A construction lorry
Lords debate lorry safety News
A conference last week on cycle-lorry safety led to a useful debate in the House of Lords yesterday on the subject.
Cyclist wait at junction
Road safety and cycling: Overview Campaigning Views
'More' as well as 'safer' cycling can and should go hand-in-hand...
Goods vehicle
Goods vehicles (lorries, HGVs, vans etc) Campaigning Views
Lorries pose a disproportionate threat to cyclists. There is a range of measures that should be introduced to reduce the hazard as a matter or urgency...
Proposed lorry design
Help stiffen Robert Goodwill's support for safer lorries News
European ministers will meet Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the European Commission to decide when or whether to introduce safer lorry designs.
Lorries are involved in 18% of cyclists' deaths per year in Great Britain
Lorry driver sentenced but spotlight needed on operators Blog
If ever there was a case that demonstrated the need to impose immediate interim driving bans on drivers that kill cyclists, this is it. CTC's Road Safety Campaigner Rhia Weston examines the evidence.
The offending sticker on the back of a bus
Say goodbye to ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers News
After months of letters sent back and forth between cycling organisations and Transport for London (TfL), a positive meeting was held this week to discuss how to improve the notorious and omnipresent ‘Cyclists Stay Back’ stickers.
Renault truck with large side windows
EU ministers confirm eight year delay on safer lorry designs News
EU ministers approve eight year delay on introducing HGV safety measures that could save hundreds of lives every year.
18 cyclists die a year in the UK in lorry crashes
Eight year wait for safer lorry cabs News
Representatives of EU Member States have agreed to delay the introduction of safer lorry cabins for eight years.
HGVs make up 5% of traffic in Britain but are involved in 18% of cyclist deaths
CTC urges Transport Secretary to support safer lorries News
CTC and other active travel organisations have written a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, urging him to support a proposed amendment to EU rules on safer lorry designs. And you can write to him too!
The offending sticker on the back of a bus
Cycling and safety groups restate objections to TfL sticker on vans and buses News
CTC has joined the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and other cycling and road safety groups in reiterating our call for Transport for London (TfL) to halt the use by van, taxi and bus operators of a warning sticker telling cyclists to 'Stay Back'.
Lorries pose a serious risk to cyclists
Euro Parliament votes for safer lorry designs News
The European Parliament voted today (April 15) to change the regulations for the design of lorry cabs to make lorries safer and more fuel efficient, a move which could potentially save hundreds of lives a year.
All lorries will be forced to have sideguards and extra mirrors
London bans lorries without safety equipment News
The Mayor of London and London Councils have agreed jointly to ban large vehicles from London's roads if they fail to meet high standards for cycle safety equipment. CTC welcomes this step forward, but says there are better longer-term solutions for cycle safety that should be investigated too.
Goods vehicles are involved in 18% of cyclists' road deaths per year
Construction industry launches new code of practice News
Transport for London and the construction industry have launched a new code of practice for construction logistics, which is focused on managing work related road risk (WRRR). Lorries were responsible for 21 of the 40 cyclist deaths in London over the last 3 years.
The Mayor says he doesn't want to 'dangerise' cycling
Mayor of London responds to CTC's call to tackle lorry danger News
The Mayor has now responded to CTC's call to take action on lorry danger in the capital, making it clear that he shares our deep concerns about cyclists’ safety in London.
Robert Goodwill before the Transport Select Committee
Minister proposes innovative solutions to cycle safety News
Transport Minister Robert Goodwill has only been in post for a couple of months, but after the terrible string of deaths in London, cycling has come to dominate his portfolio. The Transport Select Committee took evidence from him this week, many of his responses were encouraging.
Lorries pose a disproportionate threat to cyclists and pedestrians
CTC and CTC Scotland urge Scottish Transport Minister to take action on lorry danger Blog
The tragedies of recent weeks have focused attention on the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in London. However, CTC campaigns for safer roads across the UK, and we have been working on behalf of cyclists to make sure that the issue of dangerous HGVs is tackled everywhere.
A thousand people joined the 'Stop Killing Cyclists' event in London
A thousand cyclists and pedestrians 'die-in' in London Blog
On Friday evening, 29 November, a thousand people took part in a peaceful die-in and vigil outside Transport for London's offices. The message for the authorities was simple - help stop the killing of cyclists and pedestrians in London. CTC's Cherry Allan and Rhia Weston were there.
Metropolitan Police traffic head talks directly to CTC about cyclist fines News
Following reports that the Metropolitan Police had set a target for officers to fine 40 cyclists in 4 months, I heard from Detective Chief Superintendent Glyn Jones, the head of the Met's traffic police unit.
