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Re: New Zealand Tour

25 October 2015 - 9:43am
Thanks for all the replies so far. I googled the holidays and the schools go back the first week of Feb, which is when I'll be starting so all good there. Yes, a return flight is currently £1089, but I may have to pay an excess baggage charge on top as it's a 30kg allowance. I'll let you know assuming Singapore airlines ever answer my email to them on the subject....

When touring I like to aim for a minimum of 100k a day and set a target about that distance away and then just see how it goes. Sometimes 65 miles is plenty and sometimes I'm having so much fun I just carry on to 80, 100, 120 depending on the terrain and weather and availability of camping. I have to confess it's all about the cycling for me, with the location just being a bonus. I'm mad I know but there a sense of achievement and thrill I get from powering an 80lb bicycle for 200k that no view or historic landmark can ever top.

I've seen that there are a lot of dedicated cycle trails on South Island which from the pictures appear to be gravel tracks. Although it's a road bike I'm riding, it's got Deore hubs, A719 rims and 35mm Marathon Supreme tyres. It can comfortably cope with canal towpaths and the like so does anyone have an informed opinion as to whether it'll be up to these New Zealand tracks and the gravel roads out there?

Also, I can see from Google that the main roads connecting the towns seem to be good single carriageways with a strip of tarmac to cycle on beyond the white lines in many places. Are there any roads with cycling restrictions and if so, will I be able to find alternative, parallel roads that I can ride on?

Finally, can anyone give me an idea what the mobile internet is like on the island as I usually navigate by Google maps and Garmin? Should I be buying a road atlas?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Tour video of London (Outskirts) to Paris - Avenue Verte

25 October 2015 - 9:15am
I am going to do this next year.

Re: Do you know how much weight you are carting about?

24 October 2015 - 5:08pm
Shopping, I use an 8-Freight, so no stability/handling issues with the weight low and in front of the rear wheel.

Touring is on a Streetmachine recumbent so I can get the heavy stuff under the seat and between the wheels where the only affect on handling is to glue you to the road a bit better.

Both will take stupid loads without complaint.





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