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Re: Leicester Area Audax Riders

11 December 2014 - 11:10am
Firstly go and check out the Audax Calender.

Book in to all the nearby rides that you can fit into your calender and make sure you ride them.

If you are willing to drive then start with Mr Pickwick's Jan Sale from Tewkesbury. You may well meet other riders from Notts and Leic area there.

As an Audax member you can enter into "Permanents" and DIY Permanents" and "DIY by GPS Permanents" and "ECE". These are all ways for you to pay Audax UK money to ride your own bike, on your own, on the public highway. Why should you waste your money in this way? Well because it motivates you to do the riding and commits you to actually getting on your bike and riding (instead of killing the alarm clock and curling up in your nice warm bed rather than going out in the cold dark rain).

Finally you can go and read threads in the YACF forum where there is a sub-forum for Audax which is probably a better place for an Audax "lonely rider seeks company advert".
As is AUK's own Facebook group (I assume but not a Facebook person).

Re: Tesco unicycle stands

11 December 2014 - 10:57am
profpointy wrote:I'm missing something -so long as you can get the bike between the stands, and chain it up, what's the beef exactly?

The point is that, for most people, the stand supports the bike. If the stands are too close to the wall, then they will not support the bike properly and the bike will be likely to fall over. All the guidance for installing Sheffield stands makes this clear, requiring a minimum distance between the wall and the stand. Different standards specify different distances, but I'm not aware of any which recommend anything less than 50cm when the stand is at right angles to the wall.

There are a couple of examples of the inadequacy of this arrangement on page 3 of the following document:

http://www.gmcc.org.uk/wp-content/uploa ... afford.pdf

Is it just a coincidence that the same supermarket is implicated in those ones too? I visited another Tesco in my area today, and again the stands were up against the wall. Luckily the trolley park provides an unintentional Sheffield-style stand which is far more useful.

Re: Feeling guilty whilst not cycling & car use thru illness

11 December 2014 - 10:33am
Most medical advice sites think of cycling as a sport. If one takes it easy and slowly, it's no worse than walking. If on the other hand, one is out for exercise, it's probably best not to whilst feeling unwell. Everyone is different; some people are better than others at understanding their limitiations and listening to their bodies. Some people are more susceptible to one kind of stressor or another. It's easier to say 'don't do it' becuase that is the least likely to result in a poor outcome.

For me, I *can* ride my bike if I can get out bed and walk, but if I am already under the weather, I have learned not to try to do more that I do everyday. For example, if I have a cold, I can still do my commute and outside of the effects of the cold, I won't be bothered by it. If, on the other hand, I take a 50 mile ride, my cold is likely to be much worse for a couple of days afterward, because I don't ride so far very often anymore.

I will sometimes go for a short ride just to see how things go, and extend if I feel up to it. Last winter when I broke my rib, part of my reason for staying off the bike was not wanting to jolt the rib. I did start on a spinning bike a couple of weeks before I actually rode anywhere.

p.s. +1 for keeping the germs at home, and shopping on-line

Re: Feeling guilty whilst not cycling & car use thru illness

11 December 2014 - 9:42am
http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/page ... -cold.aspx says it's OK to run if it's not a fever (NHS likes running more than cycling, bizarrely) but that does contradict other pages like http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/coldsandflu/ ... mfort.aspx which say to rest, flatly.

Re: Good road US road sign

11 December 2014 - 9:42am
Does this sign seriously suggest that bicycles should use the road and not the pavement? What a good idea. Perhaps we might try that over here.

Re: Leicester Area Audax Riders

11 December 2014 - 8:59am
I have never ridden with 'Audax' riders except when i have ridden the events or been somewhere such as Birthday Rides where i was riding with other riders who just happened to ride audax as well as their usual club rides.
My CTC group had no one interested in riding Audax. I went off by myself to ride a late season 200 and following season an early 200, to get the feel of the events.
The next year i was ready and determined to qualify for PBP (and ride it). I rode a 200 in the spring and wondered how i would complete a 300. I completed a 300 and wondered how i would complete a 400. I completed a 400 and wondered how i would complete a 600..... you get the idea.
Qualified, entered and completed PBP.
As long as you are doing decent steady rides and build up some extra miles over the coming months you will be fine. Mostly it is in the head. You will have good spells and bad spells on the rides, you will ride thru the bad spells and it will be good again. Other riders around you will have good and bad spells probably not at the same as you.

For longer rides never think of the whole distance (you will though) try to think of it as ride to the next control, then to the next control......

Re: Good road US road sign

11 December 2014 - 8:58am
Audax67 wrote:The bike needs a glove box to keep the .38 in.
I would suggest openly carried in a hip holster would be more effective and dude a .38? seriously? Berretta 92F surely.

Re: Feeling guilty whilst not cycling & car use thru illness

11 December 2014 - 8:50am
If you are that ill then use the car, in fact i would suggest should you be going out and spreading your germs elsewhere??????
Can you shop online for once?
If you have to go out then use the car, you will mess up and delay your recovery.
Goodness i have had much longer spells off the bike due to either illness or injury..... except on some of those occasions i could not even use a vehicle (unable to drive due to limb breakages).

Re: Tesco unicycle stands

11 December 2014 - 8:39am
Our local main branch of Tesco has a set of three Oxford stands. Quite often when I roll up they are full or nearly full and I end up locking my bike to the fence of the nearby trolley parking bay. Now I have the Bakfiets long John I don't think I can put it anywhere else. The stands are also helpfully sited right out side the fire exits - meaning you can rescue your precious steed from the ensuing inferno on your way out


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