How to become the group manager

Follow below to find out how to make yourself group manager

1) Are you the 'group manager' of the group homepage? The group manager is the person who has overall responsibility for the content of the group homepage. If so, please go to Step 9. If not, go to the next step.

2) Do you have a CTC website account? CTC website accounts are for CTC members only so complete the Member Registration process if you haven't got one already.

3) Are you logged in to the website? If not, please login now.

4) Now go to the homepage of the relevant group eg Southampton & Romsey CTC. You can find all groups on the Local Groups homepage.

5) On the member group homepage, click on 'Subscribe to updates from this group'.

6) On the next page, click 'Subscribe' to confirm.

7) If successful, you will see a confirmation message on the member group homepage in a yellow box underneath the group title.

8) You will now need to contact the group so that the group manager can make you 'group administrator' - this will give you the relevant access to be able to create content. Alternatively, most groups have contact details on their group homepage. For example, the Southampton & Romsey CTC group has a telephone number listed as well as a link to "Send this group an email".

9) Now you are a 'group administrator' or 'group manager', you can add content - see How to create a Ride or Event or How to add a sub page.

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