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Quick releases Blog
CTC's Sam Jones questions whether we should be concerned as the Government issues five reports on cycling shortly before it is dissolved.
Healthy cyclist
Health and cycling Campaigning Views
Cycling is good exercise and it's easy to fit into the daily routiine. If more people took it up, it could help ward off the health crises facing the NHS...
Sign for 20 mph
80 years of 30 mph – time for a change Blog
As the 30 mph speed limit celebrates its 80th birthday, CTC Campaigns and Communications Coordinator Sam Jones makes the case for change.
National transport policy and cycling Campaigning Views
The huge benefits of cycling can be maximised by giving it a central role in national transport policy ...
John Humphrys chairing The Big Cycling Debate
Political parties quizzed on their cycling commitments News
The Big Cycling Debate yesterday [2 March] proved a useful opportunity to press the three main parties on what they would do to Get Britain Cycling - and crucially, how much they are prepared to spend on it.
Driver at wheel
Traffic law and enforcement: Overview Campaigning Views
Laws against bad driving and their enforcement should aim to protect all road users, including cyclists, from intimidation and injury.
Cycling supporter at Labour Party Conference Sept 2014, Manchester
Follow The Big Cycling Debate on Twitter #cyclingdebate News
The UK Cycling Alliance (UKCA) will be hosting the first ever national cycling debate on Monday 2 March.
UKCA Big Cycling Debate
The Big Cycling Debate – chance to participate! News
With the General Election fast approaching, the UK Cycling Alliance - which includes CTC - has invited cycling leads in political parties to debate what they would do to make cycling safer and increase participation levels.
Cyclist wait at junction
Road safety and cycling: Overview Campaigning Views
'More' as well as 'safer' cycling can and should go hand-in-hand...
Cycling through a new development
National planning policies Campaigning Views
Planning policies and decisions can make all the difference to how people choose to make their journeys - i.e. whether to drive or to travel more sustainably by cycle or on foot.
Cyclist outside the Royal Courts of Justice
CTC urges action on cycle safety as casualty rates rise News
New figures show that cyclist casualty numbers, particularly serious cyclist casualties, are still rising more steeply than cycle use.
Cardiff City Cycling
Cardiff aims to become UK's Amsterdam News
Cardiff Cycle City, the new grassroots movement seeking to make Cardiff the best cycling city in the UK, has today launched the Cardiff City Cycling Manifesto
Cyclists on a Space for Cycling rally in Manchester
Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy agreed News
Parliament passes Government amendment to include a Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy after pressure from CTC and others.
Deputy PM Nick Clegg on the CTC stand
CTC campaigning win! Cycling & Walking Investment Strategy Press Release
Today (Tuesday 27 January 2015) CTC, the national cycling charity, welcomed Parliament’s approval of the Government’s amendment to introduce a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy as part of the Infrastructure Bill.
Cycling in town
Cycling and local transport Campaigning Views
To maximise cycling's benefits for local communities, councils should give it a central role in their transport plans and link it strongly with other policies and strategies...
(L to R) Ian Austin MP, Sarah Wollaston MP, Dr Julian Huppert MP
Cycling and walking coalition welcomes Government’s bold leadership on investment News
With over 5,000 CTC supporters writing to their MPs, the Government looks to enshrine in law a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy after months of campaigning from CTC and coalition partners.
Cycling in town
Cycling and the economy Campaigning Views
Cycling contributes more than many people think to local and national economies...
The benefits of increased cycling could be worth £248bn between now and 2050
Research shows growth in cycling could be worth £¼ trillion News
New research commissioned by CTC shows that cycling could provide economic benefits worth £248bn between now and 2050 if England meets the targets for increased cycle use as proposed in the parliamentary ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.
Cyclists crossing Redhayes Bridge, Exeter
£248bn in economic benefits by 2050 through cycling Press Release
Today (Tuesday 20 January 2015) CTC, the national cycling charity, launched its report 'The Economic Cycle – Quantifying the benefits of getting England Cycling' which found cycling in England could generate a total of £248bn in economic benefits by 2050.
Cyclists on Lambeth Bridge, London
Walking and Cycling coalition makes public statement News
CTC joins a coalition of cycling and walking partners to support an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill that would create a long term financial commitment and strategy for cycling and walking in England.
