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Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

5 August 2014 - 11:20am
ubert767 wrote:We did the Via Claudia Augusta from Munich this year, brilliant!

How did you find that? I've done little bits on other trips but the VCA seems a little disjointed in places

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

5 August 2014 - 10:50am
Mosel is indeed very enjoyable, we did it's entire length last year.
Flew Easyjet from Gatwick to Basel with our bikes, no problem, then train via Mulhouse to Kruth. Over the Col de Bussang on a quiet back road to the source of the Mosel, then it is down hill all the way to Koblenz
We caught the train from Koblenz to Luxembourg and flew home from there. All went very well and introduced us to how wonderful cycling in Germany can be.
We did the Via Claudia Augusta from Munich this year, brilliant!

Re: Anyone use a trailer ?

5 August 2014 - 10:07am
mercalia wrote:Seems like Rosebikes stock suitable skewers for these cheap bob yak trailers -

http://www.rosebikes.com/article/rose-q ... aid:341175

it looks like it may be an improvement over the original one - certainly looks different

I have contacted Rosebikes about their skewer and they tell me the one in the picture is the one they are selling

My skewer arrived today from Rosebikes and it's different from the one in the image and it does not fit the trailer. The gap for the trailer to go into is a couple of mm to small.


Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

5 August 2014 - 9:51am
Windermere to Halton about 30 miles.
The start at Morecambe will be a couple of miles extra if you divert to the coast road at Hest Bank.
Roughly 7 miles from Morecambe to Halton.

Re: Italy cycle resources?

5 August 2014 - 7:04am
Hi vorpal

Your experience sounds similar to mine then.

Numerous examples of following thin lines on maps and trying to guess whether that line actually carries on to join another clearly marked road or whether it is indeed a dead end. No real way of knowing in Sardinia for sure as often the first bit of such a road will be properly tarmacced. The road may then stop altogether or, very often, just become a "white road" with a firm surface but no tarmac - perfectly rideable and I have ridden many such roads on a Brompton. Many many of these perfectly rideable/driveable roads are not marked. They are however often used by the locals. And are very useful. Sometimes these roads have a small stretch that is unsurfaced or very rough and then the tarmac/hard covered white road will resume. Sometimes this might be because of a local administration boundary or, I sometimes suspect, it's to introduce a short "problem" to discourage heavy use of a road. So, yes, sometimes, if you had walked over that hill you may have found that the road continued

I consider generally available mapping in Italy very poor. A few years ago I once asked an Italian where I could get better (what I considered "proper" maps) from and it was suggested that I should get some military maps. Which were available, though at substantial cost. Since then of course openstreetmap has come along.

Why the knowledge of the homeland was some some sort of preserve of the military I have no idea. But knowing Italy maybe akin to mass being in Latin until modern times (you need the priests to lead you to salvation), appalling mass of often contradictory laws (you need one of the all too many lawyers to guide you to salvation).

And as Pasolini once said, the modern politicians have adopted/adapted the language of the priests so best get in with a party to guide you through the maze.

openstreetmap still very pretty limited in Sardinia but I am sure it will get there. I am very often riding off-map and offopenstreetmap and I stress that this is not on a mountain bike - in fact on a very delicate (not Brompton) folder. I have a free paper map with essentially the same data as TCI and it has quite a few of my notes/lines on it to fill in the gaps.

If the OP should head Tuscany way and be intersred in the Via Francigena there is an excellent 1:50,0000 srip map.

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 10:22pm
cycleruk wrote:...or stick to Halton.

But to leave my route, i.e. Stay on the back road to Halton would be going back towards Morecambe surely, and only mean an extra hill (after my turn off (at the 'Power House') between there and Halton), a bit of riverside path and Halton Park Hill. Though there is a barky dog at the farm up by KL Rd...

Can't recall route 6 around there. Sitting in a pub in Aberdeen right now...

As always, when talking routes of any distance, I'd advise against the canal, in case that entered your mind! Looks tempting on a map, but gone to pot in the last year or so, even between Carn & Lanc.

Couldn't guess at distances, sorry.

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 9:39pm
Thanks for taking the time to reply guy's. One more question, with the routes suggested how many miles would each be to pick up WOR as then going onto Harrogate

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 8:06pm
NCN route 6 goes from Windermere town and through Kendal. Follow to Hest Bank (north Morcambe and pick up coastal road - Route 69 which is the WoR Route.

Personally I would follow mrjemm's route to Carnforth and then maybe pick up Route 6 or stick to Halton.

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

4 August 2014 - 7:55pm
Fasgadh wrote:In 2010 I crossed Belguim to De Panne by train and then onwards via camping in Dunkirque to the ferry. Very easy and inexpensive journey.
Trains were of the hook the front wheel variety. There are some interesting rail trail routes in the Ardennes / Eifel to link the Leige area with the Mosel. Spotted from a car, not tried them. Lovely scenery.
That info strengthens my plan for that route!
F70100 wrote:If you're still in the market for flying, KLM do Bristol to Cologne (just down the road from Bonn) connecting through Amsterdam. I doubt it would be the cheapest option but it may be the quickest.
Thanks for the suggestion; it's about £300 return which isn't too bad. But a change at Amsterdam means possibly twice the chance of a mishap with the bike!
Quickest isn't the most important factor; luckily I retired this year so have a few days to play with

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 7:06pm
Yes it does thanks, just had a thought, is there a cycle route that goes to Morecambe from Windermere?

