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Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

8 August 2015 - 10:03pm
Good Luck.
I would have ditched at least one short sleeved top (and would be wearing one so only 2 packed) only had one long sleeved top, plus a couple of arm warmers that turn a short sleeve into a long sleeve....
Would never consider taking a pair of trainers, SPD have to double as apres cycle shoes or a light pair of sandals depending on weather.

Durness, first year we had booked two nights at YHA in order to have aday riding to Cape Wrath. Second time, weather was for massive improvement next day so stayed the extra day in order to finally get to Cape Wrath..... we did

Re: Japan tour: Southern Islands

8 August 2015 - 7:32pm
Don't bother taking an umbrella they are clamping down on cycling with one.
http://road.cc/content/news/160474-poli ... g-cyclists

Re: Calais Battlefield Tour

8 August 2015 - 7:07pm
Very good, Nigelrojo, very good!
On the first leg, Cambrai to Mons, could we fit a bit of pave in. Just fancy a little taste of it
Are any of the famous climbs in that part of Flanders?
We might be able to get a driver to back us up, but if not the train option looks good

Re: Specialized Awol

8 August 2015 - 4:33pm
Samuelriley wrote:Or they're discounted because the 2016's are out. Why would you buy the 2015 at the same price as the 2016?

Is the right answer

If they weren't selling the discounts would have started earlier.

Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

8 August 2015 - 4:07pm
I think we were incredibly lucky when we did Dover to Cape Wrath in the heatwave of July 2013. It was hot right up until the far north of Scotland. The hottest day was I think in Dumfries and Galloway. The white beaches of the west coast of Scotland were like the Caribbean. And due to the extreme heat, midges were noticeable by their absence. The horseflies, or 'clegs' though were out in force and I got loads of bites.

Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

8 August 2015 - 3:40pm
The rain has certainly been a right pain in the butt this year but the wind has been far worse! It has hardly stopped blowing since last November. The combination of both has made Scotland's great outdoors a pretty unpleasant place to be. Worse news is, the weather has had no effect whatsoever on the midgies ! They are thriving and are active the very second there is a drop in the wind. Rain doesn't bother them.

Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

8 August 2015 - 3:22pm
iviehoff wrote:What that graphic actually shows is that the west and north of Scotland has had fairly normal rainfall, the additional rain has been in the lowland belt and the east.

I was just observing that the areas of Scotland of most interest to cycle tourists do not actually appear to have been unusually wet this past July.[/quote]

However they have had an unusually wet year altogether. If you look at each month this year, it has been either average or much wetter in all areas of western Scotland. May in particular, which is normally western Scotland's driest month, was exceptionally wet. The wettest areas seem to have been Argyllshire and the far north-west.

And remember that the average rainfall totals in western Scotland are many times higher than those in the east or in most parts of England.

Re: Specialized Awol

8 August 2015 - 11:38am
Or they're discounted because the 2016's are out. Why would you buy the 2015 at the same price as the 2016?

Re: What's your top weight saving tip for touring?

8 August 2015 - 10:39am
davegtt wrote:Shave your arm pits

Oh come on, how much weight can there be in armpit hair!!?

Re: Calais Battlefield Tour

8 August 2015 - 9:01am
It looks just about do-able in 5 days, although to cut the distance down a bit I would probably do it like this:
D1 Eurostar to Lille, then Lille - Cambrai
D2 Cambrai - Mons/Le Cateau
D3 Mons - Waterloo
D4 Waterloo - Ypres
D5 tour Ypres then Ypres - Lille, Eurostar back that night
Of course this misses out Dunkirk but takes in Mons. Arnhem is a bridge too far unless you are travelling very light & fast...

Re: Ideas for week long continental tour?

8 August 2015 - 8:59am
I can recommend this route I did a few weeks back during a heatwave.

Train from Frankfurt to Mainz

Mainz - Koblenz

Koblenz - Zell

Zell - Trier

Trier - Luxembourg City - Metz

Metz - Saverne

Saverne - Strasbourg - Colmar

Colmar - Basel

Train from Basel - Baden Baden

Baden Baden through the Black forest to Heidleburg

Heidleburg - Frankfurt Airport

Epic trip and I much preferred the Mossel river to the Rhine, much better cycle paths and scenery..

Re: Specialized Awol

8 August 2015 - 8:38am
Discounted bikes this time of year reflect availability - if they are still in shops now they clearly aren't very popular for any number of reasons - not just the awful AWOL but pretty much any quality machine. So beware, the shops want shot, the makers want shot so don't look too enthusiastic in the shop. AWOL sizing is. Weird so make sure you try before you buy.

Re: Japan tour: Southern Islands

8 August 2015 - 8:31am
wideeyedwandering wrote:Looking to pick brains of someone who has experience of touring Rykuku Islands of Japan, specifically.

Just to point out they are the Ryukyu Islands or Nansei Islands. The main island is Okinawa which has a massive American military presence so English will be understood but it may not be the best choice otherwise. Elsewhere you will find the vast majority do not have any practical English.

The main challenge you will have is navigation - rural road signs are often only in kanji and unless you can read/pattern recognise, they can be difficult to pick out from adverts. Be prepared for even quite major roads being unsurfaced in rural areas. Drivers are very good towards cyclists and Japan is very safe. Be prepared though for it to be very hot and very humid (and very wet!) especially as you get towards June/July.

If you've not read it get Josie Dew's book A Ride in the Neon Sun for an excellent account of cycle touring in Japan.

Re: Japan tour: Southern Islands

8 August 2015 - 7:36am
Not cycling related as such , though there is some cycling related content, but the first part of an excellent documentary about travelling in Japan on foot for a year .


Buy DVD or download here :-



Re: Specialized Awol

8 August 2015 - 6:30am
They're also reduced a quite healthy amount!

Re: Ideas for week long continental tour?

8 August 2015 - 12:05am
Thanks. Think I will stick with my idea of heading along the Rhine towards Düsseldorf then.

Re: Specialized Awol

7 August 2015 - 10:31pm
2015 models are now discounted - even at the concept stores.

Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

7 August 2015 - 10:31pm
I hear they are notorious for carrying fully loaded cyclist back to their lair

Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

7 August 2015 - 10:07pm
Jimstar79 wrote: A rest day to me is relaxing in nice weather, hopefully/wishfully sunbathing, sitting around drinking coffee and reading a good book, whilst swatting midgies!

I don't think you'll be swatting them! more like running away from the little buggers unless you have repellent or netting!!!

Calais Battlefield Tour

7 August 2015 - 8:24pm
We are looking to organise a cycling tour and wonder what your thoughts are on this itinerary
Calais to Cambrai, then pick up the Paris Roubaix route
Roubaix to Waterloo
Waterloo to Ypres
Ypres to Dunkirk, then back to Calais
We did think about adding a loop from Waterloo to Arnhem, but I don't think will have enough time
Would we be far from the famous Belgian climbs?
We would be staying in hotels or Logis de France
Would that be doable in five days?


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