Climate change Campaigning Views
Cycling is part of the solution for a low-carbon future...
Deputy PM Nick Clegg on the CTC stand
Cameron's 'Cycling Revolution': one pedal-stroke forward but a long way still to go! Blog
Clegg's announcement of 'Funding4Cycling' is welcome but the Delivery Plan will need to do a lot more if we are to even start catching up with German, Danish or Dutch levels of cycle use.
Government’s “cycling revolution” moves up a gear: now we need to accelerate, says CTC Press Release
CTC, the national cycling charity, has hailed Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s announcement of £214m of new funding for cycling as a key milestone on the way to the “Cycling revolution” promised by David Cameron last year.
New Government figures show PM's “cycling revolution” going wrong way - says CTC Press Release
National Transport Model figures show cycling trips on the decrease
APPCG on parliament Green
All-party parliamentary group calls for £10 cycle revolution News
The All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group in a letter to The Times presses the case for cycling in the UK.
Chris Boardman
The BBC – cycling’s friend or foe? Blog
This week, BBC Breakfast ran its series 'Cycling - The Road Ahead'. CTC questions its worth and whether more harm than good was done.
BBC and CTC on a tandem
CTC joins BBC on a tandem News
You'd better believe it! CTC’s Roger Geffen talks to BBC Transport Correspondent Richard Westcott about cycle safety on Wednesday 5 November’s BBC Breakfast show.
Lords to vote on halting decline in cycling and walking investment
Lords to vote on halting decline in cycling and walking investment Press Release
The House of Lords could take the first steps towards halting the decline in funding for walking and cycling today, as it considers an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill proposed by six national organisations.
David Cameron with racing bike
Should the Prime Minister Get Britain Cycling? Blog
CTC's campaigns and communications co-ordinator Sam Jones discusses whether the latest Governmental response on cycling is further evidence of cycling's need for strong political leadership
PM needs to step in to Get Britain Cycling says CTC
PM needs to step in to Get Britain Cycling Press Release
CTC says Prime Minister needs to show more personal involvement if he wants to achieve his "cycling revolution"
PHE chart
Public Health England wants you to cycle News
Government body designated to protect and improve the nation's health and wellbeing sees cycling as an answer
Birmingham cyclists
Have your say on the Cycling Delivery Plan News
The Department for Transport has set up a series of public regional workshops where the Goverment's latest draft cycling strategy is up for discussion.
Big Ben
CTC's week in Westminster News
Funding4Cycling, Cycling Delivery Plan, Parliamentary cycling debate, new cycle research – a lot has happened this week in UK cycling. CTC sums it all up.
Broken bike
Government cycling strategy a "derisory plan, not a delivery plan" News
Government's Cycling Delivery Plan, published two hours before key parliamentary debate, fails to make commitments to funding for cycling.
Government cycling strategy is “derisory plan” not “delivery plan” Press Release
Penny farthing budget for cycling woefully inadequate says CTC
Cycling in Copenhagen
What if…? Blog
CTC’s Sam Jones considers what a day in the life of a cyclist might be like by 2020 - IF the Government had committed to Funding4Cycling in 2014, AND had been investing at least £10 per head annually for the previous five years.
Robert Goodwill MP and Richard Burden MP at Birmingham Space for Cycling ride
The party is over, now it is time for funding News
With party conference season over for another year, CTC Campaigner Robbie Gillett takes a look at the main political parties’ positions on funding for cycling.
Robert Goodwill MP and Labour councillors unite for cycling
Birmingham councillors backing cycling Blog
As the Conservative Party Conference winds to a close Birmingham councillors came out in force to demonstrate their support for cycling.
Conservative and Labour politicans show support for cycling
Cycle Minister sends off Birmingham ride News
Robert Goodwill MP rearranges diary to support the Space for Cycling mass ride at the Conservative Party Conference.
CTC President Jon Snow
Government told: "stop treating cycling like a poor relation" Press Release
At the start of the Conservative Party Conference, representatives from a coalition of cycling groups have called on the government to “stop treating cycling like a poor relation” and create a long-term, properly-resourced cycling strategy.
