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Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 10:13pm
I'm with the Belgians (my knees ache if they are cold)

  • Longs (Roubaix type material - usually "Team Aldi") unless the temperature is likely to be well into double figures. I'll add extra layers underneath if the temp is going south of freezing
  • 3/4s (again Roubaix) if I will be mostly in low to mid teen temps.
  • from mid teens shorts with knee warmers which I will remove as the temperature gets to the top end of the teens (& put back on if it drops again).
You can tell me in a group of cyclists - I will usually be the last bloke with my knees out but, often with short sleeves, when others are in shorts with long sleeves.


Re: Handlebar bag views and costs

CTC Forum - Touring & Expedition - 25 March 2015 - 9:57pm
http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/BAARFRB/ar ... ounted-bag

Just received the above, seems pretty good for the money. The bracket seems fairly solid, comes with a small map case.

It seems to be the same as http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B005D4CF6K which gets good reviews.

I doubt it's very waterproof and it's a bit on the small side but it clears my STI gear cables and I can't complain for the price.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 9:53pm
CliveyT wrote:Audax67 wrote:What mig noticed I've seen here too - there always seems to be one ostensibly-tough guy out in shorts in temperatures approaching zero. Dunno what those freezing purple-white-mottled legs are supposed to prove: tendinitis spares nobody.

That would be me-having worked in Finland I can tell you this country doesn't get cold. -10 I might consider for longs, but hardly seems worth it for commuting

It depends. If you spent a day working in a fen field in January, temperature hovering around freezing with all the humidity and a bitter East wind off the North Sea you wouldn't say it doesn't get cold here. Just breathing the damp winter fenland air really saps heat from your body.

If, as many claim, you lose half your body heat through your head presumably you'd be as warm riding bollock naked in a balaclava as wearing clothes but no hat and shorts should be ok in any weather provided you wear a hat.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 9:47pm
Mick F wrote:Still FAR too cold here.
I'm wearing sandals now instead of shoes in "normal" clothes, but shorts not until the weather is warm.

Although the sun is nice and warm, the wind is quite cold. I rode out yesterday and wished I'd worn gloves, so shorts wearing is a long way off yet.

Temp gets to about 9 or 10degC or perhaps 12degC ............... and with a damned chilly wind.

Full gloves or fingerless?

I'm still wearing full length gloves in the morning, fingers don't stay too warm, since they do no work...

Legs are a major source of heat, and get a lot of blood flow from the other major heat centres, so they stay warm much more easily than fingers...

Re: Anyone not been hit by a car

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 9:46pm
He must have been on his way back from the BBC then.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 8:50pm
My version of the rules: developed in several years of cycling to work....... The Shorts appear after the clocks change to BST, and back into longs as soon as commute involves cycling in the dark.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 8:36pm
As soon as the snowdrifts are less than knee-high! (My best guess is the day after tomorrow )

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 8:33pm
I was in Iceland a few weeks ago.

The temperature was -5 (-15 with wind chill)... and we were going to walk on Grabrok, an extinct Volcano

Up comes an Australian with shorts as he "doesn't believe in trousers"

So apparently -15 degrees C is warm enough for shorts

Re: Anyone not been hit by a car

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 8:29pm
Never been hit, but got punched in the face yesterday.
Classic road rage case.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 8:12pm
been wearing 3/4's all winter as I've got dodgy knees and its not got too far below 0c! Shorts have been worn underneath so they've not been put away just covered, its usually April when my knees finally brave the elements!

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 7:42pm


A Chinese study concluded that knee pain is significantly more prevalent in people working in cold stores than in those in normal temperature.[5]

One study came to the conclusion that 17% of adolescents with anterior knee pain (a common but benign self-limiting condition) report that their pain is associated with cold weather.[6] The same study indicated that the main activities associated with anterior knee pain are sporting, stair climbing and walking, but also sitting.[6] Some people with anterior knee pain tend to have generally colder knees, and such people also trend towards having to wear extra tights/long johns in the winter.[7]

Cold-induced knee pain may also be due to tenosynovitis of the tendons around the knee, in which cold exposure has a specific role, either as a causative or a contributing factor.[5] Frank arthritis has been reported in children due to frostbite from extreme cold causing direct chondrocyte injury.[8]

There is also a hereditary disease, familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome (FCAS), which often features knee pain, in addition to hives, fever and pain in other joints, following general exposure to cold.[9]

Cold weather also aggravates knee pain in patients already having osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.[10]

Re: Newcastle port to central station - route wanted

CTC Forum - Touring & Expedition - 25 March 2015 - 7:17pm
PH wrote:There are NCR routes on both sides of the Tyne, I've enjoyed both but IMO the south shore offers better river views, plus you get to cross over to South Shields on the ferry

The ferry is great - sets you down right next to Arbeia Roman fort which is free to go in and there's a little café! I used the south river route to the centre as I wanted to visit Bedes World but I have to admit to finding it very bitty with stretches on poorly surfaced road and in other places quite busy with traffic. I'd stick to the north bank if I revisit with a bike.

Re: Does your bike leave your side?

CTC Forum - Touring & Expedition - 25 March 2015 - 7:07pm
You have to take a chance at some point. Be sensible, don't flash your kit about, if you leave valuables in the tent keep them away from the door and maybe hidden with the dirty/smelly washing! Camping always involves a high degree of trust, lets face it, any tent can be accessed very easily but on a campsite there are generally a lot of more nickable goods lying about or left in the caravans/campers. I must admit to getting a bit blasé when I'm away in Europe but you need to assess things as you go - an urban site surrounded by social housing will have me taking more care than a rural site ten miles from nowhere.

