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As part of CTC's campaign to keep posties cycling, we've been collecting the stories from postmen and women about their experiences and why they want to keep their bikes.
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling
Cartoon by David de Berker - Keep our Posties cycling

If you are a postie who uses a cycle for your deliveries, please share your experiences to help CTC better argue for keeping cycle deliveries.  Get in touch by sending us an email, or making a comment below.

A plea from a village postie in Eastern England:

"Please don't take our delivery bikes away! I am a Royal Mail helmet and reflective wearing postie who delivers to a village. On my duty we have one van and ten bicycle deliveries based out of a sorting office. Our bikes are versatile, quiet, don't give off fumes and can be ridden past traffic jams and blocked pavements like nothing else can. I think that our bicycles are still the answer to how to carry out our deliveries, though they could be made more efficient by having a much better design. The storage panniers are not as well designed as they could be. Bikes could have small trailers towed  behind them. Imagine trying to store ten trolleys rather than bikes. How would the posties who use their delivery bikes to get to and from work cope?  It takes much longer to walk than to cycle to work and at 6am I can tell you there are no buses running at that time!

When delivering the post, some of our 'walks' start more than a mile away from our sorting offices, so we start by pedalling to get there. Imagine pushing a trolley for a mile before one even starts delivering. Also, can you see how we'd cope with trying to deliver our timed Special Deliveries too? With a bicycle we can zoom off in another direction, deliver our timed Special then cycle back and carry on with what we were doing before. Trolleys that we have to push will make this impossible. 

Also, with walk 'absorption' (where postmen who work in the office on other walks are asked to share delivering an absent postie's mail between them to make financial savings over hiring a relief postie to do the job), just imagine eight postmen pushing their trolleys all along the same mile before delivering the absent postie's mail, just to satisfy our 'new working agreement'! Ha ha! We would well and truly be the country's laughing stock.  Maybe we could have a race up the High Street!  At the moment, we are still the local friendly faces of the area, who everyone says 'Good morning!' to as we posties cycle by. 

There are many new ideas for our delivery business, which we could put into practice before they take away our Pashley bikes, our trusty steeds."


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