How to encourage cycling at schools with anti-cycling policies

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If your child's school is trying to ban or discourage cycling, this guide is designed to help overcome the most common barriers. It's mainly for parents, but we hope it'll also be useful for teachers, heads, governors, local authorities, after-school programmes and, of course, children.
Don't stop kids from cycling to school
Don't stop kids from cycling to school

3) School Travel Plans

School Travel Plans (STPs) look at the journeys that schools generate and how to make them more sustainable. They should be based on consultation with the whole school community and present clear targets, specific interventions and agreed monitoring criteria to shift journeys that are currently made by car to more environmentally friendly means of travel – such as cycling. In 1999 the Government issued guidance calling for all schools to complete an STP. A follow-up in 2003 made it clear that both schools and local authorities are required to promote sustainable transportation through STPs. Many schools have already complied, or they are in the process of completing STPs.

STPs can be an important tool for encouraging your child’s school to listen to your concerns. They usually include a survey of pupils asking them not only how they currently travel to school, but also how they want to travel to school. Many children want to cycle, and this can provide motivation for the school to examine the issue. Many local authorities have school travel coordinators, who can prove useful champions for your cause.

Sources for more information on School Travel Plans

Government guidance:

This updates 1999 guidance, including responsibilities of schools, local and transport authorities, and the government in delivering STPs.

Other guidance:

Your local authority might also have its own guidance. Try searching for the name of your local authority plus + ‘school travel plan’ on the web.

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