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Re: Route planning app?

25 November 2015 - 9:56am
MrsHJ wrote:On route planning I have some routes already generated but what does everyone download the Gpx Files it produces too. I have an iPhone and iPad that aren't interested in Gpx or is it GPs downloads. The laptop can see them and download them to save but can't open them.

How do I get the route from saved on my lap top to open in something like my iPhone on a suitable app (and which apps do you use?).
On your laptop depends what applications you have installed that will open .gpx files. On my Mac I tend to use GoogleEarth (hate it but can't find anything better yet). I would assume GoogleEarth on windows would have similar functionality.

As to getting it onto your iPhone, it depends on what app you use as different apps support different methods (normally several different methods). On my iPhone I use MapOut http://mapoutapp.com/en/ (payed for but pretty cheap). And it is excellent. You download OpenStreet Map mapping for offline use (and it uses vector mapping so has massive resolution and much lower storage that the other tile based apps). It includes cycle paths layers and is very good at showing altitude plots. To get your .gpx laptop to iPhone using MapOut on iPhone, easiest way is to free register with MapOut choosing a name and then you e-mail your .gpx to <chosen_name>@mapout.me and it will appear on your iPhone in the mapping app (showing as a route line over the map). Or you can send the .gpx using AirDrop or DropBox or iCloud Drive, etc. (though not OneDrive - Microsoft!).


Re: Riding with or without technology

25 November 2015 - 9:53am
I agree about a compass.
I have one on a pinger and is has helped in small towns in Holland and Belgium.
Using a paper map I know whether to exit the town N,S,E or W.
I also write a route plan and have it visible on the bar bag.

Re: Route planning app?

25 November 2015 - 9:24am
MrsHJ wrote:.....How do I get the route from saved on my lap top to open in something like my iPhone on a suitable app (and which apps do you use?).

I'm not an iPad/iPhone user so I can't help you on specifics, but in general terms you could email the gpx file on your laptop to yourself and then download it from your iPhone email app couldn't you?

Is Bluetooth file transfer possible between the iPad/iPhone?

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

25 November 2015 - 9:18am
I'm wondering if the flow of migrants in and through the EU will make the authorities even more sensitive to wild campers?

I've just started a thread on this topic here - it will be interesting to see what others think.

Re: Touring luxuries

25 November 2015 - 8:03am
Our favourite 'luxuiries are the SAWYER MINI WATER FILTER and a very small Vango Stove

1) “A lifetime of water at hand.”


'Our most popular filter just got smaller and lighter. The Sawyer MINI Water Filter is rated to 0.1 micron absolute, weighs only 2 ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons! This award winning system is reliable and easy to use.

The MINI can be attached to the included collapsible drinking pouch, inline on a hydration pack, on a standard soda bottle, or simply use the included drinking straw to drink directly from the water source. How is that for versatility?

http://sawyereurope.com/water-filtratio ... ter-filter

We have drunk from Lochs, Rivers, Puddles, you name it we have drunk from it using this and were still alive...

2) A very small vango stove fits in the palm of my hand in its little box a great little stove. It only weighs about a 100g and folds up very small

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vango-ACXSTOVE- ... ango+stove

you really cant beat taking water from a loch and serving up dinner:

Re: Cycling holidays

24 November 2015 - 10:22pm
thelawnet wrote:Well I found an existing itinerary, albeit one that is no longer run


Ah, happy memories of Lake Toba circa 1987! Love the idea of cycling round Samosir.
Hope they've updated the ferry - The huge old truck engine they used frequently stalled, and only way to restart it was using us passengers in tug of war mode on the end of a long rope wrapped around the flywheel! It mostly worked......

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 9:15pm
As well as campsites (kampingplatz?), in Germany you sometimes see a 'zeltplatz' (tent-place?). The one I used was basically a field where you could put a tent up free for one night, with a bar adjacent where you could use a tap and a toilet. Nice halfway house between campsite and wild camping. I think there's one at Passau, and one at Linz.

Re: Touring luxuries

24 November 2015 - 8:53pm

Re: Touring luxuries

24 November 2015 - 7:28pm
My slippers, I know it sounds silly but as a credit card tourer it's a piece of home in the hotel or B and B.
Last thing in the pannier and the first out.

Re: Cycling holidays

24 November 2015 - 5:20pm
Having lived, cycled and bike commuted in Singapore then a normal European distance needs to be reduced significantly by the effects of heat and humidity. I would suggest 40 miles per day is the absolute maximum for visitors who will not be acclimatised.

I think identifying a target customer, the fitness and experience you expect will help massively. You cannot be everything to everyone.

Re: Cycling holidays

24 November 2015 - 5:10pm
thelawnet wrote:Climbing on the stoney road, and descending on loose gravel (the back of the bike tends to slide away) was a bit outside of my normal comfort zone
It's the tyres that need to be fatter for rough and gravel roads, rather than the wheel size as such. 1.75 would be a minimum.
You may also like to consider getting bikes with a range of different wheel sizes - 26" for smaller women or 29" for tall blokes. Bikes generally ride better if the wheel size is more or less fitted to the frame size.

