Posties tell their stories about delivering by bike

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As part of CTC's campaign to keep posties cycling, we've been collecting the stories from postmen and women about their experiences and why they want to keep their bikes.
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling

From a postie in Gloucestershire:

"I deliver to a semi rural area where at times the houses are spread out so the cycle aids my delivery by getting around as quickly as possible. If the bike was taken away then Royal Mails money would be wasted on wages by my taking so much time to walk the whole route. When it's really busy and there's high volumes of mail and parcels it takes no time to cycle back to a mail holding box when to walk it would take ages.

Royal Mail have said they want to take the weight of the mail off the posties shoulders, well bikes do take all the weight and with rear panniers are much more stable than a golfing trolley which falls over as the mail is delivered and the weight becomes uneven.

We have been told that some deliveries could be split and done by two people using one van between them. This would use more petrol and create maintenance costs when bikes create no pollution, use less resources and are easy to maintain.

High capacity motorised trolleys also use resources as even they have to be charged somewhere.
As for the bike being a health and safety hazard then I disagree as it can be no more dangerous than walking or driving.

It would be a sad loss to see the demise of a posties bike."

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