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Is it a, see how close we can get the HGV to the cyclist ?

17 June 2015 - 11:20pm
This close pass was seriously close.

A Hingley Transport HGV towing a TATA Steel trailer on 17th June 2015 at approx after 1700.



Re: Glasgow commuter cyclists - report the fault

17 June 2015 - 10:20pm
bobbyg wrote:>>can you even check the source code to find out what it's doing with your phone? Potentially an ideal way for councils to keep tabs on local campaigners.

Jeez, if I worried about this I wouldn't have a smart phone.
My approach is simply not to install unreviewed junk from local government (or anywhere, for that matter) on my smart phone. Your approach seems to be BOGU. Each to their own!

Re: woman eating ceral while driving

17 June 2015 - 10:17pm
I remember seeing an HGV driver being interviewed on TV talking about how much you see going on from an HGV cab and his "most amazing" was a woman driving along breast feeding her baby. Would it be un-PC to be critical of that or would a negative comment enrage the Social Media Crowd.


Re: Cereal Killer

17 June 2015 - 9:37pm
If they catch her, hope she gets loads of porridge....

Re: Cereal Killer

17 June 2015 - 9:31pm
Cereal killers in Glasgow use Shreddies!

Captured by Magnatom 2013

Re: Why cycling in the UK is so scary (Gaurdian)

17 June 2015 - 9:28pm
Yes the grain trailer setups where I live tend to be contractors serving several farms. They really do fly with no care or concern for anyone, the chap at the end of my street goes mad about them. It's a 30mph zone through the village but they do more than that. For me it's not just human life thats important but wildlife and peoples pets, cats and dogs for instance. I really don't think they have a clue what it would take to stop at that speed, but they probably don't care.
The large tractors and grain trailers loaded I'd imagine would be 20 ton's or more... perhaps electronic speed restrictors should be applied. A lot of momentum to throw about without thought. It'll all kick off in the next few weeks again unfortunately.

Re: Another truck / cyclist incident in the capital

17 June 2015 - 9:26pm
Yet another one today. Not fatal.

http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/c ... 25077.html

I guess it will get to be so common that even cycle forums give up noticing it happening.

Re: woman eating ceral while driving

17 June 2015 - 9:19pm
One morning I was driving on the M42 and glanced to my right to see the driver steering with his knees, shaving with an electric shaver using the driving mirror. This was in 2 lanes of solid traffic doing 60mph.

Eating cereals does not surprise me.

Re: Cereal Killer

17 June 2015 - 9:11pm
I wish the women in the car behind me today had had something in her mouth as it might have prevented her from calling me a 'W*****R!' just because she couldn't get past for quarter of a mile on a narrow road with cars parked along most of it. I also wish I hadn't lowered myself to her level by replying in kind. Maybe the next person she insults will put something in her mouth - like a knuckle sandwich.

Re: Another truck / cyclist incident in the capital

17 June 2015 - 9:02pm
reohn2 wrote:Vorpal wrote:http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-32740736

Previous for drink driving,no insurance,no driving licence.
He get's 31/2 years gaol and a 10year driving ban,he'll be walking in 18month,and appealing for his licence in 5 years.
No. He should have 10 years in jail and a life time driving ban.

I've also posted on the lenient sentencing thread.

Follow up to accident with London bus 7 months ago

17 June 2015 - 8:24pm
Hi all,

So back in November 2014 I posted the below on the forum for some advice on how best to approach the authorities after a London Bus collided into me intentionally after failing to give me his details.

