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Re: Steps at Dinard from the ferry

6 August 2014 - 12:43pm
The ferry I saw there last year appeared to be a series of zigzagging gangways which was enough to put me off!

Re: Anyone use a trailer ?

6 August 2014 - 11:23am
do u know any one who can grind a bit off the skewers? both ends look like that is possible on the sides nearest the wheels to give u a larger area to attach the trailer hooks? Or you can sent them back to Rose free of charge? The one with the lever has a small collar that could be ground down? The non lever side would need a slice of the hand grip removed?

Re: New European Cycling Website

6 August 2014 - 9:53am
theDaveB wrote:Any links to external sites should open a new window I think, if not all defo the Amazon link on the book page.
That is a pet hate of mine. Using the target attribute to open a new window will fail on some kiosks and tablets (because they can only display one browser window) and anyone who wants a new window can right-click/long-click and pick "open in new window" or similar anyway.

Other than that, the suggestions seemed good.

I'd set a background colour (black doesn't look good on some background colours) and I wouldn't bother with the splash front page (I like not to wait for a second page load), but that's not a big problem.

Re: New European Cycling Website

6 August 2014 - 9:32am
Love the site, few suggestions -

First thing I would suggest is a link to your book on Amazon, just started reading the site and you mention it on the first page but no way of buying it.

I presume the image on the right is of the book, again it's not clickable.

I would also make it a affiliate link.

Any links to external sites should open a new window I think, if not all defo the Amazon link on the book page. Amazon has got a habit of sucking you in, before you know it you have forgot while you visited in the first place and your site is not still open on another tab/window.

If your getting a lot of spam on your email, change the contact me to a form.


Re: Anyone use a trailer ?

6 August 2014 - 9:22am
Here is the skewer sitting along side my original skewer.

The only way I can think of using it would be to remove the safety screw springy thing and the clip and squeeze the ends of the trailer together. Then I would need another way of securing it to the skewer.

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

6 August 2014 - 9:03am
Thanks for the warning Geocycle.
I would concur with the route to keep on the cyclepath, A683. Then either Hornby (post office tea room) or B6480 to Wray (Bridge House tea room).

To Hgtevelo - The route out of Morecambe follows a cyclepath to the "Crook o' Lune" (Boat Wood) where it crosses to the north side of the river (Low Rd.) At this point the cycle path still carries on for about a 1.5 miles and comes out on the A683.

Re: Danube cycle path

6 August 2014 - 8:52am
Thank you all for the information.
I will definitely look at the bike/boat trip (have to use our own bikes though).
Getting there and back by train is going to put on a few days.

Re: CTC bike bag Bordeaux Airport

6 August 2014 - 7:22am
Thanks for the heads up on the queues

Have you seen people with CTC Bags at Bordeaux Airport?

Re: Italy cycle resources?

6 August 2014 - 7:12am
@andymiller Wow, I wish I'd known about your website last summer! The "Lakes of Lombardia and Piemonte" route would have been ideal and we'd have avoided some quite unpleasant busy roads. Interestingly I asked at the tourist information office in Brescia, and all they had was a leaflet about short circular rides in the area.

Re: Anyone use a trailer ?

5 August 2014 - 11:28pm
theDaveB wrote:mercalia wrote:Seems like Rosebikes stock suitable skewers for these cheap bob yak trailers -

http://www.rosebikes.com/article/rose-q ... aid:341175

it looks like it may be an improvement over the original one - certainly looks different

I have contacted Rosebikes about their skewer and they tell me the one in the picture is the one they are selling

My skewer arrived today from Rosebikes and it's different from the one in the image and it does not fit the trailer. The gap for the trailer to go into is a couple of mm to small.

thats a bummer. Can you post a picture? In the end I made my own from hi tensile rod and 2 of the screw on ends one of which I filed down to take a spanner. Would it be possible for you to file down the ends a bit so the trailer hooks can seat?

Re: CTC bike bag Bordeaux Airport

5 August 2014 - 9:18pm
Flying with easyjet you are now in a separate hanger from the main airport that makes it very clear you are in the cheap seats! Advantages though is that it is very compact, it's a small airport and the hangar has it's own baggage collection etc so they could almost wheel the bike from baggage drop off to the plane. My guess is that you will be ok.

Please we warned though of incredibly long queues sometimes, we flew easyjet (no bikes, my husband always bans me from bringing the bike even though I could have knocked off the Portalet last year, sore topic) and the queue went half way down the path outside to the main terminal.

