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Free cycle training in West Yorkshire!

David Hall from West Yorkshire has benefited from free adult cycle training and now he is such a confident cyclist he's getting ready to ride the 'Way of the Roses'.
Way of the Roses sign

CTC's Cycling Development Officer for West Yorkshire Ginny Leonard was contacted by David Hall in the summer of 2012, he had never had the opportunity to learn to ride a bike. Being over the age of 40 David told Ginny he lacked confidence in his ability to ride a bike and after he had taken a tumble,  he thought he never would ride a bike. However, with support from CTC David decided to give cycling one more go.

CTC supports Greater Manchester Cycle Commuter Project

Seamus Kelly, Cycling Development Officer, is working with TFGM's cycling team to support business engagement and community development programmes.
Cyclists riding through a park in central Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) established a cycling team as part of their ambitious Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programme.

The cycling elements of the programme include hard measures, such as secure parking facilities at purpose-built cycling hubs and cycle storage grants to businesses, and soft measures such as cycle training, events, group rides and try-a-bike sessions. 

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Young people are driving less

The number of driving licence holders in Britain has fallen for the first time in decades, according to the National Travel Survey. The biggest changes, however, are in the different age groups. Fewer young people are obtaining licences, but the number of older people with licences is growing.
Fewer young people are learning to drive

Since 1975 the number of drivers' licence holders has risen by 81% - from 19m licenced drivers to 35m in 2010.

Access to ever increasing numbers of cars and the consequent reshaping of people's lives to make them dependent on them is one of the chief reasons why cycling levels have remained virtually static since the mid twentieth century.


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Surge in cycle use in 2011

Cycle use increased by 15% in 2011, according to new data from the Department for Transport. This contradicts earlier figures that had seemed to suggest static cycling levels last year. Growth was particularly strong among young and middle-aged men.
Young and middle aged men show the biggest increase

The data, published as part of the National Travel Survey, show that Britons now cycle 49 miles per person, per year, more than at any time in the last 20 years. 

The increase is particularly marked because the Survey had shown a slight drop in 2010, possibly due to seasonal factors - there were two months of snow cover over much of the UK in 2010. 


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Shopping by Bike - the results

As part of CTC's involvement in the EU funded CycleLogistics project, we recently ran the first of two Shop by Bike trials. This is a summary of the findings, with a link to the full report should you wish to read it all.
Buying Veg

Firstly, a massive thanks to all who took part.  The involvement of the willing (and hardy) volunteers meant the trial was a great success. It has provided us with some really interesting information - inevitably, some of it was negative, but there was also a tremendous amount of positive feedback as well.

You can read  full version of the report, but for those with limited time below is a summary of the results.

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Physical inactivity has "roughly the same impact as smoking" says NICE, so get cycling

Boost public health by getting more people cycling, so says major new guidance from NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. NICE calls on local authorities, businesses and the health sector to help increase physical activity.
CTC's Workplace Challenge is recommended by NICE

NICE has noted that only around a third of adults are physically active enough to benefit their health, while the amount of time spend walking or cycling has fallen over the last 15 years, from almost 13 minutes per day to 11 in 2007. 

Chair of the group which produced the guidance, Dr Harry Rutter, said that the impact of physical inactivity on health was similar to that of smoking and called on councils to make the changes necessary to increase active travel.


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How CTC helped provide a perfect cycling solution for one family in Essex

CTC Cycle Champions is unashamedly enthusiastic about getting people back on a bike, often after years and sometimes for the first time ever. Many go on to make cycling a regular part of their daily lives and the benefits are huge. Lee and Emily's story is a great example.
Emily leads a group of mums cycling with their kids

Lee and Emily joined CTC’s Cycle Champions rides after hearing about them from the ACE Health Trainer at Colchester Garrison.

With two young children, lots of family pressures and a tight budget, they were looking for a cheap solution to become fitter that fitted in with their busy lives.

The Cycle Champions rides offered the use of children’s trailers – a perfect solution for Lee and Emily and countless other army and civilian families.

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Keeping busy in Colchester

After a busy summer, things have remained hectic into the autumn. CTC Cycling Development Officer Richard Monk tells us what he's been up to.
Riders on a suburban street in Greenstead

We ran a very successful ride leader training day at Greenstead Community Centre. We put the trainees through their paces and had the obligatory bike checks.

We’ve also kept a busy schedule of cycle rides and learn to ride sessions.

On top of this, we held a joint cycle ride with Colchester MIND, which had a good turnout,  including a lot of new faces.


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First 'graduate' from CTC Adult Cycle Training Scheme in Plymouth

This week, Elaine Norman, the first participant in CTC's Adult Cycle Training Scheme, run in partnership with Plymouth City Council, completed her Level 1 National Cycle Training Standards Course and is keen to get out and about by bicycle in Plymouth.
Elaine completes here CTC cycle training

The Adult Cycle Scheme, part of Plymouth City Council's 'Plymotion' initiative, to promote healthy, sustainable travel choices, offers free cycle training, a bike safety check and guided rides to encourage people to switch to bicycles for urban journeys, such as commuting to work or popping down to the shops.


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Where there's a wheel, there's a way - planning a cycle route to work

Cycling to work is growing in popularity in the UK. You'll save time, money and stress when you free yourself from the daily grind of parking penalties and petrol prices. But how can you find a suitable route?
A woman riding to work looking at the view

When you first start, you may want to use the most direct route as you’ll be worried about arriving with enough time to catch your breath before settling down to a hard day’s graft. But in time, you’ll realise that one of the major benefits of pedalling in is that your commuting time is nearly always predictable – and you will never be late because of ‘leaves on the line’ or a broken down vehicle on the motorway.

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