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As part of CTC's campaign to keep posties cycling, we've been collecting the stories from postmen and women about their experiences and why they want to keep their bikes.
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling

From reserve postie in Leicestershire:

"I love my Pashley Mailstar and was outraged to find out that the big bosses want to remove them. I love my bike, it's strong, sturdy and great to ride. Any suggestion that it is unsafe is rubbish in my opinion. It is no more dangerous than any other mode of transport.

The bikes are big and instantly recognisable, this probably makes them even safer than ordinary cycles. People love seeing them and I have never had a problem, neither has anyone else at the delivery office to my knowledge. We all love them. Without them it would be much more of a logistical challenge getting us and the mail out to the rounds. We would have to rely on others with vans and getting between rounds and even getting back home from the rounds would be much harder. It would add to congestion and pollution as more vans would have to be used. I would much rather have a bike with a trailer than a trolley.

There are lots of situations where a bike is better. There are some streets which have very poor road surfaces which it would be extremely hard to push a trolley down, especially if there is also no pavement, which is usual on these lanes, they are bumpy on a bike but more than manageable. The bikes go through snow, but I wouldn't like to push a trolley through it. And what about large blocks of flats? Without a delivery bag they would take forever!

Also we are more approachable on a bike, I have been stopped on numerous occasions by people who are lost or looking for somewhere or have a question about Royal Mail and deliveries. This all helps keep a good image of Royal Mail and another way of providing customer service. In a van this way of communication would be cut off."

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