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Rained off? Southwold en Bici Bike Club turn to turbo trainers

What can an after school Bike Club do if the weather is really bad? A primary school in Hackney has the perfect solution to keep the group meeting and their Bike Club's wheels turning.
Southwold en Bici Bike Club member, Bose, turbo training.

As I cycled up the canal towpath network from Canary Wharf to Hackney, to see Southwold en Bici Bike Club in action, the heavens opened giving me a good and proper soaking.

The path got very slippery, I applied my brakes with caution and greatly reduced my speed. I expected that the session would be cancelled due to the exceptionally bad weather.

However, the after-school Bike Club at Southwold School did not let the torrential downpours dampen their spirits, they all wanted to ride.


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UK bike sales expected to reach all time high

A new report from Mintel predicts sales of bikes will reach an all time high in 2012 - with the market set to grow by a further 8% on 2011 to reach £700 million this year.
CTC Ride to the Pies Sportive in Dorset

Every year Mintel produce a report on bicycles in the UK, and interview 2000 people about their thoughts and attitudes to cycling.


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Promoting cycling in the health sector

Nowadays most people know how important it is to encourage active lifestyles rather than heap precious resources on treating disease caused by inactivity. The NHS has a vital role here - not just as a health provider, but as a huge employer.

Arguably, the NHS has the strongest motivation of all to promote physical activity for the sake of public health and public resources. Our briefing on promoting cycling in the health sector provides a check-list for providers on how to become a cycle-friendly employer, and how (and why) to encourage people in their care to take up the activity.

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High prices fuel cycling in Southampton

Are petrol and diesel prices fuelling a rise in cycling? Research by Southampton University reveals a third of cyclists in the city are cycling more to avoid paying at the pump.
Petrol Pump: Copyright Ruslan Semichev 2012, Shutterstock

Back in 2008, CTC predicted that sharp increases in fuel prices would mean dramatic rises in the number of people cycling. Now, new research by Southampton University has revealed that two-thirds of people are cycling more frequently than they were three years ago and one-third say that is due to the rising price of fuel.


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CTC local campaigner gets a newspaper on-side

What should you do if your local newspaper publishes an anti-cycling article?
Cycling in Guildford

Terry Duckmanton became a CTC local campaigner for Guildford in 2005 because he wanted to positively change attitudes towards cycling.

Terry was contacted by Laura Brooks, CTC Volunteer Support Officer, because  a local reporter was planning to write a piece on cycling for the local paper, the Surrey Advertiser. The paper wanted a quote from a local CTC representative.

Nigel Mansell meets Camden all ability cyclists

Former World Champion racing driver Nigel Mansell recently presented Bike Club certificates to Andrew Omoding and Fatima, both members of The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities.
Nigel Mansell presents certificates to The Camden Society Bike Club Members

Andrew Omoding is not only a member of  The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities, he's also a key part of The Camden Society Triathlon team, which has raised thousands of pounds to help other disabled young people.

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Carfree living - what is it really like?

Can you live without your car? After using a car for over a decade, CTC's Victoria Hazael finally became carless in February 2011. Find out what happened next.

As soon as I passed my driving test, I bought my own car and I loved it. In almost a decade, I drove it over 100,000 miles and I thought I couldn’t live without it.


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A statistical look at the success of Swindon's Workplace Cycle Challenge

Find out what effect the second Workplace Cycle Challenge had on the number of people cycling in Swindon.
CTC and Challenge for Change logo

What is a Workplace Cycle Challenge?

The Workplace Cycle Challenge is a behavioural change programme, designed to encourage more people to cycle more often.

It allowed organisations, and the individual departments within them, to compete against each other, seeing who could encourage the most staff to cycle for at least 10 minutes over a three-week Challenge period.

The Challenge focuses on participation rather than mileage, to ensure a fair competition which engaged new and occasional cyclists as much as regular cyclists.

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Ten common questions about cycling

Have you ever been put on the spot by someone who's not very sympathetic to cycling?
  • Do they tell you that cycling’s far too dangerous to contemplate, and they can’t believe that more cyclists don’t wear helmets and hi-viz?
  • Do they accuse cyclists of causing havoc, riding on pavements, upsetting pedestrians and jumping red lights?
  • Do they say cyclists should stop slowing down traffic and remove themselves and their machines from the road, forthwith?
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Posties tell their stories about delivering by bike

As part of CTC's campaign to keep posties cycling, we've been collecting the stories from postmen and women about their experiences and why they want to keep their bikes.
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling

If you are a postie who uses a cycle for your deliveries, please share your experiences to help CTC better argue for keeping cycle deliveries.  Get in touch by sending us an email, or making a comment below.

A plea from a village postie in Eastern England:

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