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Re: national route 1

8 August 2014 - 5:01pm
gaz you clearly love this route so I wont try and fence anylonger with you

Re: Road bike with mudguards

8 August 2014 - 4:20pm
Something like a Tifosi CK7 with a Sora groupset can be found within your budget:

http://www.fatbirds.co.uk/5777/products ... -bike.aspx

There's a review of the bike here:

http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/reviews/ ... ck7c-audax

Another option is the Ribble Wnter audax bike:

http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/bbd/road- ... BRW&bike=1

If you can stretch your budget a bit to £870, then you can have the Carbon Ribble wnter/audax bike:

http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/bbd/road- ... BRC&bike=1

The downside of the Ribbles is that the clearance is a bit tight so you may only be able to fit 23mm tyres with mudguards.

Re: national route 1

8 August 2014 - 3:39pm
Oh well, in that case you missed it's twin .

Re: national route 1

8 August 2014 - 3:31pm
re the rough surface warning sign - I did see one - but I was going the other way TO Gravesend from Lower Higham, the sign I saw was for me at the end of the bad patch lol - thanks for telling me it was bad lol. By then I was just glad to be off the track so didnt notice much there after.

Re: national route 1

8 August 2014 - 2:56pm
mercalia wrote:from Gravesend Kent east to Lower Higham - onesection to avoid.
Avoid? Hardly, it's my commute.

mercalia wrote:Sections are strewn with glass debris and potholes as it goes between delapitdated commercial premises.

You're right about the glass and potholes but I think you'll find the correct terminology to apply to the area is industrial heritage, did you miss the informal memorial to E E Williams?

Just past the fridge freezer the way you came .

Birds Eye View of the Last Combat Flight of Flight Sargeant Eric E Williams

I first saw a Hurricane over Rosherville station circling round about 12,000 feet. He was obviously in trouble. I watched him struggling, twisting and turning. The plane seemed to have no visible damage. Realising his legs may be wounded, as all the manoevres made were by column control only, rudder not working. He headed towards Gravesend Aerodrome using elevators and ailerons but found himself at Windmill Hill (he must have known he could not reach the aerodrome). He then proceeded towards the river, seeing open spaces below he circled twice then turned to the river west of Milton Church and gasometers, also electric works chimney. By then he was approximately 300 feet. He made a sharp turn right over the factories at the Oast House with the river in front. He banked hard right and dived straight down. The Albion Shades causeway was dead ahead. This landmark was the only one that gave his position of entry. I believe at that point he collapsed having used the last of his energy. He now lays at rest contented he killed no-one. He was a very brave pilot who gave his life to save others. He could have rolled over any time when he was at height and baled out.

15 October 1940.


mercalia wrote:then onto a terrible concrete "road" that gives terrible bumps at the section joins
Before you get there you have to pass through the narrow alleyway with the blind corner, how could you forget that?

mercalia wrote:then onto a long flat but very rough stoned track only fit for mt bikes
Rough Surface.jpgDid you not see the official warning .

Please forward your complaints to Network Rail who are the landowner.

mercalia wrote:( very pretty ride but hard to enjoy it while your teeth are chattering).

The canal, particularly the bit through the SSSI is very nice indeed.

Glad to hear you found some hospitality in Upnor.


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