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Lorries pose a serious risk to cyclists in urban areas
Lorries pose a serious risk to cyclists in urban areas
CTC's monthly round-up of cycle campaigning news
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From the Editor

The number of cyclists and pedestrians who have died in collisions with large vehicles in London over the past few weeks is shocking. And when the media publish the names and ages of the people involved, each death turns even more poignantly into the human tragedy that it is. It's got to stop.

If you'd like to write to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, asking him to take urgent action, we've set up a letter-writing facility that we hope will help.

We want to see improvements in road infrastructure, cycle-friendly lorry design and restrictions on HGVs at the busiest times. CTC has also written to Transport Minister Robert Goodwill calling on him to hold hauliers to account whenever a lorry is involved in a cyclist's fatality.

Please join us in asking the Mayor to apply the most fundamental principle of safety management to this dreadful situation and tackle the danger at source.

Cherry Allan
CTC Campaigns

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New Publications

Report on demonstration of longer semi-trailers and risks to vulnerable road users

By Philippa Edmunds for Campaign for Better Transport (CBT)

A trial of longer semi-trailer lorries is currently under way on UK roads and, this summer, the Department for Transport (DfT) invited concerned parties to see them in use at a testing ground. CBT went along and concluded that: the safety, road damage and congestion effects were not fully addressed in the DfT’s research before their trial; the vehicles are unsuitable for general use in urban areas and on local roads; and their manoeuvres (e.g. rear out-swing) could increase the risk of death or serious injury to cyclists and pedestrians. This report details their findings.

CTC opposes the introduction of longer lorries on Britain’s roads. See our 'No Longer Lorries' campaign page.


Effectiveness and equity impacts of town-wide cycling initiatives in England: A longitudinal, controlled natural experimental study

Goodman A, et al

Study that looks at how England’s Cycling Cities and Towns, which all received government funding for cycling initiatives between 2005-11, fared in comparison with unfunded towns. Using Census data, the authors found that cycle commuting rose significantly in the funded towns relative to the others – and so did walking – while driving decreased. Published in Social Science and Medicine.


National Assessment of Local Authority Cycling Policy 2013

Cycling Scotland

Report on how each of the 32 Scottish local authorities are performing on cycling policy. The results vary - some councils, the report says, are performing very well and delivering on local cycle strategies, but others demonstrate a need for a more focused approach. The report finds that the best local authorities are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Clackmannanshire and Aberdeenshire.




Cycling safety - what Copenhagen can teach global cities (video)

Till Koglin, Lund University

Sweet and pithy video explaining how and why Copenhagen treats cyclists better than many European cities do.

The film was made as part of a study comparing Copenhagen and Stockholm in terms of urban cycling and transport planning. Copenhagen comes out top, partly for historical reasons and partly because of its conscious cycling strategies. However, Till Koglin, the researcher behind the study, said:  “This thesis indicates that even in cities that are very good for cycling, like Copenhagen, the motorised modes of transport create many problems and are still dominating urban space.”

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