cycle the CTC way is easy and fun - and teaches skills that will last a lifetime.

The steps can be taught in short sessions, rather than all on one day – but be guided by the learner.

Do not overtire them or they may be put off cycling forever! Half-an-hour at a time is enough for young children, older ones and adults may cope with longer. Learning to ride a bike is tiring, especially for older people – the brain is having to create new pathways and may need time to absorb what it’s learnt.

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How to encourage cycling at schools with anti-cycling policies

Is your child's school trying to ban or discourage cycling? Here's a guide designed to help tackle the sort of barriers that keep cropping up. It's mainly for parents, but we hope it'll also be useful for teachers, heads, governors, councils, after-school programmes and, of course, children.
Children cycling to school

There is plenty of information available on how to promote cycling at schools that already have a positive outlook (you can learn more about this in the 'Working with the Willing' section). This campaigning kit, however, is primarily to help people who are trying to change the attitudes of obstructive schools.

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Closed roads bring cyclists together

Bringing a section of Northshore to Ride Leicester’s Sky Ride was a fun way to link up two aspects of the CTC at a great city festival. Five miles of closed roads and the chance to ride through the football stadium attracted families from across the region.
Northshore at Leicester's Sky Ride

The Northshore was well-loved:  it was wonderful to see so many excited faces trying something we don’t otherwise have near the city. Volunteers from local CTC clubs were invaluable – they spoke to well over 1,000 people individually.


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Buying the right bike for your child

Choosing the right children's bike is the first thing you need to do to help your child to learn to cycle and to love cycling.
Girl on a bike

How to buy a children's bike that will last

Cycle prices don’t simply scale down with size. A child’s bike uses shorter lengths of tubing, but smaller components are not intrinsically cheaper and unlike clothes, children’s bikes aren’t VAT-free.

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Le Tour - a spectator's view

What was it like in the crowd watching the Tour de France? Rhia Weston was in Yorkshire to watch the greatest cycling race in the world whizz by llkley and she didn't take a 'selfie'!
Kittel wins Stage 1 Tour de France.

I am fortunate enough to have a brother who lives in one of the towns that the Tour de France passed through: Ilkley, which is just a 45-minute walk from Addingham – the town so good the tour passed through it twice. So I watched the tour whizz by on both Saturday and Sunday. 


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Glasgow Cycle Festival

CTC’s Assistant Head of Development in Scotland loves a festival - the mud, the camping and the avoidance of washing - so this year she’s managed to get involved with organising two. One of them, the Glasgow Cycle Festival, kicks off this Friday with a leisurely bike ride to the WEST brewery!
Glasgow Cycle Festival logo

Nearly a year ago I sat in the ‘office’ - a shipping container with a sofa - at Free Wheel North with three cycling colleagues eating cherries as we airily suggested ideas for our yet un-named cycling festival. We didn't have any money and it wasn't in anyone's work plan. But we didn't let that stop us. One funding bid, a lot more talking and a whole load of work later the first Glasgow Cycle Festival is about to launch...


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Play on Pedals in Glasgow

Polly Jarman is the new Development Officer for CTC’s Play on Pedals and her mission is to get every 4 year old in Glasgow riding a bike.
Polly Jarman, CTC Development  Officer, Play on Pedals

Originally called Play on Wheels, the project won funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery through the 2014 Dream Fund and is also recognised as a games legacy for Glasgow. While the name has changed, the aim of the project has not: giving every four year old in Glasgow the opportunity to learn to ride a bike before they start school.

Over the next two years, 500 pedal and balance bikes will be placed across 50 community organisations where volunteers will be trained as either cycle trainers or in cycle maintenance.

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How to prepare for your first charity cycle ride

If you have signed up for a charity bike ride and are worried about what lies ahead, here's a handy guide to help you achieve your goal.
Guildford Challenge Ride

Too many people turn up at the start line of a charity bike ride unready for what lies ahead.

In order not to disappoint all the people who have sponsored you, you need to be prepared. Preparation is the key to rising to the challenge, achieving your goal and, most importantly, enjoying your first charity bike ride.

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Cycle with Team CTC at L'Eroica Britannia 2014

All our places for L'Eroica Britannia have now gone. But you can still come along to the L'Eroica Fesitval and enjoy 'The Best of British'.
L'Eroica Britannia

The free festival, which takes place from 20-22 June, features over 100 of the most exciting British brands, and includes vintage clothing, cosmetics, and a bike jumble.  Many of your favourite bicycling brands - including of course CTC - will also be there!!

In addition to all this, there's a fabulous celebration of food, with the chance to try some very special treats.

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