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  • Measures that provide encouragement, incentives and opportunities to try out alternatives to the private car are known as ‘smarter choices’. 
  • Smarter choices to encourage cycling must go hand-in-hand with improving cycling conditions on the highway. If anything, however, smarter choices are more cost-effective in terms of congestion, yielding on average £10 of benefits to every £1 spent.
  • Smarter choice measures include: elements of travel plans, advertising and promotional campaigns, cycle maps, marketing directly to individuals, tax incentives, cycle training, rides, events and activities for specific groups in society.
CTC View (formal statement of CTC's policy): 
  • Smarter choice measures are:
    • a proven way of reducing car use and carbon emissions
    • an effective means of encouraging people to take up cycling, or to cycle more often
    • a good investment, offering an excellent return 
  • Investing in ‘smarter choices’ is at least as important as investing in physical improvements to the highway network. 
  • Both national and local authorities should dedicate sufficient resources to smarter choices, recognising that they rely on revenue rather than capital funding.
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Publication Date: 
October 2010
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