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Re: Best deal for Pay-as you-go roaming?

25 January 2015 - 12:15pm
tim_f wrote:I use T mobile UK PAYG (EE have some thing similar) -

EURO - Internet Travel Booster 200MB
EURO - Internet Travel Booster 500MB

which works out at 6 or 5 pence a MB.
Problem is the definition of "europe"

For a week away in Iceland, the cost for 50 Mb data per day and roaming is almost £50

I can get a Simmin card with similar for less than £15

Re: Touring in Sweden

25 January 2015 - 11:07am
http://www.svenska-cykelsallskapet.se/p ... 08156.html
A list of links relating to cycle touring, mostly in Swedish, but there's always Google translate http://www.cykelframjandet.se/Cykelfr%C ... urism.aspx

Wild camping is relatively easy in Sweden. There is allemannsretten / offentlig rätt which is a right of public access and means that you can camp nearly anywhere, as long as you observe certain rules:
-do not camp on land that is cultivated or grazed
-do not camp within 150 m of a dwelling (the rule of thumb is out of sight, but that isn't always possible on uneven ground)
-be careful with fire, and do not light ground fires when a ban is in place (local authorities can impose these, so i seems dry, it's best to check the rules with tourist information)
-clean up after yourself (leave it as you found it)
-do not stay too long in one place (I'm not aware that there is anything definitie on this. A few days ia okay. A few weeks is not)

edit: just saw you are planning to go in May.... in the north, mountain passes may not yet be open in May, so check before you travel, or consider alternate routes.

Touring in Sweden

25 January 2015 - 10:45am
I'm looking at going touring in Sweden starting in Gothenberg and heading north towards the North Cape, I was planning on starting at the end of May and was wanting any advice on routes in particular as in the south there seem to be quite a lot of roads but heading further north it looks like either the coast road or through the centre of Sweden and unsure as to which would be best or if there are any long distance cycle paths that go the right way.

I'm planning on mostly wild camping where possible and any advice on how much touring in Sweden costs roughly would be great.


Re: Best deal for Pay-as you-go roaming?

25 January 2015 - 10:39am
If you are European country hopping but also spending time in France, a "Joe Mobile" SIM may be the best deal. They are the French version of giffgaff where you can switch on/off your service on a month by month basis. Their best deal is €20/month and includes lots of data and free calls including to UK landlines. But it gets better. There is a "Mode Europe" where you can use the allowance from the monthly package in other European countries for €2/day. Much better value than paying o2 £2/day for 15Mb!

And it gets even better. Each year you get 10 days free "Mode Europe" so if you're only outside France for a few days it won't cost you a penny.

Given the cost of buying SIMs/data packages abroad if you are visiting 2 or 3 countries in a short period of time it should work out cheaper than a country specific SIM and gives you loads more data/calls than roaming on a UK SIM.

Although SIMs are only sold in France a bit of googling should find you someone willing to ship one to the UK.

Re: LLC and Wales Questions

25 January 2015 - 9:32am
Leave yourself a little time to wander around Hay on Wye, especially if you like cafes and bookshops.


Re: LLC and Wales Questions

25 January 2015 - 8:43am
Id second the suggestion of St. Fagans, and would throw in the suggestions of the Castle (and castle Coch which you'll pass on the route in, the bay is nice, and if you've got time the museum is supposedly great (lived in Cardiff for 10 years and never went in so honestly cant say myself!). Other than that, if you just go for a wander round the centre make sure to head to the Victorian shopping arcades rather than the big modern ones. Much more interesting shops and much nicer looking. I particularly like getting a capital hogie from the New York deli in the high street arcade. Troutmark second hand bookshop is a bit of an Aladdin's cave as well.

Re: Best deal for Pay-as you-go roaming?

25 January 2015 - 7:38am
gplhl wrote:It works out cheaper in the long run to get a new sim in each country if your going to use the phone. Especially lots of data.


I'm wondering if this will be the solution quite soon though:


Re: 2nd pair of shoes

25 January 2015 - 12:10am
Cycle in stiff MTB shoes with cleats so like something else. Very light fell running shoes mean I have some thing for going up mountains in. Happy to carry them to have a spare pair of shoes to reduce chance of getting main pair wet when hill going. If not hills then Crocs copies as they are even lighter and pink.

Re: Best deal for Pay-as you-go roaming?

24 January 2015 - 10:55pm
It works out cheaper in the long run to get a new sim in each country if your going to use the phone. Especially lots of data.