CTC President Jon Snow giving evidence in Parliament
Don't just train people to avoid lorry danger - minimise it, says CTC Blog
As MPs demand answers on cycle safety, CTC says that raising people's awareness of risk, and training them to avoid it, are the best 'quick wins'. But the 'big wins' involve reducing it.
Lorries pose a serious risk to cyclists in urban areas
CTC urges supporters to email Boris Johnson demanding he tackle lorry danger News
CTC, the national cycling charity, is urging its members and supporters to write to the Mayor of London, demanding that he takes urgent action to stop lorries killing cyclists and pedestrians in the capital.
Boris is accused of mis-representing how cyclists die. Photo: Yurri (CC licence)
Boris must stop ducking responsibility for action to save lives Blog
CTC's Campaigns Director Roger Geffen argues that Boris's "finger-pointing" is pointed in the wrong direction, and calls for real solutions to the dangers faced by pedestrians as well as cyclists.
Hold hauliers to account over cyclist fatalities, says CTC News
CTC has today written to urge the Transport Minister to adopt a dramatic new approach over cyclist fatalities that involve HGVs. It's cost-free and needs no legislation, but will put vulnerable road users at the front of the minds of those running the haulage industry.
A 'ghost bike' at the Bow Roundabout: photo by Diamond Geezer (Creative Commons)
CTC condemns rising toll of cyclists' deaths in London News
CTC demands action on cyclists’ safety in London after a fifth cyclist is killed in ten days on the capital’s roads.
'Exchanging Places' at the Cycle Show
Get a lorry driver's eye view at the Cycle Show - take a listen! Blog
The Cycle Show is busy already on day one. Here at the NEC in Hall 11, Alex from the Apprentice is at large, the press room is buzzing - partly due to the coffee on tap - and the exhibitors are peddling their wares!
Lorries pose a serious risk to cyclists in urban areas
Lorry safety crack down for London welcomed by CTC News
A package of measures announced today by Transport Minister Stephen Hammond and London Mayor Boris Johnson to help make cycling conditions safer in the capital is good news, says CTC.
Dutch cycle tracks
Cyclist's letter to the Mayor of London calls for safer infrastructure for cycling Blog
A cyclist who witnessed the aftermath of the crash which killed cyclist Alan Neve on the Holborn gyratory has written this letter to the Mayor of London, appealing to him to improve cycling infrastructure in the capital
HGV on a narrow rural lane
No to higher lorry speeds News
CTC has voiced its opposition to Government proposals to raise the speed limit for goods vehicles on rural single-carriageway roads, saying this would worsen cycle safety on rural lanes.
The Ministry of Justice
Crushing a cyclist with a lorry while on a mobile - is that really "careless" driving? Blog
After a week in which we learnt of two disturbing acquittals for alleged driving offences, Roger Geffen reflects on a meeting with Justice Minister Helen Grant MP, and looks forward hopefully to action to address the legal system's compacent response to bad driving in 2013.
Launch of The Times Cities fit for Cycling campaign
Lorry driver in Mary Bowers case receives ‘insulting’ £2,700 fine for careless driving News
Lorry driver Petre Beiu, a Romanian national, was acquitted of the dangerous driving charge he received after hitting Mary Bowers as she commuted to work in November 2011. He was found guilty of the lesser charge of careless driving, for which he received a £2,700 fine and an 8 month driving ban.
Lorries are disproportionately involved in pedestrian and cyclists' deaths
Killer HGV driver pleads guilty to causing death by dangerous driving News
Lorry driver Joao Lopes hit and killed Eilidh Cairns in 2009 but was only ever fined for poor eyesight. Last year he ran over and killed 97-year-old Nora Gutmann in 2011. He has now pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and tachograph offences.
The approximate location on the A1035 where Tim Andrew was hit
Driver convicted of killing receives short driving ban and 300 hours community service News
An HGV driver who killed a cyclist while speeding with a "smudged" windscreen has received a worryingly lenient sentence. This is yet another case which reveals the inadequate workings of the judicial system.
25m long lorry in Sweden (proposed British ones are shorter than this!)
Government to go ahead with longer lorries trial despite cyclists' objections News
The Department for Transport is pressing ahead with a ten-year trial of longer lorries, despite acknowledging the potential danger to vulnerable road users and the impact on road infrastructure. During its first year, the trial could see 1,800 of the larger vehicles on the roads of the UK.
Cities fit for cycling
Cities fit for cycling News
The Times has launched a campaign to improve cycle safety following the serious injury to a reporter on the paper. An 8 point manifesto has been published, with the focus on lorries, junctions, cycle infrastructure and 20 mph as the default urban speed limit.


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