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Updated: 1 hour 55 min ago

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

2 hours 8 min ago
Here is Surrey's plan. If the roads they've done are part of this plan then it looks good. The surface is very good for cycling. I noticed on one road (B2028 Marsh Green Nr Edenbridge to Lingfield) that one or two "faults" occurred after completion, but these have been repaired to what looks like a high standard presumably by the contractor. I'm hoping one of the designated "Surrey Cycleway" might be done as well as it is breaking up because of utility trenches. That raises the question of whether utilities should have much more responsibility for repair of damage caused to roads. It's often "the council" that receives the blame, but the utiliries cause the damage.

Re: Is a cadence sensor worth it?

2 hours 32 min ago
My cycling has got much more efficient and as a result I've got faster by keeping an eye on my cadence while riding. Previously on hills I'd tried to keep it in the big rig and grind up which wasn't really helping so I've concentrated on keeping a constant cadence instead at as big an effort as I can manage.

I don't actually have a cadence sensor* but I've learned to know what cadence range I'm in without one.

* I actually do have a sensor but I don't have a head unit to show it while riding. I can see the results on my phone after the ride.

Re: Is a cadence sensor worth it?

2 hours 36 min ago
You can (ab)use a normal cheap speedo by configuring a specific wheel diameter (aim for 10rpm=1mph)

Re: Roadcycling fimed whit pro drone in 4k definition

3 hours 16 min ago
Hey! Isn't that the music from the Eurovision contest?

Re: Crane River Parks Hounslow & other London rides

5 hours 11 min ago
A few pictures.

To get to the river Crane path proper, you have to go under the so called cavalry tunnel under the railway as once Hounslow heath had a cavalry regiment there

thru Cavalry Tunnel.JPG

Cavalry tunnel exit onto rive crane pathway.JPG

River crane path.JPG

Crane path have to ride with care.JPG

thru paths covered with tree arches.JPG

Re: This week i am mostly eating ... pasties!

6 hours 17 min ago
Probably a bit far for you, but the coast road from St Ives to St Just is wonderful.

I'm trying to ride all the roads in Cornwall, and a couple of years ago I took the train to Redruth with my bike in the stowage. I did the coast road and down to Helston, and called in a nice cafe in Praze-an-Beeble village, so maybe worth aiming at?

St Mawes is nice and you can cross the King Harry Ferry.

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

6 hours 42 min ago
Very good points by all. On the taxation front I've beefed on for years that we need to pay more tax if we want to have the best infrastructure, hospitals, educational institutes etc. Unfortunately the political parties seem to have always gone for votes in a bidding war of reducing tax..... we all don't like having to pay it but it's essential if we want the best when we come to need it. We should be the envy of the world with people wanting to copy us. I think moving the lower paid out of taxation is correct but increasing it for all ( and there are many ) who really do have comfortable lives would not hurt. There is extreme poverty in the UK but for most I think they don't know how well off they are, particularly in the cars, houses they purchase but TV, magazines etc push it home you're a failure without the new SUV etc. Programmes like escape to the country with smug individuals make me explode, "ooh we need rooms for daphne to do her embroidery and at least 10 acres of land for johns greenhouse" . One taxation I feel is very unjust is council tax. I was made redundant but even without salary I had to pay £100 a month council tax. For me to charge a tax for all who work( in again a fair manner with lower limits and upper cap ) and hence therefore have access and use of leisure centres, libraries, local amenities would distribute the load more fairly and evenly with ( treating everyone as an individual not an item ) lower bills. I was told by a knight of the realm MP that this was not popular with voters? It does not stack up that the value of your property reflects your demands on services, its just a cheap illogical method of billing.

I'd also like to see student grants brought back and loans abolished..... and no tax subsidised final salary pensions with early retirement..... the UK is quite financially polarised I feel more so than yesteryear but extending to much more of the population.

Aarrrgggh all that angst from chipseal .

This week i am mostly eating ... pasties!

7 hours 35 sec ago
In Redruth for the next week. Cycling most mornings between 07.00hrs and 11.00hrs. Apart from the excellent Cycle route 3 I'm looking for circular routes of between 20 and 35 miles. Suggestions or recommend guide books please.

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

7 hours 17 min ago
I don't like chip 'n sealed tarmac as much as the next cyclist,especially when done badly or it becomes patchy,or when first applied isn't swept after a short period of settling and is left with two wheeler skid traps on junctions and bends.
All that said when it's bedded in and the loose chippings swept,I don't find it a problem at all on the tyres I ride these days(37/40mm Hypers),however on narrow 23/25mm HP tyres it's diabolical for anything but short stretches and is the worst cause of high frequency vibration for cyclist's who ride such tyres.
Without mudguards loose chips also get picked up by the tyre and can chip paint or possibly CF frames and forks.
It's a road dressing we're stuck with(sorry)so better just learn to live with it.
One thing that I find really irritating is how it camouflages bad road deformations and potholes,but what's to be done?
Given that it's purpose is to prolong the service life of the road surface,with the state of even major roads beginning to deteriorate alarmingly and repairs by some LA's from a cyclists POV being almost as bad as the road surface prior to repair it's a bit of a rough ride(sorry again) for the cyclist.
Society seems more interested in paying less taxes whilst at the same time buying ever bigger cars(causing more and more pollution)to counter those bad roads thereby speeding up the deterioration those bigger vehicles cause
IMHO there's something going seriously wrong with our outlook on personal transportation and taxation

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

7 hours 18 min ago
old_windbag wrote:Like so many things, schools , hospitals etc it must differ county by county as to what you get. Some authorities may want to do a job properly whereas others are happy to do it half cocked to save a bob. One thought I had about it was does it save them gritting the roads i.e on smooth asphalt its essential but perhaps on the rougher surface they may forego gritting it.
Most of the surfaces I've seen done tend not to last much more than 3yrs before the become patchy.... perhaps thats when it hasn't been done properly in the first place.

