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Backing for Boris's 'Crossrail for Bikes'

Boris Johnson's plans for two iconic cycle routes through Central London may not be perfect, but their sheer boldness deserves our overall support.
Parliament Square: TfL image of planned cycle route

Transport for London has now unveiled detailed proposals for two proposed cycle routes across London.  One runs east-west from Tower Gateway to Paddington and on to Acton via the A40 flyover.  The other runs north-south from Elephant & Castle to Kings Cross.

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Why our roads are in such a bad state

Just 0.9% of the minor road network is resurfaced or strengthened each year, and a further 3.1% is surface dressing, down from double that figure 20 years ago. The failure to maintain the roads has led to the growth in potholes reported by local authorities over recent years.
Potholes due to lack of maintenance

Potholes are dangerous, even lethal, for people on bikes.

But fixing potholes is a huge waste of resources: each pothole costs over £50 to mend, and the number of potholes has massively increased in recent years. 

Meanwhile, that pothole is often a symptom of an underlying structural weakness in the road, or a failure to keep water out of the surface.

Petitioning for a green route to Heysham

Lancashire cycle campaign group Dynamo has been successfully drumming up public support for a proposed green cycle route to connect Lancaster to Heysham.
Proposed Heysham - Lancaster route

The proposal for a new green cycle route to Heysham, as an extension to the Lancaster cycle network, has been made by local cycle campaign group Dynamo.

The group organised a public petition to show the level of support for the scheme and launched an e-petition on Lancashire County Council's website. The group's e-petition and paper petitions collected an impressive 2,412 signatures over the 3 month period leading up to 28 June 2014.

Leighton Buzzard residents demand Space for Cycling

Nearly 100 people from the Leighton Buzzard area have come together to demand that the council invest more funds in better provision for cycling in the town.
100 residents pinned messages to local councillors on a bike

Around 90 people at the Linslade Canal Festival wrote a message to Central Bedfordshire Councillors telling them that more needs to be done to help people to choose the bicycle over the car for journeys in and around the town.

Young and old alike flocked to the Leighton Buzzcycles stand at the event to add their message tag to a special bicycle.

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£10 a head for cycling by 2020 say MPs

18 July 2014
The Commons Transport Select Committee's inquiry report on Cycle Safety has been published, endorsing many of CTC's recommendations.
Inquiry witnesses Edmund King (AA), Chris Boardman (BC) and Roger Geffen (CTC)

CTC's evidence to the Committee, given in February, focused on more funding, strong leadership and better infrastructure for cycling.

The Committee's report comes just weeks before the Government's Cycling Delivery Plan is due to be published, following a Prime Ministerial statement a year ago.

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Huge improvement in design of Cycle Superhighway 5

10 July 2014
New designs out for consultation show that the quality of design for cycling infrastructure has shot up. The new route, which parallels one of London's busiest distributor roads, will now be almost entirely protected from traffic, with generous widths and good continuity.
How CS5 could look as it approaches Vauxhall

This is the second consultation on Cycle Superhighway 5 (CS5) - the first design showed little imagination and an unwillingness to remove motor traffic capacity.

The new design is much bolder: the two-way cycle track running along the north side of the bridge is wide and protected by new turning bans, prohibiting crossing motor traffic movements. 

The cycle track will be a minimum of 3m, but mostly up to 4 or even 5 metres in places.

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Lincoln bypass rejected on cycling safety grounds

9 July 2014
The Lincoln Eastern Bypass has been delayed because of concerns over cyclists' safety. CTC Lincolnshire had objected to the road because of the failure to deal with cyclists' needs adequately.
The bridge crossing the proposed bypass was deemed unsafe for cyclists

In 2013 CTC Lincolnshire objected to the road on the basis that it would sever existing cycle routes, and that the standard of the parallel cycle track was poor.

Earlier this year the plans were amended to include a pedestrian/cycle bridge where one minor road was to be severed.


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Funding announced for £2bn of 'growth deals' ... and £15m for cycle rail

4 July 2014
£2bn announced for new roads or bigger junctions - with almost none on cycling. Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has announced £15m for 2015-16 to be spent on cycle rail improvements, typically additional cycle parking at railway stations.
£2bn of funding for masses of new roads; just £15m dedicated to cycling

The £15m was announced in Sheffield the day before the Tour de France's start in Yorkshire, on Friday.

It is the first announcement of any substantial funding for cycling in almost a year.

However, it was overshadowed by £2bn in funding for 39 'local growth deals' across England, which will mainly fund new roads, junctions and business parks.


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CTC makes economic case for cycling to Northern Ireland's politicians

Maximise the economic benefits of cycling, CTC tells the Northern Ireland Assembly.
The Northern Ireland Assembly, Stormont

Increasing cycling could reap huge economic benefits through improved health, reduced congestion and a wider, diversified tourism market. 


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Let's get the best for cycling out of HS2

CTC isn’t taking sides on whether or not to build HS2 Phase 1 (the proposed high speed rail line between London and the West Midlands), but we do want to make sure that cyclists get the best deal out of the project.
House of Parliament

CTC has therefore formally objected to the HS2 Phase 1 Parliamentary Bill, calling for amendments or commitment from the Bill’s promoters to:


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