Riders at Manchester Mass Bike ride
Is UK cycling at a turning point? Blog
CTC's newly-appointed Campaigns and Communications co-ordinator Sam Jones considers whether attitudes to cycling are changing.
Manchester cyclists of all ages take to the roads
CTC and GMCC ride at Labour Party Conference News
Manchester saw 300 cyclists taking to the streets in a peaceful rally promoting the Space for Cycling campaign on Monday 22 September, as one part of CTC campaign activity at the party conference.
Inquiry witnesses Edmund King (AA), Chris Boardman (BC) and Roger Geffen (CTC)
£10 a head for cycling by 2020 say MPs News
The Commons Transport Select Committee's inquiry report on Cycle Safety has been published, endorsing many of CTC's recommendations.
New money for sustainable transport
Sustainable transport funding announced for England: £440m over 6 years News
Following earlier announcements of capital funding for infrastructure projects, the Government has now announced the allocations of £64m in supporting revenue funding to encourage the use of sustainable transport.
£2bn of funding for masses of new roads; just £15m dedicated to cycling
Funding announced for £2bn of 'growth deals' ... and £15m for cycle rail News
£2bn announced for new roads or bigger junctions - with almost none on cycling. Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has announced £15m for 2015-16 to be spent on cycle rail improvements, typically additional cycle parking at railway stations.
Parliamentary Bike Ride 2014
MPs and peers take to two wheels News
The annual Parliamentary Bike Ride to launch Bike Week 2014 was followed by speeches from a cross-party panel of MPs who all agreed more needs to be done to boost cycling levels in the UK.
The Dorset Cyclists' Network logo
Dorset Cyclists’ Network - a model for nationwide campaigning Case Study
Dorset Cycling Network is concerned with bringing about change for cyclists by enabling individuals and institutions within Dorset to network, which yields an attractive model to deliver nationwide county collaboration.
Cycling in London is booming
The Census and cycle commuting - new report out News
A new report from the Office for National Statistics, issued today, confirms which authorities are getting it right for cycle commuting - and which ones aren't.
The AA is urging drivers to look out for cyclists when manoeuvring
The AA launches ‘Think Bike’ awareness campaign News
The AA has launched a driver awareness campaign aimed at creating mutual respect on the roads.
Gordon Seabright, Chris Boardman and Roger Geffen
CTC urges MPs to demand action and funding to ‘Get Britain Cycling’ News
CTC, the national cycling charity, has urged MPs to demand leadership, commitment to quality cycling conditions, and funding of at least £10 per person annually, to ‘Get Britain Cycling’ when giving evidence at today’s Commons Transport Select Committee inquiry on cycle safety.
Carmarthenshire cyclists start local campaign group and look to build local support News
Do you want to improve cycling locally……meet like-minded individuals…..and make a difference? CTC local cycle campaigners and cycle enthuiasts Phil Snaith and Geoff Rone have set up a forum in Carmarthenshire with the aim of making cycling a safer and more convenient way to travel.
Transport Model forecast for cycling 2010-2040
Government planning to fail on cycling News
Despite huge public and cross-party parliamentary support for substantially increased cycle use between now and 2050, the Government is expecting cycle use to FALL between 2015 and 2025, with little change between then and 2040.
Rule changes are urgently needed so UK cycle tracks can have the same ju
CTC calls for swift progress as McLoughlin promises 'cycle-proofing' action News
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has told cycling champion Chris Boardman that his department will do all it can to let councils introduce Dutch-style segregated cycle provision, while the Highways Agency has promised to review the cycling sections of its design guidance.
CTC has had three days of discussions with DfT
CTC in 3-day talks on delivering PM's "Cycling Revolution" Blog
CTC has had 3 days of discussions with the Department for Transport's cycling policy team about what both they and we hope will be a genuinely "ambitious" Cycling Delivery Plan. But we face clear challenges too.
Cycle campaigners on Leeds cycle infrastructure safari
CTC/Cyclenation 2013 conference report Blog
Leeds Cycling Campaign hosted this year’s CTC/Cyclenation Conference earlier this month in splendid style at the Leeds Civic Hall. CTC’s Development Officer in Scotland, Suzanne Forup, sneaked in across the border..
