2014 Mille Miglia Challenge results

Interim standings for all entrants of the 2014 Mille Miglia Challenge of the Tourist Competition. It has not been possible to confirm all membership statuses but those affecting awards have been checked and confirmed.

Total points Name Member group Mille Miglia Award
345 David BYFIELD CTC Cornwall
345 Rob Simmonds Devon
345 Ian Lea Devon
323 Graham Payne Chester & North Wales CTC
323 Victoria Payne Chester & North Wales CTC
321 Michael Gould Leicestershire & Rutland CTC
317 David Gallagher
315 Geoff Sharpe
315 Brian Moon Edgware CTC
315 Mike Evans Central London CTC
311 Robert Bird Nottinghamshire CTC
311 Andrew Bowley Nottinghamshire CTC
311 Eddie Foweather Nottinghamshire CTC
311 Edmund Hopkins Nottinghamshire CTC
311 Adrian Arkesden CTC Derby & Burton
311 Richard Wilson Nottinghamshire CTC
311 Simon Young Nottinghamshire CTC
310 Loyd Davies Stevenage & North Herts
305 Robert Jones
305 Geoffrey PARKINSON CTC North Birmingham
305 Stephen Custance Nottinghamshire CTC
300 Adrian SNELGROVE
300 Martin LUCAS Exeter CTC
300 Peter Jones Bristol CTC
300 Jamie Andrews
280 Ian Moore Reading CTC
278 Ifor Jones Chester & North Wales CTC
273 Darryl Porrino Chester & North Wales CTC
260 Daniel LAYTON
260 Nephi Alty Peak Audax CTC
260 Mike ROSE
260 Peter MCLEAN
260 Stephen NORMAN
250 Mark Beauchamp North Hampshhire
250 Tony DAVIS Leicestershire & Rutland CTC
245 Gill Simmonds Devon
245 Graham Brodie Devon CTC
245 David Twigger Devon
245 Stephen Main Devon
228 Alan Oldfield Chester & North Wales CTC
228 Martin Thompson Chester & North Wales CTC
220 Robert Scott
220 Andy Polakowski Chester & North Wales CTC
218 Paul Beebee Walsall CTC
215 Martin Brookes Chester & North Wales CTC
215 Michael Ellis
215 Andy Cox CTC Peterborough
215 Neil Gaskell
215 Matt Dickinson
215 John Nye Stevenage & North Herts


  • Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • President: Jon Snow
  • Chief Executive: Paul Tuohy
  • Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC): A company limited by guarantee, registered in England no.25185. Registered as a charity in England and Wales No 1147607 and in Scotland No SC042541


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