Posties tell their stories about delivering by bike

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As part of CTC's campaign to keep posties cycling, we've been collecting the stories from postmen and women about their experiences and why they want to keep their bikes.
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling

From Suburbanpostie in South West London:

"I'm writing as a CTC member, a keen cyclist and as a Postman.

Royal Mail have been trying to get rid of bikes for a long time (well, according to rumours every now and then) but the 'health and safety' reason has only recently come to light.

It seems strange that postmen's bikes are so dangerous that at the end of their useful lives, the bikes are refurbished and sent to Africa!

If Royal Mail were seriously concerned about 'health and safety', there are many more issues that could be addressed - to give some examples: dogs; the condition of pavements and people's paths and driveways, often just a series of trip hazards; the quality of some of the mail items we have to handle."

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