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Re: Pride comes before a fall

CTC Forum - On the road - 10 August 2015 - 9:04am
As I've posted several times,the UK has a societal problem.It seems to stem from a POV of
"I've paid lots of money to buy and run this car,so I'll do as I damned well please in it and anyone who tries to stop me is being unreasonable.If the government through their agents(the police)impose their laws on me,they're being even more unreasonable amounting to a war on driving and drivers"
That is the POV of a lot of drivers.
There are significant element of drivers who think cyclists are illegally using the roads and should be moved off them altogether,they practice their beliefs through bullying and intimidation.
The worst of all is that UK society through the ballot box has reinforced this,by paltry fines and penalties for serious criminal lawbreaking simply because the perpetrators are driving motors.
We've also decided that we barely need traffic police to bring those perpetrators to book,making matters worse.
For cyclists the application of the law is slewed against them,trying to get the police even remotely interested in dangerous driving,sometimes deliberate,against a cyclist is met with feet dragging,hurdles and hoops to jump through for it to be taken seriously.
I also believe there is moves afoot to stealthily remove cyclists from the roads by allowing such attitudes to persist and by building cheap third rate infrastructure which at a point of choosing by government will be made law that cyclists must use it.

The on street or illegal/dangerous parking is endemic in UK society,and is also IME met with lip service and feet dragging from the police,who's job it is to stop it.
When I phone the police to report dangerous parking close to shops and a primary school,I don't expect to be told by a police sergeant to photograph the offenders myself and send copies to him.I expect him or his constables to do that as it's their job.

We live in a land where car is king,might is right and police presence and law enforcement is scarce,but for the most serious of crime.
It will persist until we cannot move for cars or in them.

My 2d's worth

Re: Doored cyclist almost run over - good driving?

CTC Forum - On the road - 10 August 2015 - 8:58am
[XAP]Bob wrote:What the ${expletive} is wrong with people on here..
It's what John Adams (in 'Risk') calls 'Cultural Filters'. Different filters mean people apportion blame differently, a bit like RoSPA recommends safety reins and the gov't leaflets insist that under12s shouldn't be allowed out without adult supervision. Fail in any way to act on 'safety advice' attracts blame from those whose filters are tuned to that advice.

Re: Pride comes before a fall

CTC Forum - On the road - 10 August 2015 - 8:45am
In my area, it only took about two rounds of the parking attendant coming round and generating income for the council before people started obeying the no parking signs.

Re: Pride comes before a fall

CTC Forum - On the road - 10 August 2015 - 8:43am
Vorpal wrote:I know that residents with lots of cars don't like that kind of solution. And there are places where people don't have access to off-road parking. The best solution, IMO, is to provide people with free or heavily discounted parking at a remote (but not too distant) location, such as a large, public car park with main road access. That's how parking is managed some places in the Netherlands. One of the reasons so many people cycle in some places in the Netherlands and Denmark, is that they have just as far to go to get to the car as they do to get to schools and shopping. Many new housing developments in Scandinavia have only remote car parking.
That's how parking is managed in parts of West Norfolk too. Oddly enough, those short-sighted medieval-through-to-Victorian types didn't build town centre homes with much car parking , so you can park cars in some town centre spaces for free 5.30pm-8.30am (so if you use a car to commute 20ish miles to a 9-5 job, there'll be no charge), some edge-of-centre spaces free any time (good for weekend storage) or it's between 60p and £2.50 for 24 hours in a town centre at the weekend. Or you can buy a season ticket for municipal car parks for between £99 and £340/year and just park. (But Downham Market has some free car parks and it's the borough town with disproportionate motoring problems (IMO) and lowest cycling rates.)

However, for new developments, we seem to be missing tricks: the same must-have-car-parking rule is applied across the whole county unless it's really silly (flats next to the bus station and multi-storey car park was a recent example where it was waived). At least a must-have-cycle-parking rule is also applied! Do you think this car parking requirement is to compete with other areas where people cycle less, or to enable the council to more easily say people shouldn't obstruct the public highway with 752 cars because most houses have their own parking spaces and if they want more then they should buy it too?

Play on Pedals at Commonwealth Games Anniversary event

Play on Pedals blog - 5 August 2015 - 4:12pm

Last weekend Play on Pedals Instructors delivered two days of drop-in sessions in George Square, as part of the 2014 Commonwealth Games anniversary celebrations with Glasgow Life.

Children flocked to the Play on Pedals area and over the weekend our Instructors signed in over 90 children, many of whom left being able to ride pedal bikes. Our Instructors, on the other hand left exhausted and in bed by 7pm!

Anne, one of our Instructors was also interviewed by the on-site radio about Play on Pedals, which was broadcast across the Square.

What a fantastic event, celebrating the legacy of the games and demonstrating the enthusiasm of young Glasgow to get cycling!

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