After 7 months of waiting, the CPS charged the bus driver with 'driving with undue care and attention' in which I'm not at all pleased with. I've raised a formal complaint to the Met Police based on the following:
- Lack of updates to the case
- A charge brought to the driver which is a 'slap on the wrist'
- Intentionally driving the bus into my bike and forcing me into another cyclist
- Dangerous driving while carrying a fully loaded bus during rush hour
- Causing injury to myself and another cyclist
- Injuries consisting of cuts, severe bruising, lacerations, stitches to deep wounds
- Injuries sustained which staff at A&E classed as assault
- Injuries which are now permanent or impeded day to day physical movement
- Crushing and writing off my pedal bike intentionally by driving the bus over it
- A witness giving valuable information and standing beside the bus drivers cab who stated that he was intentionally wanting to cause hurt
- Bus driver being provocative, aggressive and abusive post collision

One of the major issues I have is the Met Police/CPS failure in obtaining CCTV footage from the bus company in which they have responded to me saying that their onboard CCTV hard drive module was corrupted, thus not able to extract the footage. Coincidence eh?!

I have repeated myself many times to the case manager at the Met that I have mobile phone video footage of the driver being abusive and intentionally moving his bus towards me when I got off the bike to record his reg plate and bus ID. This was never requested by them until I decided to lodge a complaint.

So, next week is the court date and I have to attend as the victim/witness to give evidence. The news is that the bus driver pleaded not guilty at the original date in April and it's now a trial. The driver has been sacked from his job after my witness who was by the drivers cab provided details in a statement.

Has anyone had experience of facing the defendant in court in which they were involved in a collision with? I'd be keen to find out if anyone can share their stories.

Aside from the above, I employed a 'no win no fee' firm through Slater & Gordon to recover the costs for the expenses and loss in bike plus injuries sustained. The bus companies insurers have acknowledged the incident but have yet to confirm liability, so still no payment nor interim payment for the written off bike.

I do miss the cycle commute of 26 miles per day and was hoping for an interim payment but it seems the bus company isn't playing ball.

I'd appreciate any comments you may have on the above and thanks.

Re: Why cycling in the UK is so scary (Gaurdian)

17 June 2015 - 8:08pm
old_windbag wrote:I had a heart in mouth scenario yesterday as I was going down a single track in northumberland. I know the quiet backroad well and on the descent of the slight gradient I tend to feather my brakes as I'm aware of 4x4's coming up the hill at quite fast speeds and they have limited view as the road has a slight curve so blind for both parties. I go by sound so I can hear the vehicle.... well yesterday the sound I could hear was loud, a big diesel, sure enough I came face to face with a huge tractor. I braked and went as close into the verge/stonewall and stopped but he had to also stop as there was basically zero room for error. All I could see was the 6-7ft tractor wheel spinning toward me, on the back was a giant pronged rake which then passed me. He was travelling at about 25mph when he saw me, so not fast but for something that size it is, face to face these things are enormous. Unlike a car for me it's the fact that if you hit the verge and lost balance you'd be under the tractor wheel, I think that would put many newbie cyclists off.
Is it me or are modern british farm tractors, like so many vehicles SUV's, Nissan Jukes( designer must have major sight issues, hideous ) getting inflated. There's a good skoda advert playing on that idea. Our fields are no larger but we seem to have adopted american sized tractors. When the arable crops are harvested at the end of my street you'd be well advised to keep the bike indoors as the speed of the tractor+grain trailers is frightening..... but at the end of the day the vehicles can't kill us, they are inert objects, it's the operators who can as it's their brain in control or not.
I also think one of the possible reasons people drive too fast is that we rarely do emergency stops and modern cars insulate us from the speed, then sadly the day we may need to, it dawns on us just how long it takes to actually do so. Standing in court we may wish we could turn back time. So many other aspects of motoring we do day in, day out improving our skills and judgement ( parallel parking, driving through narrow gaps etc ) but emergency stops tend to be an "on demand" feature. I think the advent of electronic distance and braking systems may assist us here...... but many don't like the idea, yet would we want to live without ABS, so only a matter of time.

Farm vehicles are getting much bigger. Many of the largest are the very ones that are contractor-owned, and have no care for any local people or how they are perceived, unlike the local farmers.
They often go far too fast, possibly because they are on piece work or have to get a job done in a limited time, and on some roads can touch both sides. The drivers may not be used to driving and passing on the left, so I worry that in a crisis even on a wider road they may not respond quickly enough.


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