Smarter choices

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Smarter choices

Smarter choices - measures, including cycling, that help people find alternatives to driving - can make a huge difference to travel habits...
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Headline Messages: 
  • Encouraging and incentivising people to try out alternatives to the private car are valuable and cost-effective complements to improving cycling conditions on the road.  
  • Often known as ‘smarter choices’, measures that are designed to do this include: elements of travel plans; advertising / promotional campaigns, cycle maps, marketing directly to individuals, tax incentives, cycle training, rides, plus events and activities for specific groups of people.
Key facts: 
  • Smarter choices are particularly cost-effective in terms of congestion, yielding on average £10 of benefits to every £1 spent.
  • Smarter choice programmes in the Sustainable Travel Towns of Darlington, Peterborough and Worcester made a positive contribution towards economic growth, reducing carbon emissions, increasing health, promoting equality of opportunity, and improving quality of life.
CTC View (formal statement of CTC's policy): 
  • Smarter choice measures are:
    • a proven way of reducing car use and carbon emissions
    • an effective means of encouraging people to take up cycling, or to cycle more often
    • a good investment, offering an excellent return 
  • Investing in ‘smarter choices’ is at least as important as investing in physical improvements to the highway network. 
  • Both national and local authorities should dedicate sufficient resources to smarter choices, recognising that they rely on revenue rather than capital funding.
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Publication Date: 
February 2015
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