Steps at Dinard from the ferry

5 August 2014 - 8:41pm
Hi Can any one tell me how bad the steps are from the ferry crossing St Malo to Dinard, I have heard a couple of reports about them and as my wife and I are not young any more wondered what it would be like with fully loaded bikes

Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

5 August 2014 - 8:38pm
As several people have said, stick to the coast and definitely go up the hills behind Harlech. Or an alternative and easier but safer than the main road is to take the old road up to Harlech, through town and then up steeply the road beside the car park, through the bollards. This road then joins with the original route after a mile. The views are great.
The inland route is also great fun above Trawsfynydd to Dolgellau with two great cafes. One at the new Stiniog site by the old fishing lodge on Trawsfynydd lake and the other at the forestry bike centre purpose built.
Have a great time which ever way you go.
The bridge has been a great pain for us locals, but when its done it will have a proper combined cycle/footpath path and no more tolls

CTC bike bag Bordeaux Airport

5 August 2014 - 8:10pm

Does anyone have experience of flying OUT of Bordeaux Airport with a bike in a CTC bag?

I'm flying easyjet, so according to their website that should be fine, but can't find any info on the Bordeaux Airport website about bags v boxes

I know it should be fine, but some airlines/airports now stipulate boxes only

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

5 August 2014 - 8:07pm
hgtevelo wrote:Just picked up a WOR map and looks like I could stick on the b6254 at Over Kelley and then cut off on what looks like route 90? towards Gressingham, does that seem viable? No experience of the b6254, so don't know what it's like but it may cut few miles off , rather than going to Halton? It might not though lol !

Yes, the b6254 is great. I'd head to gressingham, except the bridge is shut for repairs.... I passed today and closed until October. See here http://wayoftheroses.info/news/story/lune_valley_detour

The alternative would be to cross the lune at Halton then take the bike path to just before Claughton, then short stretch on main road to Hornby. It's not too bad for an A road. The other alternative is b6254 to kirby Lonsdale, then blast down the A road to wray. I'd describe that stretch as tolerable at most times of the day if not very enjoyable. The only A road that's really dangerous is A65.

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

5 August 2014 - 6:39pm
I have only just caught up with this topic.I live in Taunton and am doing a tour of Switzerland and Germany in about a fortnight's time.It so happens that I will be using the same airlines that I used last year when I flew from Bristol to Zurich with Helvetic and back from Milan with BMI International.This year I am flying to Zurich again and back with BMI from Frankfurt.It was very straightforward.I used the CTC polythene bag which was accepted by BMI without any problem.However the check in staff at Milan asked me to deflate the tyres despite the BMI website clearly indicating that it was not necessary.BMI only use small 50 seat planes and do not guarantee to carry the bike if it is full but on enquiry say this would be a very rare occurrence and the bike would be put on the next plane.The advantage of the small plane it is very quick to get on and off.I investigated using the train but decided that it looked complicated and expensive.I took advantage of a promotion offered by BMI to celebrate Germany winning the World Cup and paid all of 69 euros!Taking bikes on German trains is straightforward the timetable clearly indicates which carry bikes but you have to pay a small separate fare for them.I have used the CTC bag for several tours now without any damage being caused to the bike a Thorn with a Rohloff gear

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

5 August 2014 - 6:34pm
Hello Foxyrider,
How did you find that? I've done little bits on other trips but the VCA seems a little disjointed in places.

We deviated from it, but our inspiration came from the Esterbauer Bikeline route guide to the VCA and the GPS files which are available from that guidebook.

Re: Windermere to pick up way of roses

5 August 2014 - 6:07pm
The B6254 is a good road.
There's also a route from Borwick to the 6254 for Gressingham.

Re: Danube cycle path

5 August 2014 - 6:01pm
ANTONISH wrote:wirral_cyclist wrote:We did a bike and boat from Passau to Vienna [snip]

I saw the bike/boat trip on the internet. Do you have use their hire bikes or could you use your own?
I seem to remember a mention of 21 speed which to me suggests a BSO.
Thanks to everyone for the comments on this.

We went with Radreisen.at Hire bike use was optional (chargeable not inclusive) lots of people using their own - we'd have used our own but logistically it was too difficult to do and would have been much more expensive. The hire bikes were hideously heavy step throughs for anyone shorter than 186cm and fairly heavy diamond framed if taller, all new looking but clearly various ages judging by the differing company graphics but all very well maintained.

Re: Getting to Germany with bikes

5 August 2014 - 3:23pm
If you want to go to Bonn anyway, would it not be possible to extend your holiday for a few days and cycle along the Rhine Radweg from the Hook to Bonn? It would be easy from there to catch a day train from Bonn to Koblenz for the start of your Mosel tour.


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