Re: Italy cycle resources?

4 August 2014 - 6:22pm
As far as I could tell, the minor roads that aren't shown were gravel ones that weren't necessarily suitable for a touring cyclist. I did follow a few and ended up going back where I came from, but I didn't really know what I was doing. If I had had an ordnance survey equivalent, maybe I would have know that they weren't on the road map because they were dead ends, or maybe I would have found that if I'd just walked the bike up the hill, I could've carried on.

There were also plenty of roads that were on the map that were barely navigable bumpy gravel tracks.

Re: Italy cycle resources?

4 August 2014 - 6:16pm
Vorpal wrote:They don't show all minor roads, but you're unlikely to get lost following them. .

Being an awkward sod i am rather wedded to the idea of maps showing the roads i am afraid. And on a bike it's the minor roads I am interested in. If not actually lost I have ended up having to turn back and add extra miles as a result of following TCI maps and their equivelents in Sardinia. Usually as a result of trhing to second guess the mapmakers and the lie of the land.

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 6:02pm
On phone, and off top of head...

Windm on b5284 to Crook, off to Brigsteer, Levens, Milnthorpe... Off onto back lanes (either Yealands or Arnside) to Carnforth, where you cross over a6 & head to Nether Kellet. Turn left towards Over Keller, then 1st right towards Halton, but turn left after quarries up to Kirkby Lonsdale Rd... You now on WOTR.

Make sense?

Windermere to pick up way of roses

4 August 2014 - 5:46pm

Does anybody know of a decent quite route that I could take from Windermere to get me on the way of the roses route, join it and maybe Settle or Ingleton?

Re: Italy cycle resources?

4 August 2014 - 3:11pm
There are lots of routes on http://www.piste-ciclabili.com/ They also have a forum, so if you have questions about a route in a particular area, you can ask. There's another forum, dedicated to cycle touring at http://www.ilcicloviaggiatore.it/forum/index.php Google translate seems to be mostly adequate for them.

I have mainly used paper road maps (Michelin), touring Italy, then bought local maps when I needed them to supplement the road maps. Touring Club Italiano are fine, and probably a bit better then the Michelin ones. They don't show all minor roads, but you're unlikely to get lost following them. Look for them in bike shops and outfitters in Italy.

Bikeline do some guides, as well... http://www.esterbauer.com/db_rtb_detail ... ode=TOSC_E

There are some other threads about touring in Italy.
viewtopic.php?f=16&t=67075 links to another.
You should find others with the search tool.

Re: Italy cycle resources?

4 August 2014 - 2:50pm
PS - if the OP is going to end up in Rome and then head up the (presumably) west coast to France, you could always try this - though it is challenging as the vid will show.


No I haven't ridden it.

I know someone who went to Rome for the big annual critical mass recently and he was thinking of trying it.

A day trip to Ostia Antica is also to be recommended.

Much underrated/not appreciated.

Re: Italy cycle resources?

4 August 2014 - 1:17pm
Beautiful pictures indeed in Mr Miller's flickr stream.

It is though notable that the vast vast majority of them are in the north.

Pretty far north in some/many cases

And some of those places almost consider themselves a place apart from some of their "countrymen"

Have always been somewhat interested in whether Mr Miller has any Italian blood in view of some of his responses.

Have asked but never had an answer.

I have a certain sympathy for iviehoff's view but won't go there as it may send things away from the OP's request for help.

Folk wanting to explore Italian society can find much online.

Or if in London, ask an Italian - lots of them around.

I would commend GPS and openstreetmaps to the OP.

And of course Mr Miller's web page guide.

Am not the greatest fan of the TCI 200,000 maps but they are the best you will get in many areas.

Re: Stir in soups

4 August 2014 - 12:48pm
I tried both the Heinz tomato and vegetable flavours of these soups and I gotta honest, they were 'orrible.
For one, the cooking instructions are wrong, the first one turned out like particularly nasty flavoured water and the second attempt had me adding water a little at a time to get it 'just right'. Sludge was at the bottom of the mug.
I also worried that they might burst and cover the cooking gear and pannier in that treacle like stuff in the packet.
The answer came via my girlfriend who introduced me to these http://m.groceries.asda.com/#item/910001159171.
They're smaller in size to the Heinz attempts and come in powder form. Lighter too, 35g vs 72g for the heinz. Cooking instructions are dead accurate and if followed, leave you with a delicious creamy soup, just as if you got it from a tin......nicer even.
I've only tried the chicken so far and it was gorgeous. Trying the tomato tomorrow.

Re: Gijon to Poole Ferry

4 August 2014 - 11:50am
'Licensing'. I think she made that bit up. LD Lines are not with it in my opinion, and I live in Poole. I'd ride to Pompey instead using Brittany.


4 August 2014 - 11:50am
Another more detailed journal here:-

http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page ... 12353&v=6d


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