MPs debated cycling for 4 hours
100 MPs reach a consensus on cycling News
Around 100 MPs from all political parties attended a packed backbench business debate on cycling for 4 hours on Monday evening, with dozens of MPs taking part.
The Get Britain Cycling Parliamentary debate
Live at the Get Britain Cycling Parliamentary debate News
Tonight MPs will debate how to ‘Get Britain Cycling’. CTC will be blogging live between 6pm and 10pm. Thank you to all CTC members who have written to their MP’s during the recess asking them to attend this evening. Over 40 have said they will be there.
Norman Baker chats to councillors in Cambridge
CTC welcomes Government progress on cycling but far more is still needed News
CTC has welcomed the progress outlined in the Government's response to the parliamentary "Get Britain Cycling" inquiry, but believes far more is still needed if we are to even start catching up with the levels of cycle use common among our continental neighbours.
The PM's £77m allows 8 cities, covering 6.3m people, to start taking up cycling
CTC urges MPs to back long-term funding for PM's "Cycling Revolution" News
CTC, the national cycling charity, welcomes David Cameron’s call to kick-start a 'cycling revolution', and urges MPs and councils to take action now to deliver the programmes and the funding required for it to become a reality.
Liberal Democrat logo
Lib Dems due to propose raft of measures at September conference to increase cycle use Blog
The Liberal Democrats are due to discuss proposals to encourage cycle use as a means to achieve the transition to a zero carbon Britain at their conference in September.
Will No 10 find the funding to make Cycletopia a reality?
CTC's Top 10 for Number 10 to Get Britain Cycling Blog
With a government announcement on cycling reportedly imminent, here are CTC's priorities for what we'd like it to say.
Get Britain Cycling (front cover)
Date set for Get Britain Cycling debate in Parliament and No. 10 announcement on cycling News
The Chamber of the House of Commons will be the setting for a high profile debate and vote about cycling in September, with an announcement from the Prime Minister expected in August.
Lots of money for new roads, very little for cycling
CTC urges Cameron to Get Britain Cycling after Treasury fails to do so News
CTC is calling on David Cameron to 'Get Britain Cycling' after statements today and yesterday by the Chancellor and his Chief Secretary included billions for increased capacity on trunk roads and motorways, but failed to identify any earmarked funding for cycling.
Calls for the CSR to include cycling money as parliament agrees to debate the 'Get Britain Cycling' report Press Release
CTC welcomes the news that Parliament will now debate the findings of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report and urges that the Chancellor shows a similar commitment to cycling when he unveils his Comprehensive Spending Review decisions on government funding next Wednesday 26th June
Chris Boardman and The All Party Cycling Group
Calls for the CSR to include cycling money as Parliament agrees to debate the 'Get Britain Cycling' report News
CTC welcomes the news that Parliament will now debate the findings of the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report and urges that the Chancellor shows a similar commitment to cycling when he unveils his Comprehensive Spending Review decisions on government funding next Wednesday 26 June.
Chris Boardman and The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group
CTC President Jon Snow calls for everyone to sign e-petition News
During one hour alone last night, 1,200 people signed an e-petition calling on the Prime Minister to implement the recommendations of the 'Get Britain Cycling' All Party Parliamentary report, which was released yesterday Wednesday 24 April.
Chris Boardman, MP Julian Huppert, Dr Sarah Wollaston and Ian Austin
Get Britain Cycling report recommends £10 per head, per year funding for cycling News
Six weeks of oral evidence, hundreds of written pages, and the report is out. CTC welcomes its publication and urges the Government to implement its 18 recommendations
Norman Baker MP opening a cycle track in his constituency
Ministers conclude 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry News
The parliamentary 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry ended today with evidence from Ministers, first from Wales and then from the UK Government. We now await the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's report, which is expected to call for clear leadership from the top of Government.
CTC's President Jon Snow
Ministers, police and Jon Snow appear before the APPCG News
The final session of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's inquiry 'Get Britain Cycling' heard from the ministers responsible for promoting and improving road safety, as well as representatives from Europe, Wales, Scotland and law enforcement agencies.
