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Re: One year ban for aggressive use of car

6 July 2014 - 7:54pm
Horse riders and their mounts regularly suffer from the same thing as we do, including getting killed. I think it may be more helpful to join with them rather than let drivers divide and rule us. Though it does cost some money to buy and keep a horse, it honestly isn't only toffs that do it. It costs about the same for a DIY livery (what most people have) as running a car, and a decent ordinary horse would cost about 3-9 grand, though of course you can pay less, or very much more, if you want to. There are more horses in the UK now than before the car was invented. Not all those owners are toffs.

Drivers are sometimes aggressive to horses/riders because they see them as toffs. It's not a helpful stereotype.

The equivalent of the CTC, the BHS, has a page in its website for reporting incidents (including an interactive map) because they find it as difficult as we do to get the authorities to take incidents seriously. Many riders I know dare not ride on the roads any more because of the overt aggression they get from drivers.

Drivers under-estimate the width of a horse+rider, just as they do the width of bikes. A friend of mine had a van smash into her stirrup, breaking it in half, damaging her leg and terrifying her horse, and that's nothing compared to what sometimes happens. People blaring their horn at us is bad- but doing it to a horse....the consequences can be much worse.
Drivers won't wait until it is safe to pass, just like with bikes.

We have the same problems, and we need to work together on this.

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 7:33pm
For commuting I can't recommend a dynamo enough - although at this time of year you can always simply put the first "saved" tank of fuel to a second front wheel with a dynamo and some lights - if you have lots of serious unlit sections then maybe use some of the next tank as well...

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 6:40pm
Buy near new second hand and £500 gets you nothing that's made of cheese, in fact for not a lot you could get something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Specialized-G ... 19f00cc58e
I've got one, great bikes, rock solid frames that take an absolute hammering but are light and comfy. The spec is great too.
There are similar like it everywhere and instead of buying a lot lesser new bike for under £500 you could buy 2nd hand and spec up to your hearts content.
Oh and buy lights with a battery, forget dynamo.

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 5:43pm
that's a pity - I really like my P24...very good for cross city commuting.

Re: Eyeing Up Other Bikes

6 July 2014 - 2:23pm
mercalia wrote:is called a fetish. A guy was done for that even in his own home, some where?

Are you thinking of the bloke in a hostel?

Re: Eyeing Up Other Bikes

6 July 2014 - 2:11pm
is called a fetish. A guy was done for that even in his own home, some where?

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 12:20pm
Si wrote:Going slightly left field, but if you want dynamo lights, guards, rack, built in pump, and a reasonable ride quality....plus added convenience then have a look at the Tern Link range (were going cheap at Ev*ns a while back).

Drat! Ev*ns seem to have discontinued the one with lights and internal gear hub.

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 12:03pm
Going slightly left field, but if you want dynamo lights, guards, rack, built in pump, and a reasonable ride quality....plus added convenience then have a look at the Tern Link range (were going cheap at Ev*ns a while back).

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 11:44am
Many thanks, I looked at the Decathlon bikes but that one!

Re: Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 10:53am
No personal experience of B'Twin: http://www.decathlon.co.uk/mens-nework- ... 22609.html

Budget Commuting Bike

6 July 2014 - 10:36am
I am looking for a budget commuting bike for a member of my family. I know there is a danger of some parts being made of cheese but a year ago or so there were links posted here to some good value bikes which included a hub dynamo.

I've tried searching the Forum but without success and anyway I suspect those offers will be finished now.

Does anyone know of a good commuting bike for a 5 mile run? Ideally with lights, hub dynamo and mudguards already fitted as this seems the best value way to get these, rather than add them later. Under £500 if at all possible.

Re: Tesco delivery van driver

6 July 2014 - 10:28am
I find most drivers are like sheep. If you get one good driver giving you lots of room to pass the following vehicles tend to do the same. Unfortunately the close passes work the same way. Best I've seen are traffic cops. They will go completely across the other side of the road to pass you if it is clear.

Re: Eyeing Up Other Bikes

6 July 2014 - 10:03am
Am I missing something here? What gender of cyclist?

Mrs P knows what's in my mindset. In the car with me driving, when we overtake a cyclist, she peers out of the window and says, "we just passed a very nice looking Cervelo/Pinarello/Colnago..." or whatever. Saves me the need to take my eyes off the road!

Re: Eyeing Up Other Bikes

6 July 2014 - 7:49am
Only if you noticed more about the bike than the rider!

Why Are You Not Wearling a Helmet?

6 July 2014 - 1:31am
Cycling into Glasgow on a lovely, sunny day. Me and the bike. Wonderful. 3 guys from the local CC club caught up like extras from Robocop. You know the sort of thing: helmets, glasses, gloves. cameras, gps computers, protective clothing and stuff. Adverts on bikes. Talked to one of them briefly who was disappointed I wasn't wearing a helmet. Told me 'they' were in talks with the police and that the police would soon be introducing a £30 fine for cyclists not wearing a helmet. Why do these people think they can speak for other cyclists because they are in a CC? I'm 50 this year and have never wore a helmet. What is it with this country that so called experts need to tell you how to behave. Precisely the reason why I don't belong to a CC.

Eyeing Up Other Bikes

6 July 2014 - 12:59am
Got a row off the wife. 'FFS' she exclaims. 'Can you not at least pretend to eye up the cyclists?'
Do I need help?

Mid Life Crisis

6 July 2014 - 12:52am
I was hoping my next mid life crisis (there's been a few) was going to involve a Harley Davidson but it turns out to be a Vanmoof. Are these bikes as good as they look? Is it just a posing machine or would I be able to commute 15 miles there and back. Whose got one of these lovely creations?

Bullitt Cargo Bikes in Glasgow

6 July 2014 - 12:43am
So pleased to see these Bullitt cargo bikes in Glasgow delivering stuff. They really look the business and hope they are successful. What a pleasant alternative to white van drivers. More please.

Nextbike Glasgow

6 July 2014 - 12:31am
Really impressed with the quality of these bikes. An excellent alternative to taking my own bike on the train which is not popular during rush hour. The best thing, methinks the bus and taxi drivers have been warned to give PLENTY of space for these bikes. Not had one incident in the past week or. They don't want the bad press to be the first to run over a Weegie Wheeler! Is this the same elsewhere? Bath, London etc, I'm just loving this honeymoon period.

Re: Oh lordy, what have I let myself in for?

5 July 2014 - 7:30pm
GrumpyGit wrote:I did pedal up Highgate Hill once (a few years ago), it's not something I'd like to do regularly and I had to use my lowest available gear but the biggest problem was the road being blocked by stationary tin boxes.
I'm sorry to break it to you, but Highgate Hill doesn't really compare with Ditchling Beacon - though it is probably closer to Turners Hill in scale of effort required. The Beacon reaches about 16% (between 1-in-6 and 1-in-7 in old money). But unless you're very lucky, you won't be able to ride up the Beacon on the day anyway - it won't be tin boxes blocking your route but sweating human bodies all wheeling their bikes...

If you do fancy sounding out the area some time, drop me a PM because I live quite close. Burgess Hill and Hassocks are the nearest train stations. But don't expect me to accompany you up the Beacon itself! Those days are over for yours truly...


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