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Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

2 August 2014 - 8:33am
burroc wrote:Unless I missed it, there is another alternative that has not been mentioned: hire bikes in Germany.... And the cost? 39 Euros for 7 days. At that price, I'm glad I did not go to the effort of taking our own bikes.

That sounds a very good deal. Where in Austria did you hire them?

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

2 August 2014 - 7:58am
I've cycled the Mosel about 5 times. It's great.

Fly with Ryanair to Hahn (Frankfurt Hahn they call it but it's 60m from Frankfurt).
You can cycle from Hahn to the Mosel but do NOT cycle the main road as it's a truck nightmare.
If you Google using Google Maps, selecting the cycling option it'll outline a quiet route to about Trittenheim. Cycle from there to Trier and back on the other side. For a finish you can cycle the Nahe Radweg from Bingen to near the airport. That's excellent.

Re: Spain North to South

2 August 2014 - 2:21am
Nice resource, our cycle holidays are also a mix of highs and lows with some interesting planning decisions, I've also done that road with the nasty climbs round Laredo. Give me a nice mountain pass any day! We've met packs of dogs in Spain and Portugal a couple of times, not funny.

I would vote for not bothering to take a tent to Spain outside the main holiday months. A good portion of the campsites will probably be closed ( I've come across closed campsites in a June and September). Of course wild camping may be an option. In the days of more favourable exchange rates we used to mix up camping with Paradors/Pousadas and also little 3* hotels like the author.

Personally I've always found Spain quite a challenge with the often empty landscape and scorching temperatures (although I did manage to get snowed on in the lovely Picos once in June). The rio de plata route sounds interesting. I've also cycled up through Portugal: Lisbon to Santander) and that was really very special.

Re: Anyone use a trailer ?

1 August 2014 - 9:44pm
seems like those cheapo bobyak lookalikes getting very expensive?



Seems like some very greedy people think they are onto a good thing

by the way the one shown is the one I got for free - it has simple suspension at the back

Re: Italy cycle resources?

1 August 2014 - 9:28pm
Does Italy use the same hand signals? What are the junction priorities? Other practical differences? Didn't find this on Italy cycling guide, but it seems to use a restricted template if you're on a mobile.

http://www.bicitalia.org/ has some routes but also little info on these practicalities, that I can understand, anyway.

Re: Italy cycle resources?

1 August 2014 - 9:18pm
Thanks for the replies!

That website is the only one I found with anything useful on so a massive thank you for putting it together! I've mainly been travelling using open cycle maps but it looks like there's a massive gulf in the middle of the route I want to take. Before anyone says it no it's not because of mountains. But I think there are routes on your site which should fill the gap! Just wanted to be sure I wasn't just typing in the wrong thing and missing a tourist office run overview of all routes throughout the country!

Thanks again!

Re: Luxembourg to Brussels

1 August 2014 - 8:54pm
Don't worry too much. The roads are either busy/medium busy in which case they have decent cycle paths 1m away from the road (small hedges or grass separate the two and btw, if there is one, you have to use it by law) or you will find quiet roads, in which case, you can relax.

Namur is especially lovely and the whole journey is filled with gently rolling hills. It should be great fun.

When you pass by, feel free to stop for a cuppa!!!

Re: Touring bike alternatives?

1 August 2014 - 7:56pm
AaronR wrote:Piccy here

https://www.flickr.com/photos/21583957@ ... hotostream

Steel frame with a brushed metal finish, all usual quality Specialized finishing bits - I used Nimbus Armadillo on a previous bike and got the rear down to canvas without a puncture, had forgotten about them!

well done, great buy .

Re: Touring bike alternatives?

1 August 2014 - 7:47pm
See what condition its in by the end of May next year after daily commuting between now and the 1st May, then a 12-14 day JOGLE trip


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