Re: Tour de Isle of Wight - 1-4 May 2015

24 January 2015 - 10:51pm
Heltor Chasca wrote:Play safe and book or throw caution to the wind and wing it? I imagine this little place isn't going to let wild campers get away with it [emoji102]

There's ALWAYS somewhere to wild camp


Re: LLC and Wales Questions

24 January 2015 - 10:06pm
For some reason, various spots on ridewithgps don't follow the shown path. It won't let me map it, despite the bike path being clearly shown. Looks like Day 2, point 6, is one such instance. I didn't realize at the time of plotting that it had done that error.

In refards to Anglesey - no. That A5 is my roughly plotted route to get to Holyhead. I had to keep an eye on mileage - I've had some debilating muscle cramsp in my thighs (both thighs, same exact spot) at 40miles the last few times I have hit that distance. Very strange, if you ask me, that it occurs at exactly around 40 miles and prevents me from being able to walk for 24 hours or so. I am attributing it to the fact that I am not as fit as when I was younger AND the general lack of miles I've ridden in recent years. My trip to Ireland I kept my average mileage for the day around 40 miles. The two days I hit 50+ miles, I had to stop frequently over the last 10 miless to stretch my legs and shake-it-out, sort of thing. This summer, I plan on hitting the bike hard - but as I've mentioned before, there is no easy 40 - 50 mile ride out here. This is the easiest ride over 4 miles out here: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6861952 - so as you can see, 25 miles downhill, followed by a 25 mile uphill ride of about 1000+ ft. No such thing as flat or rolling hills where I live. The next easiest ride out here goes up 2000+ ft over the first 10 - 12 miles, before turning around at the top and riding back down. Oh - starting elevation for both rides is around 8,000 ft...so talk about sucking wind!

/rant So thats why I've plotted some of the routes the way they are. I am not concerned about hills or their steepness (riding at sea-level is so much easier than riding at 8,000 ft) and I had no problems with them in Ireland either -even the day I did Gap of Dunloe and Molls Gap back-to-back (Caha Pass wasn't hard on my lungs either). Its more about the mileage than anything for me (at this stage). Now, if I can get some good miles in this summer...that may change...and doing little excursions will be something I may add onto my routes.

I do mostly follow NCN 8 on the way back from Holyhead (back to Bangor) and I will be riding without all my gear (other than raingear) that particular day.

Like I said - I am quite open to suggestions as far as better paths on the route!

Re: LLC and Wales Questions

24 January 2015 - 6:37pm
I have quickly looked athe Angelsey day and Harlech to Machynlleth day. Others on here know the N. Coast better.
I am an old fashioned map user and I would find the new GPS type navigation a distraction, all those instuctions!!!; but clearly it may suit other folk.

Harlech to Mach is ok,there are various little alternatives I might personally use but broadly the route keeps you on some nice dedicated bike tracks and through great scenery.

Anglesey is another matter. Is the suggested route really along the A5?
There are far nicer minor roads out to the west with the added plus of being close to the sea and beaches at times(assuming reasonable weather). Being a map user I would be temped to rip a pages out of a decent road atlas they are really very cheap. Even better buy the Ordanance Survey 50:000 sheet of all Anglesey; it is a thing of great intrinsic beaty in it's own right and incredibly detailed and useful. Also available online of course.

What the digital mapping lacks is places of interest (or perhaps I am too old and stupid to see them) and as I said earlier some of those places really are worth a look.
All IMHO of course

Re: Dublin to Dingle Route

24 January 2015 - 2:42pm
Went from Dublin to Killarney last summer whilst doing the 5 peaks.

The biggest issue was accommodation. Not much in the Irish midlands.
The second was a fierce, slavering hound that chased me for 300m.

People were incredibly friendly and helpful.
I had planned a route but then ended up getting lost and making it up as I went along. I used http://cycle.travel/map to find a route and print out maps. They were ok to navigate with.
Minor roads were empty and drivers considerate.
I went roughly... Dublin, Tallaght, (camp in farmer's field) Kilcullen, Stradbally, Abbeyleix, Durrow, Urlingford (B+B), Thurles, Dundrum, Tipperary, Kilmallock (B+B), Kanturk, Rathmore and Killarney.

It is worth getting to Kanturk to visit Bob, and his fruit stall and his collection of bikes. It is home of the Kanturk Cycle club!
You can head West to Dingle from there without too much extra mileage.

