Commuting by bicycle in the UK is becoming more and more popular. From providing information on buying your first commuting bike through to encouraging your employer to provide cycle parking, showers and cycle training, CTC can help you hit the road - or track - to work by bike.

Essential Information

A cycle commuter keeps an eye on overtaking traffic
In today's busy road conditions, what you may have learned years ago in the playground for your Cycling Proficiency badge just doesn't cut...
Cycling to work serves many purposes, it's good for your health, the environment and you'll be guarenteed to arrive at work, college or...
Cycle commuter
In 2003, the Department for Transport funded the production of an informative, online resource on cycling to work. It was based on the findings of...
Cycling in London
It's one of the most common excuses not to ride to work but it is possible to cycle and look smart in the office. Our top tips for cycle...
City bike
It's what we used to call a roadster, brought up-to-date with better brakes and so on. The city bike differs from a hybrid or trekking bike in...
Becoming a cycle-friendly employer makes sense. Encouraging cycling helps tackle the business costs of congestion, reduces an organisation's...


Insurance for cycle commuters - how CTC can help
Three cycle commuters
If you are a cycle commuter, or thinking about becoming one, you might be worried about insurance – for yourself and for your bike. And you might also wonder what happens if someone else is injured...
So you want to start cycle commuting - but are afraid of the traffic?
A cyclist indicates to turn right
So you fancy saving money, getting fit and beating the traffic jams by cycling to work – but you're put off by the thought of the risks involved? Well, rest assured, the risks of cycling are...

Cycling to work is one of the best ways to build a bike ride into your weekly routine. It keeps you fit - just three minutes of exercise a week reaps huge health benefits - and can also save a fortune in fuel costs. You may have an increased food bill, however! But you'll arrive at your workplace feeling fresher and raring to go.



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