At the end of the day smooth tarmac ( billiard table flat ) is heaven to ride on, just makes your effort feel fully utilised like good tyres.
Here it's (or was) usually referred as "surface dressing". Apparently it's supposed to extend the "life" of the road surface, and it's cheaper so that's why it's done. However I agree that for cyclists it provides a potential "slippery" surface when it's first laid, and quite frequently after a time it lifts in patches from the road base causing more hazards. A smooth surface is definitely easier to cycle on. Recently Surrey CC has re-laid a few roads with nice smooth black top and some of these roads are minor.

There isn't any effect as regards "gritting" the roads on the surface. As far as I know all "gritting" is salt and there now isn't any grit. No-one seems to worry about pollution caused vast amounts of salt being deposited, and if it's referred to as grit there isn't a problem!

Edit to add http://www.highwaysmaintenance.com/SDtext.htm, but I still don't like it! The author is clearly not a cyclist!

Re: Police Had Pulled Over a Driver

7 hours 22 min ago
Valbrona wrote:Couldn't believe my eyes ... the Police had actually pulled over a driver on my ride into Derbyshire today. The last time I saw a driver that had been stopped by the Plod was about two decades ago.

Just goes to show how good our drivers are.

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

7 hours 51 min ago
I've always used the term since I first encountered it on the road. Perhaps I picked it up from investigating the method after not liking that much..... anyway even wikipaedia has an entry for it. I associate it with america but again that could be influenced by what I've read and the many people who dislike it, even motorcycle and car drivers.


When I came in fuming the other day ( well when you get to mid life it's expected ) I found an interesting blog site where the writer was complaining about similar road resurfacing, the blog turned out to be an interesting read by a chap who seems pretty chilled out and switched on to life. He's an ultra long distance bike rider it seems. See below:-


It's good to know that across all continents there are people who think similarly and want to enjoy the same aspects of life and be creative..... not simply invade, destroy, steal( rant over ). All that from my dislike of chipseal.

Re: Problems I never knew needed solving

8 hours 30 min ago
kwackers wrote:Tonyf33 wrote:very heavyweight tyres,the carcass is too stiff for a comfortable ride and for cornering IMO, rolling resistance is shocking, really only benficial if puncture protection is your ultimate goal.
There are far better tyres out there to my mind
I'm currently using a pair of marathons which I bought since they seemed to be highly recommended. I can't wait until they're finally relegated to the bin. Worst tyres I've ever ridden on.
Not even sure why I bought them - I never get punctures anyway!
You Might Now LOL

Re: Problems I never knew needed solving

8 hours 39 min ago
Tonyf33 wrote:very heavyweight tyres,the carcass is too stiff for a comfortable ride and for cornering IMO, rolling resistance is shocking, really only benficial if puncture protection is your ultimate goal.
There are far better tyres out there to my mind
I'm currently using a pair of marathons which I bought since they seemed to be highly recommended. I can't wait until they're finally relegated to the bin. Worst tyres I've ever ridden on.
Not even sure why I bought them - I never get punctures anyway!

Re: Problems I never knew needed solving

8 hours 41 min ago
I had a lightweight carbon framed bike for a while and whilst it was a revelation in what it meant to ride a bike that weighed nothing it did demonstrate comfort was a relative thing.

I simply rode it less and less until one day I brushed the cobwebs off and sold it.

Nothing beats a steel framed tourer (imo).

Re: Problems I never knew needed solving

8 hours 56 min ago
I use folding four seasons a comfortable puncture resistant tyre, easily fitted. though a tad expensive

Re: Does anyone like........ chipseal?

9 hours 13 min ago
There have been numerous threads on this subject in the past, but this is the first time I've come across the term 'chipseal' applied to this all-too-familar process. Is this a very recent neologism?

Re: Which commuter?

11 hours 38 min ago
jqdsffjdsoge wrote:The fat commuter wrote:What is your budget?

A bike that I'm considering is the Planet X London Road. Gets very good reviews.

https://www.planetx.co.uk/c/q/bikes/roa ... ondon-road

Unfortunately the online customer service doesn't though so. For me this is no problem as the Sheffield shop is about a half hour cycle ride away.

Maybe looking to get this once I sell my tourer bike that I bought for commuting but don't like (Dawes Super Galaxy). Will have to go over there again and have a few test rides as I can't make my mind up over the flat bars against dropped and whether to pay the extra for the upgraded brakes.

Bloody 'ell, that's sexy. I've just ordered a Giant Defy 3, but if I'd seen that first....
Funnily enough I looked at that when deciding on a new or s/h bike for Mrs BFB, it's cracking vfm isn't it.

Here's a slightly leftfield option which looks to be very good vfm to me:

http://www.evanscycles.com/products/nor ... e-ec075293

Re: 10,000 miles in a year finally

16 hours 51 min ago
NUKe wrote:I have been trying to do 10,000 miles in year for the last 4, And have been twarted by weather, injury and work but this year I have managed it. Finally passed the 10,000 mile mark for the year this morning

That is pretty damned impressive. Respect!

Re: Problems I never knew needed solving

17 hours 50 min ago
Wasn't there a rolling resistance test which showed Marathons are pretty good? Don't confuse them with M+


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