A letter from CTC Chief Executive Gordon Seabright regarding the CTC 'brand'

CTC, the national cycling charity logo
Gordon Seabright updates CTC Member Groups on consultation into CTC's brand refresh.

A couple of months ago we kicked off the process of looking at the way CTC presents itself to the world, and many members have taken part in the consultation.  I wanted to give you a progress report and let you know what happens next.

To recap: we know from research carried out over the past couple of years that many potential CTC members don’t join us because they don’t think they will feel welcome.  Some think they don’t do the right ‘sort’ of cycling, or that we don’t represent people like them.  The problem we have is in making sure CTC looks welcoming to all cyclists, and relevant to whatever sort of cycling they do.  We need those new members, of course, to provide the lifeblood for our member groups and to give us ‘clout’ when we try to get things done by government on your behalf.

So we’ve been looking at the way we present ourselves – our brand, if you will – to see whether we should make changes to attract new members while retaining the loyalty of our traditional membership.  I know there have been some questions about the cost of doing this – I can reassure you that we have held the cost of the research extremely low, and by minimising our stocks of marketing materials now we’re ensuring that there will be minimum waste if and when we produce anything new.  Certainly the costs are dwarfed by the rewards to CTC of gaining a significant number of new members!

So far we’ve held an online consultation with CTC members, and a remarkable 7,500 took part.  We’ve also run telephone interviews and workshops, and included comments from our online Forum and from letters and calls to National Office.  Using all the information we collected, we’ve started testing a number of options for our name and logo (including the current ones) with groups of current and potential members.  When we know how people have reacted to them, our elected Councillors will review all that we’ve learned and come to a decision.  I’ll keep you posted on progress via ClubShorts and Cycle magazine.

Although the main consultation exercise is complete, views from member group representatives are always welcome and there’s still time to share your views, so do contact either me Gordon Seabright or our Marketing Manager David Dowling with any further thoughts.

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