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Alicia's story - teaching an adult to ride a bike

Is it ever too late to learn to ride a bike? Definitely not, as Alicia recently found out when she asked CTC Cycle Instructor Julie Rand for help. Alicia has wanted to learn to cycle for nearly 30 years.
CTC cycling Case Study

Now a grandmother, with a daughter and grandchildren living in Copenhagen, she decided it was now or never....

Barriers to cycling

So, why had she not learnt to ride before? Like many women around the world, it was down to lack of opportunity and encouragement. She had grown up as one of 13 brothers and sisters in Colombia, South America. There simply wasn't the money or time for cycling. Not only that, cycling was not thought to be a suitable activity for girls, so there were cultural barriers as well. 

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Book now for CTC Courses this autumn!

20 August 2014
CTC has put together a full programme of courses for late summer and autumn, including courses such as the Advanced Leader Award, CTC Trainer, First Aid for cyclists and Go-mtb Leader Orientations.
CTC cycle courses - book now for the autumn

All CTC courses provide exceptional quality, are oriented around your needs as a cyclist and have a single price policy – they even include 3 months free CTC membership for non-members or a 10% discount for those who are already members.

There is a full range of courses on offer in the next few months, course dates are all listed in the CTC Course Calendar

Highlights include: 


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Going to uni by bike - top tips from student cyclists

School is just out, but it's not long before 650,000 new students head off for uni this autumn. CTC caught up with two experienced cycling students Stef and Jesse to hear why they go by bike.
Jesse on the Dunwich Dynamo

Stef lives in South London and is studying at Goldsmiths College. Two wheels is her main mode of getting around, not only cycling the three miles to classes but also to work and visiting friends. It adds up to one to three journeys on her 'steamroller' most days in any given week.

She says: ‘I love being able to control the amount of time it takes to get to places; and being able to do journeys that would be quite difficult by public transport. For instance, getting from SE to SW London can be tricky on buses and trains.’

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The Women's Tour - does racing turn anyone on to cycling?

On a soggy day I milled in the rain for two hours with cold, soaked kids to watch the Women’s Tour - and to my utter amazement it was worth it!
Children from Barley Croft school getting inside knowledge

The Women’s Tour of Britain passed within 5 miles of my home this week and I had decided I wasn’t going to bother watching it.  It’s hard to over (under?) estimate the degree to which I don’t care about competitive sport, cycling included.

I’m not sure I have the language for my degree of disinterest.  No matter how much I like doing something in my daily life or admire it in yours, the minute you add competition, you’ve lost me.


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Women only Trail Mountain Bike Leader course

15 April 2014
CTC are running a women only Trail Leader Award course at Young Bristol in June, so here's your chance to get on the right course, with the right Trainer - Sally Berry - and enjoy it from start to finish!
Woman riding over a slope on a mountain bike

Clear your diary for the 13-15 June and come with us to achieve your Trail Leader Award in Bristol.  It's a great venue, with lovely riding and the course will be shaped around your needs, experiences and future desires.  See where the Trail Leader course led previous participant Sharon Harrod.


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Triathlon England brings in CTC, the national Cycling Charity to train ride leaders.

Triathlon England has chosen CTC, the national cycling charity, to design a training course for volunteer ride leaders.
CTC's Greg Woodford designed bespoke Club Leader Course for Triathlon England

CTC’s one-day Club Leader (CL) course is aimed at competent club cyclists to give them the tools to lead a club run in perfect confidence. The first tranche of courses takes place this weekend.

Triathlon England's AGM at Loughborough University will host one of CTC’s CL courses, and see senior Triathlon England managers put through their paces and learn how to set up, assess and manage a club ride from CTC Senior Cycle Training Officer Greg Woodford.

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Night riding: skills, tips and tricks for mtb riders and leaders

It happens every year, yet virtually everyone seems to get caught out by it. The September equinox indicates the fastest point of shortening days in the year. So within a handful of weeks, you go from wearing shorts and beautiful light evenings, through sunsets to setting out in the dark.
CTC Instructor Trainer dropping in during the hours of darkness

Sometimes it's a depressing thought, the nights closing in.  However, night riding is also to be relished as one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on a bike, and especially when riding with a group.  Riding in the dark heightens your senses, improves your skills and builds awareness.  Of course, mix this in with starry or moonlit nights, or deep fog, and the whole experience becomes amazing.  Perhaps this night riding video from CTC Instructor Trainer

Video: How to teach your child to ride a bike

Learning to cycle the CTC way is easy and fun - and teaches skills that will last a lifetime.
Ida the star of CTC's How to teach a child to ride a bike video

Learning to cycle the CTC way is easy and fun - and teaches skills that will last a lifetime.

The steps can be taught in short sessions, rather than all on one day – but be guided by the learner.

Do not overtire them or they may be put off cycling forever! Half-an-hour at a time is enough for young children, older ones and adults may cope with longer. Learning to ride a bike is tiring, especially for older people – the brain is having to create new pathways and may need time to absorb what it’s learnt.

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AirBag Enjoyment - Leicester

The atmosphere was sparkling at the Ride Leicester and City Festivals. As the CTC’s contribution to the event, we wanted to bring something new to Leicester. The AirBag was perfect – fun, a little scary, a great spectacle.

It was lively on Humberstone Gate on Monday 18 August as people passing by gave it their best go and a few groups came down from around the city to practice whips and flips.

The CTC Cycling Champions Project has been supporting urban mountain biking groups in Leicester for several years, including offering events and training.  The city now has a pool of people who are very well qualified to teach, and free monthly skills sessions: for all adults, women only, and family groups.


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Becoming a Mountain Bike Leader - an interview with Sharon Harod

We ask Sharon Harod, who recently completed her second CTC Leader course what it is that got her into mountain biking, why she wants to do it and how she found her CTC courses.
Sharon during her Technical Leader Award course

Where were you when you started on the Trail Leader course?

I started working in the outdoors aged 17 in Sept 1996 on an Outdoor Education Course based at Reading College and on work placement at Adventure Dolphin in Pangbourne, Berkshire for the remainder of the week. When I finished the course in June 1997 I was offered a full-time position.  I have worked in the outdoors delivering a variety of activities ever since.

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