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Re: Corsica it is

11 June 2014 - 6:16pm
My girlfriend would like to join me this summer on a summer cycle tour. The requirements are :
- September
- Preferably an island with hot weather
- Up to 500m cumulative climb per day (ie relatively flat).

I had thought of Corsica, however I see that it is very mountainous.
Those of you that have been… can you confirm that with my requirements I should look elsewhere ? Are coastal roads just as hilly ?

Many thanks

American looking for touring partner/s in UK or just advice

11 June 2014 - 6:08pm

I'm a 37 year old male from the US (Washington, DC) and I want to take a bicycle tour in the UK. My time off of work will only permit me to do something about a week long. I was thinking possibly riding from London up to Edinburg (or reverse) which is about 727 kilometers (452 miles). Was thinking to do this in the late summer or early fall (August or September). Is this an ok time of year to ride this area? What are the roads like? Are there lots of camping options along the way? Any other recommended UK routes? I'd like to do something where I either start and/or finish in London as I have always wanted to go there. Anyone care to join me?

A little about me. I am a casual cyclist. I commute to work by bike everyday but I am far from being a serious racer. I can probably ride about 80-130 kilometers a day over flatish terrian. 10 years ago I rode my bicycle across the USA (see my video link below). I prefer to camp when bike touring but am not opposed to staying at an occasional motel. I'm a pretty laid back guy and was looking for some like minded people who might like to do something like this.

Cheers! Matt


Re: Around the world by bike; 23,000 km in 9 1/2 months

11 June 2014 - 5:28pm
Good luck with the site
One small correction. On ACTJ tab, you say
In my opinion, there is a huge gap in the world of cycling literature. We have hundreds of different magazines about road cycling, dozens of mountain biking magazines, a few for BMXers and track cycling, but NONE, for the type of riding that I love most of all, cycle touring. Cycle touring is using the bicycle for what it was designed for, getting from A to B.

Have a look at

1) Adventure Cycling. This is the American Version of CTC and was formed in 1977. They produce a magazine 8 times a year, specifically on Cycletouring, see www.adventurecycling.org They have articles from al over the world and review touring bikes and I get the magazine delivered to the UK

2) On the web www.biketouringtips.com is a useful resource

3) There is also a very interesting on line touring 'magazine' delivered to your inbox 4 times? a year, but I can't recall the name


Re: Surly Haul Long Trucker Cross Check

11 June 2014 - 5:02pm
If you are touring fully loaded then get the Long Haul Trucker. Once you get home, if you find the frame too harsh for your general unladen riding, then you shouldn't have much trouble selling it and you can buy something more appropriate.

btw, I have a Cross Check and it is a nice bike but only designed for 'light' touring.

Re: Accomodation Ypres, Bergues, Dunkirk

11 June 2014 - 12:45pm
Bergues: Chambres d'hôtes Les Capucins - excellent!

Re: In the market for a Titanium road/touring/audax bike

11 June 2014 - 10:16am
TheRedEyeJedi wrote:Paul Smith SRCC wrote:TheRedEyeJedi wrote:.....The choice currently is this....
......Van Nicholas Yukon.......


To be fair two of the others are not Yukon's either, the top picture is a Amazon and the lower a Chinook

Anyone toured on a Kinesis Frame?

11 June 2014 - 7:33am
I have been doing plenty of research into steel and Ti frames in a view to building a nice looking summer bike that can also be used for long one day rides and also for light touring.

However, everywhere I look the Kinesis lightweight range of Alu bikes are coming up with recommendations and great reviews. For less than £1500 I can get the shimano triple groupset I am after plus really nice spec on all the other components. They have proper mudguards fitting and room for them, and crucially have rear rack mounts.

The Vn Yukon was my alternative but spending a grand less seems very appealing- plus I think they look really nice and are less common than things like the equilibrium and Yukon

Anyone got one of the new 4s models and would care to post a review and pics would be very much appreciated.

http://roadcyclinguk.com/gear/core-bike ... es-4s.html


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