I've been camping since the mid sixties and neither I nor my family have had anything stolen on a campsite from a tent or caravan - in fact the only recurring item stolen has been ill advisably stored gas bottles from a caravan in storage, you don't do that a second time!

Re: Grab Theft - handle bar kit

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 6:52pm
I'm off for a bike rideNow you're talking.

Re: Grab Theft - handle bar kit

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 6:49pm
Freddie , I think that trying to discuss anything with you may be a lost cause now. You complain that other people can't hold a reasoned argument yet you are the one who responds by telling people that they talk "drivel", by being sarcastic and then complaining when others do the same, of making spurious complaints about the thought police just because someone tries to put forward a different opinion to you, of telling people who you have never met how they behave when they are out on their bikes and so on. And then you get upset because I suggest that the manor of your input to this thread is questionable.

I'm happy to have a friendly discussion but as you are clearly getting very upset by this thread (as evidenced by the above) I shall depart hence and save you further anguish. No doubt you will reply by responding to every sentence I write individually and working in some inference that I'm obviously wrong and a bad person because I'm a moderator (that one always gets in there eventually despite the thread receiving no moderation and no one raising a report for it to be so). Feel free to waste your time if you want - I'm off for a bike ride .

Re: Anyone not been hit by a car

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 6:09pm
Never been hit in thirty plus years of cycling. However, this week I had two near misses (why is it called a 'near miss' - if you nearly miss something, you hit it - surely). Anyhow, this week I had some numpty on Monday morning in a van so eager so get past me that he missed my front wheel by inches. I chased after him - which I regretted as it was downhill and I missed/forgot about my turning so had to then ride back uphill to get to it! Then, the following day, I had a load of cars passing and doing a left turn as I was about to do a left turn - fair enough, the majority were not a problem. One was just that little bit too close, but another decided also to turn left on me as I was actually turning myself. I suppose that I should have moved into primary before turning left as I was taught on the bikeability course - but it's never been an issue on that junction before. I'm guessing that the fact that so many cars were turning left, the drivers just had a sheep like mentality and followed each other and unconsciously didn't see me.

I have had a cyclist hit me before when driving the car. Many years ago when driving down a pedestrian street that you were allowed to drive down (if that makes sense). I slowed to a stop as someone stepped in front of me. Next thing a cyclist slid down my windscreen - he'd hit the back of my car and gone right over the roof. I didn't feel a bump of his bike impacting, so got a shock as he rolled down the bonnet and onto the floor. Fortunately, he was OK - most apologetic and insisted in checking over my car for damage (could see no damage to him or his bike either). In a strange way, I've always found the incident mildly funny - I hope he recalls the story in the same way.

Re: SUV/Lorry/BMW/Insert/delete as appropriate Driving Too C

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 5:57pm
Thought I read some time ago that research had been carried out re the efficacy of wearing a long blonde wig, resulted in the greatest space being given by car drivers. Just to add my contribution, for what it's worth! I think I've been given a greater amount of space riding our local A road when in tee shirt, shorts, 'floppy hat' and sandals (not what you'd call trendy, but........!)

Re: SUV/Lorry/BMW/Insert/delete as appropriate Driving Too C

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 5:54pm
Well I once clipped a wing mirror of a Bentley I was undertaking in a traffic jam. Hit it on the end of my handlebars which sent me into the kerb. The traffic moved and she caught me up, pulling over to ask if there was any damage. I said no and took a different route home for a few weeks. I can tell you I reckon the cost to replace that wing mirror was probably more than my bike cost me, with all the extras I put on for commuting. Also I can tell you that a 2 seater Bentley convertible car has very solid wing mirrors. If one of them hit you the you would most certainly notice it and it would hurt. <Mind you if my wing mirror hit you then I doubt it would survive intact unlike the brick that is the Bentley mirror.

Re: SUV/Lorry/BMW/Insert/delete as appropriate Driving Too C

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 5:47pm
This is one of those endless debates which I only get involved in when I feel the need to do some taxi-driver style venting. We all think the world wants to hear the conclusions we've drawn from our anecdotal evidence, but we'd need something more objective to get either side to move their entrenched positions. So for now I'll just settle for hoping that some european-funded research body or desperate undergraduate decides to have a scratch around in this area.

Re: so when do the shorts come out?

CTC Forum - On the road - 25 March 2015 - 5:37pm
I changed the bike to summer tyres a few weeks ago and ditched the builder's fleece and the thermal(ish) long johns for under my shorts.

The summer tyres are still on the bike - though it did snow apparently during the day yesterday.

The long johns and fleece went back on after two or three days. The fleece was on because my arms were cold - felt like someone had poured boiling water over them. That's not too bad. The long johns were back on because my knees hurt, a deep pain. It didn't feel like a damaging type of pain - but I did wonder whether it was doing me any good - so the long johns are back for another few weeks at least. Actually, thinking about it - when I was on Earlies I wore my long johns going into work at 6 am and ditched them for the ride home at 3. I'm on Nights this week which is an 8:30 pm ride in and a 7 am ride home - so I've not thought twice about wearing warmer clothes.

I think that it's an age thing (for me). I never used to be affected by the cold but that seems to have changed over the last year or two.
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