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Re: Proper use of an A Gate

7 August 2015 - 9:05pm
Spotted this barrier posted on Twitter it's in South Lanarkshire

Re: New Bike

7 August 2015 - 9:00pm
Good question- I had a bike built and it's really one of the very best things I've ever done, so I hope your experience is just as good.

I worked on a chunk of a big project to build a park to hold some Olympic Games in, in East London a few years ago, and we decided to paint some bridges a burnt orange for various reasons, and one of my jobs was to line up the politics to persuade the powers that be to uphold this and in the end- they got painted burnt orange, RAL 2001.

So I specified the frame colour as RAL 2001 as an homage to our Northern Access bridges. I wasn't going to be really hardcore about the black/silver balance on the components, so we (Chas Roberts and I in an amazing hour's chat) went for black bars/tape/stem/saddle and silver derailleurs (Shimano 105)/hubs/brakes/chainrings/boltheads/general drive components. The wheels got accidentally upgraded (at no extra cost) to Ambrosio Excellights which have predominantly black rims, and the whole lot looks great. I would state that this conversation was based on a very detailed set of measurements and CR's experience, so the finishes were very much secondary to the functional purpose of the machine. I also think that the paint finish might have been a bit better if I'd chosen a stock colour rather than trying to be clever...

This was my approach anyway- have fun!

This is the colour:

Re: New Bike

7 August 2015 - 8:42pm
Colour and finish is all down to personal preference. I don't much like the look of the barbers pole on the seat tube and have no great love for red, yellow or white frames (white or cream contrasting panels on head tube and seat tube however...). Box lining might be nice, if you want a retro touch (do they do box lining?). The paintwork with the flickering bits in reminds me of women's nail varnish (pearlescent?), so that would be a no go. I'm sure their showroom will help you decide.

I'd be more concerned with getting the right geometry, frame fittings and mudguard/tyre margins correct, as the paint can always be changed, the rest can't.

Re: New Bike

7 August 2015 - 8:38pm
Oh, the agonies of 'too much choice'

Last frame I bought was a Spa Audax - so no problem there, given that it offers the full spectrum offered by the Ford model 'T' - any colour as long as it's black. It took me long enough to settle on the type of frame, so having Hobson's (or Spa's) choice when it came to colour was something of a relief! (even if I do believe that Spa is being absurdly unenterprising by not even giving a choice of, say, three plain colours).

All I can offer in the way of 'advice' would be to suggest that you try and see a whole frame, or better still, a whole bike in your preferred colour, rather than simply a few square inches of colour sample. It can look very different 'full size'.

Enjoy the sweet dilemma.

Re: New Bike

7 August 2015 - 8:32pm
What sort of riding do you do? Have you bike/bikes that you find "nice" to ride? If so you probably want something similar.
I've looked at Mercian, and I'm sure they will build the spec you want, but their "standard" sizes seem to have steep seat tubes - at least on smaller sizes.




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