2014 Mille Miglia Challenge results

Interim standings for all entrants of the 2014 Mille Miglia Challenge of the Tourist Competition. It has not been possible to confirm all membership statuses but those affecting awards have been checked and confirmed.

Total points Name Member group Mille Miglia Award
200 Mark HUMMERSTONE Portsmouth CTC
200 Mark WINKS Oxfordshire CTC
200 Martin LUCAS
200 Martin TILLIN
200 Martyn ALDIS CTC Cornwall
200 Martyn SHINER
200 Mike EVANS
200 Peter LEWIS
200 Peter TURNBULL South Bucks CTC
200 Stephen WOOD Chelmsford CTC
200 Steve MORRIS
200 Steven FERRY
200 Stuart LOW
200 Susan TWEDDELL
200 Thomas DEAKINS Essex CTC
200 Thomas USHERWOOD
200 Tim SOLLESSE South Bucks CTC
200 Tim STYLES
200 Tony WILLIS
200 Trevor STEPHENS
200 Trevor WOODMORE
200 William JONES
200 Stephen RILEY West Kent CTC
200 Stephen AGNEW
200 Peter WALTON
200 Philip DUNK
200 Philip NETTLETON
200 Pippa WHEELER Devon CTC
200 Richard BERRY West Kent CTC
200 Richard JENNINGS South Bucks CTC
200 Richard LAW Coventry CTC
200 Richard PRIDDY Portsmouth CTC
200 Rob LEE
200 Rob SIMMONDS Devon CTC
200 roger LONGMAN
200 Sheelagh EVANS South Hampshire CTC
200 William TWEDDELL
200 Annie BIRCH
200 Brian MURRAY
200 Brian PERRY Reading CTC
200 Bruce DUNBAR East Surrey CTC
200 Charles CRADDOCK Dudley CTC
200 Chris BEYNON South Bucks CTC
200 Chris CAMPBELL
200 Dan BERNIE
200 Dan MONTGOMERIE North Hampshire CTC
200 David BROWNING
200 David BYFIELD CTC Cornwall


  • Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • President: Jon Snow
  • Chief Executive: Paul Tuohy
  • Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC): A company limited by guarantee, registered in England no.25185. Registered as a charity in England and Wales No 1147607 and in Scotland No SC042541


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