Re: Touring luxuries

24 November 2015 - 3:14pm
horizon wrote:By definition though, if it's a luxury it doesn't get taken
Not at all.
Any "nice to have" item that you know isn't essential and that you could do without if necessary is a luxury.
I'd argue that Chat Noir's smartphone falls into that category, though I don't suppose he'd agree, especially if he's one of the 50% of the population that suffer from Nomophobia.

Re: Touring luxuries

24 November 2015 - 3:05pm
Chat Noir wrote:What once was luxury is now easily carried - books, photos, music, radio, all on a smart phone.It's not just the smartphone though, is it?
The phrase "all your eggs in one basket" applies, so if you use the phone GPS all day and the phone battery runs out, you've no music, radio or book in the evening, until you can recharge.
Therefore you'll also need the phone charger, an external battery pack and a charger for that (if you want faster than the USB charge rate).

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 12:56pm
The route is generally level but its a big river in a valley. Where the valley is narrow you can end up climbing over bluffs etc. The path may follow the meanders while there is a more direct shortcut.

Also in a narrow valley things you need or want to see are likely to be uphill.

The books listed some free camping places in Germany; can't remember about Austria.

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 12:47pm
It's a long time ago now, but I remember once trying to follow an off-road cycle route in Austria and losing it. Taking a convenient ungated/unfenced track to travel the 500m or so back to the road we could see, we went close to a farmhouse, and from the way he waved his fists and chased after us, I guess the farmer wasn't too happy about us cycling along his track.

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 11:53am
I don't know if it is strictly illegal to wild camp in Austria, but technically one must have permission to do so. Anyone can use uncultivated open lands and forest in Austria, but to cycle or camp, permission is required.

https://www.bmlfuw.gv.at/forst/wald-ges ... mwald.html

has relevant detail and links to the regulations.

I think people usually get away with it in areas where population is low. I'm not so sure I would try it along the Danube route, without going well off the track.

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 11:35am
Thanks for the replies, and I will indeed look more thoroughly through the past topics. I had looked through a couple already but maybe just got a little too excited and posted before reading rest.
The level of traffic by the Danube was one thing I was concerned about re wild camping. I did see something on another site suggesting there were lots of suitable spots though but it didn't elaborate too much. Don't much fancy being hauled off to the station though haha, I'd certainly be careful about trying to find somewhere off the beaten track, just conscious I need somewhere with plenty trees too...
Again, thanks for the replies.

Re: Touring luxuries

24 November 2015 - 10:26am
I keep reading and re-reading this thread and have come to the conclusion that it's nonsensical. In fact even worse, I've come to the conclusion that the CTC Publicity Team, bless their cotton socks, have never actually toured by bicycle - maybe they could come back and put me right on this.

We seem to have reached the point where what is a basic necessity for most people (such as a warm, comfy mattress on which to sleep) is for touring cyclists a luxury. And of course anything that is in fact a "luxury" isn't taken anyway. I suppose it's conceivable that we take one object that we would normally consider "off list" and take it anyway - heart ruling head so to speak. But most things seem pretty de rigueur if they are going to be carried around. Hot water bottle for instance? Box of paints? A violin? An IPad? By definition though, if it's a luxury it doesn't get taken, though I supose you could argue that one person's essential is another's luxury.

I have a deeper suspicion though and that is that this is something to do with a Christmas special, one of those specious articles that offers to help you find a gift for the touring cyclist that has everything. But I'm not one to be churlish so in the spirit of the thread I'm going to suggest ...

a mini Christmas pudding. Ooh, luxury!

Re: 10 big slow cyclists around Geneva...ideas?

24 November 2015 - 9:49am
Thanks everyone so far. We're having a committee meeting in the pub next week so keep them coming. Much appreciated. Ta Nik

Re: advice wanted re:Danube - Passau to Vienna/wild camping

24 November 2015 - 9:06am
I can't find a definitive statement as to whether wild camping is legal in Austria - one website suggests on the basis of nothing that it is "generally discouraged". It is certainly illegal in Germany, and Germany is the kind of country where random passers-by say "you can't do that" for sins as small as parking your car wonkily, and one feels they might even alert the authorities for something as terrible as wild-camping. Nevertheless cycle tourists do wild camp in Germany and mostly get away with it provided they are sufficiently stealthy about it, though a German I met told me he thought England was easier to wild camp. Al Humphreys only got busted by the police for wildcamping in Germany when he made the mistake of camping in an urban park - he was rudely awoken at 5am or something and hauled off to the station. Broadly speaking we can say that Austrians tend to be rather like the Germans, although a bit more relaxed. And there is much more space in Austria to be stealthy about wild camping. Though given the level of traffic on popular cycleways in that region of Europe, you might have to find a way of moving away from it to camp.




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