Cycle parking with a cycle path running through it in Groningen, NL
'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry moves onto local authorities and London News
Local authorities, campaigners and representatives from London were scrutinised by MPs and Peers from the All Party Cycling Group in the fifth and penultimate session of the Get Britain Cycling inquiry.
Cyclist Chris Boardman giving evidence at the 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry
Chris Boardman speaks at cycling inquiry News
After Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman joined health experts and others to give evidence at today's Get Britain Cycling inquiry hearing, CTC has expressed dismay that the government departments for education, employers and the environment all declined to send witnesses.
Dutch design of infrastructure was much praised by those giving evidence
Planning and design for cycling scrutinised by MPs and Peers News
Having examined strategy and safety issues, the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group turned its attention to planning and design for cycling in the third session of its inquiry into cycling on the 6th Feb.
Norman Baker MP at the opening of a new cycle track in Sussex in 2012
CTC welcomes £62m cycle spending announcement, but urges consistency News
CTC and other cycling groups have welcomed today's Government announcement explaining how £62m of cycling funding for England will be spent - including £30m for up to 3 'cycling cities'. But CTC urges that larger and more consistent commitments will be needed if we are to 'Get Britain Cycling'.
20 mph is one of the easiest ways to improve safety for all road users
Second 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry session deals with cycle safety News
After discussing the strategy for cycling in the first week, the second session of the Parliamentary 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry, on the 30th January, was a more detailed examination of cycle safety issues.
UK Cycling Alliance representatives at the 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry
'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry examines cycling strategy News
The first session of the 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry has tackled Government and local authority strategy towards cycling, taking evidence from cycling organisations, experts and journalists.
The inquiry into 'Get Britain Cycling' starts on the 23rd January
All Party Cycling Group inquiry starts rolling News
The first session of the All Party Cycling Group's inquiry into 'Get Britain Cycling' starts on Wednesday 23 Jan, and runs each week (with one exception) for the next seven weeks.
Has there been progress for cycling in 2012?
Was 2012 the year when we finally started to 'Get Britain Cycling'? Blog
In a final blog posting for 2012, CTC’s Campaigns Director Roger Geffen reviews year’s highlights and looks forward to 2013 with a level of optimism which seemed unthinkable a year ago.
Fewer young people are learning to drive
Young people are driving less Blog
The number of driving licence holders in Britain has fallen for the first time in decades, according to the National Travel Survey. The biggest changes, however, are in the different age groups. Fewer young people are obtaining licences, but the number of older people with licences is growing.
The Chancellor's Autumn Statement is a mixed blessing for bikes
Autumn Statement cuts fuel duty and pumps money into road schemes News
The Chancellor of the Exchequer's Autumn Statement isn't great news for cycling. New road schemes get almost £1bn, whereas there is only £42m extra for cycling over the next two financial years. At the same time fuel duty is being frozen, removing a key incentive to reduce car use.
Sustained funding and political will can create better cycling conditions
Funding for cycling: are these crumbs from the table or a turning point? Blog
£20m more for cycling, and new guidance from NICE, but will these have much of an effect? Experience from Europe suggests political will needs to be combined with sustained investment over decades to grow cycling. Chris Peck examines the recent history of funding for cycling.
High quality cycle routes could be funded using the new money
£20m more for cycling News
Transport minister Norman Baker MP has announced welcome additional funding for cycling in England - but this should just be a start, and CTC is calling for more funding to help Get Britain Cycling.
CTC's Workplace Challenge is recommended by NICE
Physical inactivity has "roughly the same impact as smoking" says NICE, so get cycling News
Boost public health by getting more people cycling, so says major new guidance from NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. NICE calls on local authorities, businesses and the health sector to help increase physical activity.
The Times campaign is 9 months old
All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group launches 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry News
The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG), a cross-party group of MPs and Peers with an interest in cycling, has launched its 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry into how to increase levels of cycling.
Cycle lane
Cycle-friendly design and planning: Overview Campaigning Views
CTC's vision is to see people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities feeling able to cycle safely and confidently for all types of journey. Designing - or re-designing - neighbourhoods, town centres and road networks to cater properly for them is essential...


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