Re: Tour de Isle of Wight - 1-4 May 2015

24 January 2015 - 12:13pm
I love the Isle of Wight and have cycled it many times. But I've only ever done it as a day trip, getting the catamaran to Ryde pier and doing a lap of the island.

Re: Biking in France (Perpignan - Luxembourg)

24 January 2015 - 10:13am
1. Le Puy is certainly worth visiting for the dramatic volcanic plugs and a walk around the cathedral. If you want to cut east afterwards towards the Rhone valley and Lyon then that is easily done.
2. Drivers are very good. Only once in many years of touring in France have I had a problem and that was with a tipper driver rushing for his lunch. Priority to the Right is something to watch for in towns, but there is usually a sign to warn you as you enter the town if it applies. The same on the open road, if there is an junction or series of junctions you are usually warned. I am also of the habit of looking at the approaching road and if I can see a post for a sign the chances are it is a Give Way sign and I also tend to look for the white line across the junction of the joining road. Priority to the right is getting so rare that I suppose they need to put up the warnings. A yellow diamond sign with a white border and a black line across it denotes that your road no longer has priority. Bike routes- there are some that are very good indeed and some that are not good for a tourist. However, being an old country France has a huge network of tiny back roads and that is where I spend 99% of my time.
3. Camping - maps will show only a very few sites. If you are looking at Michelin maps then they show only those sites that happen to be in the Michelin Guide of the year the map was produced. So possibly only 10%. There is a book that lists ALL campsites in France, it is available from Amazon France or possibly Amazon in your country. A s you can see in the link a new edition is due in February (picture is 2014 edition) http://www.amazon.fr/GUIDE-OFFICIEL-CAM ... el+camping

Re: Bike delivery service - Virgin BikeMagic

24 January 2015 - 9:38am
Looking for Bike Magic?
We’ve put the brakes on our bike delivery service but you can still send your luggage using Bag Magic.You guys with your tricky questions have frightened them off!

You have to reckon though, the parcel courier industry is quite competitive and no-one is within a mile of this price. They can't last long charging £10 to move a 30kg box door-to-door within the UK, I reckon, even with Brent Crude so cheap!

Re: LLC and Wales Questions

24 January 2015 - 9:30am
Also, any recommendations on places to see in Cardiff?

St Fagans National History Museum

The Museum at St Ffagans (free entry) is one of the National Treasures of Wales. It is largely an outdoor museum situated in parkland, where vernacular buildings from all parts of Wales have been dismantled and painstakingly (stone by stone) re-erected on the St Ffagan site. The building cover all periods in our (human) history, from neolithic to peasant/agricultural to industrial and modern times.

I strongly recommend a visit, and I find it fascinating even on repeat visits, - but it is a couple of miles outside the city centre, so you would need to take a bus/taxi to get there if your bike is not to hand.



Re: LLC and Wales Questions

24 January 2015 - 8:55am
Day 1 where you turn left onto the coast road (just before 32 on your map) I would carry on straight onto NCN 5 and cycle on the bike path. It's wide, flat and runs along the beach. That coast road can be very busy in the summer.

If you do join it -

Go straight on where I said, over the railway bridge and almost to the security gate of Haven Holiday Park
Turn left here through a gate type thing (can't remember what they are called)
Then you are on a cycle/footpath which goes through the golf course, keep going right the way through
After leaving the golf course go straight on a till you reach a junction (at this junction, the coast road is right there on your left) but turn right and keep following NCN 5. Go past pontins on your left and at the end of the road (where it bends left) turn right into a car park, up a little slope and join the beach. Turn left at beach (you can't go right) and you can stay on this all the way.

Sounds complicated but all sign posted and I found it easy without looking at maps.


Day 2: Can't work out what is going on at the number 6 on the map, looks weird. Just stay on the coast road, don't come off at the fair.


Re: Cycle Touring Festival Clitheroe

24 January 2015 - 8:32am
East Midlands CTC usually have their annual rally on the late May bank holiday weekend. It's held at Beaumanor Hall in Charnwood Forest and costs about 8 quid a night.

http://www.leicestersecular.plus.com/ct ... Rally.html

Re: Tour de Isle of Wight - 1-4 May 2015

23 January 2015 - 10:20pm
Heltor Chascar wrote
I can tell it's a good event based purely on the tone of your post. A fine ambassador you are .


Can't guarantee the weather but it tends to be better than for the New forest 200k audax that I usually ride the following weekend!


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