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May 2013
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CTC Bike Tour Leader in India Days 4 and 5

Starting with loads of examples of leading, managing the group and dealing with incidents out on the road set the group up to practise these options and get feedback. All great fun and really positive learning.
Chinese fishing nets in Kochi.

Examples of leading day

Reached the Chinese fishing nets and the main square of Fort Cochin. Looked out to the sea and in the 400m gap between us and the mainland were a pod of dolphins feeding. Swimming gently against the tide they were hardly moving relative to us.  The pod was pretty big - and spread almost from side to side. After a short while of watching, a few popped up only about 50m from us curving over as they dived.  Quite a special sight.

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CTC Bike Tour Leader course in India Day 2

Hot hot hot! Preparation for the CTC Bike Tour Leader course in India, meeting the trainees and the course starts, all in 36 degrees and 95% humidity.
A group of trainee tour leaders in India


Route finding and prep

The traffic in any foreign city always has its own culture, and of course India's is definitely something to experience. My recollection of previous visits was of higher noise levels and utter chaos. Maybe further travelling and riding solo through places like Rome since my last trip to India have extended my capacity to appreciate the nuances of local conditions?

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CTC Bike Tour Leader course in India Day 3

It's time to meet the team and start the learning on the Bike Tour Leader course. With 14 on the course, the trainers, Olly and I, were keen to find out about the experiences and desires of the trainees.
Trailside maintenance training and discussion


Intro and group riding day

Today is all about setting the course out and providing great examples that the guides can use. It's always great to hear their opinions and experiences - what works for them and why. Of course, it's also good to hear about why things don't quite go as expected too! 

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CTC's Bike Tour Leader course in India

Working with partners Exodus Travels, CTC recently delivered a course for fourteen tour guides. Dan Cook describes his experiences of the trip.
Riders on the course in India

CTC developed a specific international Bike Tour Leader qualification over 2012 due a request from Exodus Travels and interest from other providers within the adventure travel sector. The aim of the course and qualification is to upskill and extend the knowledge and abilities of local and/or international guides.

Fully tested and delivered to 14 Cuban guides in September 2012, this trip was developed as a result of the additional positive feedback from bike tour customers, the tour guides themselves, and Exodus.

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Put cycling on the National Curriculum

Although cycling is the third most popular activity amongst children and a crucial life skill, only half of all children have access to good quality Bikeability cycle training. CTC members have urging that all schools provide cycle training as part of the National Curriculum.
Providing Bikeability cycle training is crucial to create a cycling culture

CTC has urged the Department for Education to change the National Curriculum to include provision for child cycle training as part of Key Stages 2-4.

Currently the physical education section mandates that swimming is taught, with the requirement that children learn to swim 25 metres.


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Cycling to work whatever the weather

Whatever the weather or the season, CTC Senior Cycle Training Officer Greg Woodford commutes by bike 25 miles each way from Reading to Guildford.
Greg Woodford cycling to work

It was a beautiful evening last night riding home, the sky was clear a beautiful crescent moon picked out by the dark of the sky and the air was cold and crisp.

I do find it a little cathartic cycling in the dark, there is something about not being able to see the houses, people and the fields that is soothing. When you do see things they look different, your route seems different too. I think this is why so many people go on night rides.

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Bike Tour Leader course in Cuba

CTC Senior Off-road Officer Dan Cook went to Cuba to develop a cycling qualification and course for cycle holiday guides. He piloted the new cycling course for Exodus Travel.
Cuban sunset

Dan Cook and Olly Townsend of Exodus Travel went to Cuba to pilot a new course that they had created specifically for cycle tour guides.

The tour guides were all qualified through the Cuban education system in the areas relevant to tourism and tour guiding, but they had only their own experiences in cycling prior to this course.

Free cycle training in West Yorkshire!

David Hall from West Yorkshire has benefited from free adult cycle training and now he is such a confident cyclist he's getting ready to ride the 'Way of the Roses'.
Way of the Roses sign

CTC's Cycling Development Officer for West Yorkshire Ginny Leonard was contacted by David Hall in the summer of 2012, he had never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. Being over the age of 40 David told Ginny he lacked confidence in his ability to ride a bike and after he had taken a tumble,  he thought he never would ride a bike. However, with support from CTC David decided to give cycling one more go.

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Mountain biking in snow and ice

Snow, ice, grit and slips... CTC's Dan Cook shares his techniques to help you stay upright, build confidence and even enjoy mountain biking in the snow!
Riding in snow

With the onset of snow, you have the opportunity to encounter some truly fantastic environments on your bike. Despite the ice and the heightened risk of slips and crashes, riding in the snow is actually quite safe (as you are travelling slowly and there are lots of drifts to fall into) and most of all, its fun!.

Like anything new, there is a bit of working out how to do it so you feel comfortable. First though you do have to get out there and try it.

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