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Here's everything you need to know about CTC Training and courses:

CTC is, fundamentally, there for all cyclists. As the National Cyclists' Charity, it has a wide remit to cover all aspects of non-competitive cycling, from setting industry standards through commuting provision and political campaigning, to provision of qualifications.

CTC has provided courses and qualifications for many years. Incorporating OTC Training's course portfolio in 2008 exemplified CTC's commitment to cycling education. We are continuing to extend our provision in line with demand and the needs of users, partner organisations and industry.

In This Section:

General FAQ
Check this page first for the most commonly asked questions and answers - or give Dan a call during office hours on 0844 736 8463.
My qualification
Information about your CTC qualification.
How to register for courses
Everything you need to know about how to apply for one of the many courses and qualifications offered by CTC.
Teaching methodology and ethos
CTC has a very defined ethos in its teaching methodology. It is simply to use the most up to date, inclusive, positive and integrated teaching and assessment techniques available.
How the combined courses operate
Many of the courses that CTC provide integrate training and assessment into a single, continuous course.
How the separate training and assessment courses operate
Some of the higher level CTC courses are provided in two separate parts: a training course that enables you to understand and begin to apply the principles expected at that level of qualification and an assessment to confirm your competencies against the qualification criteria.
Riding expectations for CTC courses
In order to lead groups when mountain biking, you must have a certain amount of personal riding capabilities, in line with the terrain being used. Each qualification within the National Mountain Awards has specific requirements.
How we define Trail, Technical and Advanced terrain for MTB courses.
Equipment requirements for MTB courses
Once you have booked on your course, you should prepare the equipment you will need during it. Most specialist or location based equipment will be provided, but as you are going to be a group leader, you are likely to require some specialist elements even if you don't have them to hand right now.
Requirements for venues
CTC courses work either as open courses at high quality set venues or as bespoke courses for existing groups, running from their locations, or a previously approved location.
Booking Terms and Conditions
CTC aims to provide courses of the highest calibre resulting in great opportunities for those who attend them and those who are then able to influence the delivery of mountain biking and cycling throughout the world. CTC aims to be a fair and reasonable provider.
Understanding how courses run and what the terms mean.
Riding in Cuba on the Bike Tour Leader course
Once you have booked on your course, you should prepare the equipment you will need for it. Most specialist or location based equipment will be provided, but as a future group leader, assistant or instructor, you are likely to require some of these items in the future anyway.

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  • Patron: Her Majesty The Queen
  • President: Jon Snow
  • Chief Executive: Paul Tuohy
  • Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC): A company limited by guarantee, registered in England no.25185. Registered as a charity in England and Wales No 1147607 and in Scotland No SC042541


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