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Re: Skiiddii advertising trailer for massage table???

11 April 2014 - 7:41pm
I'd be very worried about carrying your massage table on the skiiddii. I doubt that the trailer is designed for the weight, I would expect side winds to be a big issue and even without them carrying the table vertically is going to give you a very high centre of gravity. I would not expect it to stay upright very long.

Something along the lines of a Carry Freedom Y frame (Large) is probably best suited to the job: http://www.carryfreedom.com/

Road 90 between Beit She`an + Ein Gedi, Israel

11 April 2014 - 7:10pm
How safe is route 90 to cycle between Beit She`an and Ein Gedi? The masterplan is to cycle all the way from Metula (near Kfar Shmona) all the way down to Eilat along route 90 (470 glorious kms).

The bit between these two places is about 140kms-ish and I dont think I have the stamina + fortitude to power this bit in one day going hell for leather. If it is indeed safe to cycle perhaps any suggested accommodation in between. I know the route from Mitzpe Ramon (route 40) quite well but as of yet havent quite summoned up the bravado of cycling route 90 along the Dead Sea.

Perhaps someone has any experience of whether or not to cycle this route. Otherwise then will have to split it up into two separate rides. Metula - Beit She´an - Afula - Hadera - Tel-Aviv. Then on a separate occasion Tel-Aviv - Sderot - Be´er Sheva - Mitzpe Ramon - Eilat.


Amsterdam to Portsmouth - cycle friendly accommodation

11 April 2014 - 6:49pm
This Sunday (13th) departing Amsterdam towards Hoek van Holland. Arriving Harwich 20H00. Any suggestions for cycle friendly hostels or hotels near the Harwich ferry port? I wish to securely lock up my steed, even taking it with me to the room is preferable. Many hotels may not share this preference

The route onwards down to Portsmouth is 250kms-ish. Spreading this over 3 (three) days would see me overnighting somewhere near Brentwood then the following night around Guildford then last night in Portsmouth. Any suggestions or recommendations of cycle friendly accommodations (hostel or hotels)in these 3 towns?

Is there any cycle paths through London I can use instead of braving vehicular onslaught through the manic streets of Londonium? I know many great routes through many great cities but London is one place where a suitable cycle route escapes me. Will be coming from Brentwood onwards Guildford. Any suggestions wouls also be most welcome and sought after.

Have a Garmin 62ST, Ortleib panniers and a firm rotundness spreading around my belly and derriere I wish to burn off. The goal is a stone or two. Your help is needed!


Re: Skiiddii advertising trailer for massage table???

11 April 2014 - 6:02pm
I have the bob yak look a like which uses the same attachment to the bike. One wheel trailer ok if the load is low down but good ness what it like with a sail on the on it! rather you than me. The skewers they come with are very poor in my opinion, a deathtrap I think, as mine broke at 2nd use, so I made my own see for discussions -


I think u need 2 wheels for what you want. but at £50 may be worth a look. Ignore what the advert says about high quality, the welding on these is quite basic, the sort of job a first timer may do lol And the paint is poor and not durable. I think they imported here as ballast lol

Re: dogs

11 April 2014 - 5:27pm
I am not sentimantal about any animals. I would not deliberately harm any animal but if a dog had a go at me I would make sure it could never do it again.

Dogs are basically wild animals. We try to domesticate them, give them "pet" names and make them part of the family but I would never trust a dog. How many cases have we heard of where the family pooch has suddenly attacked a child - with terrible results. I would never leave a dog with a child. Get two or three dogs together and their pack instict takes over. They are not human and should not be treated as such.

Of course dog owners automatically assume that everyone will love their dog as much as they do. The worst cases I've had have been caused by a dog on one side of a path and the owner on the other - with one of those extending leads in between!

Skiiddii advertising trailer for massage table???

11 April 2014 - 3:42pm
Hi there, this isn't technically a touring question but I wanted the opinion of some people with trailer experience...

I'm looking at options for a trailer to carry my massage table, which is 90 x 60cm and around 13kg. I'm used to touring with heavy loads in my panniers but haven't used a trailer before. I'm sure I could adapt a normal trailer but this advertising trailer


has caught my eye because the dimensions are just right and there isn't any extra width or weight - plus it's only £49. The downside is that I'd have to mount my table long way up, and I'm wondering whether this trailer would be stable enough or if it would tip over. Also not sure if it looks strong enough for the weight, as it's clearly not designed for it. Any opinions? If you think this is hopeless, what are your opinions re. single vs. two wheel trailers?

Many thanks,

Re: dogs

11 April 2014 - 1:30pm
A very angry dog gave chase when I was cycling alone in an isolated part of Central Spain, no cars and no habitation in sight. It just didn't want to give up and I can admit to be very scared as it came within snapping distance and I could see it meant business. Miraculously just when I thought I was done for the road dipped downward and I put distance between us although I didn't dare stop for some considerable time. The only weopons I could see at the time were large stones and despite being an animal lover I was quite shocked at how prepared I was if necessary to grab a couple of them and bash them together across the dogs head!!

Re: dogs

11 April 2014 - 1:27pm
simonineaston wrote:They're all different - there's about as much point trying to generalise about dogs and their propensity to attack as there is doing same for humans. They range from totally passive to manic and murderous, regardless of size, just like us. Maybe that's where they learnt it!!

What with pretty much all dogs being "owned" by someone, and nigh on all dog breeds having been selectively bred by humans, that is of course all true.

But not relevant.

Essentially all dangerous things we in the UK encounter (bar geography; cliffs, fast water, ice) are down to humans and human intervention on some level. Unfortunately, dogs are something "we" have turned into what is a significant hazard to encounter. Approaching a dog, you do not always realise it is there. It can attack, and very often will. Attack may not mean dominate or intimidate, after all, it could be a leashed chihauha yipping from a yah's handbag, but more often you cannot know the danger level. Even a bejewelled fashion rat can be a danger if it gets in your wheel (from falling or from an enraged moron). More than anything though, I'd say the biggest hazard from a dog is it's artifacts, now not even confined to the ground, courtesy of the absurd modern trend for decorating shrubbery with the packaged delights. (Why bag and not bin???).

Yes, humans are to blame. But dogs are the hazard. We talk about cars all the time, and that's exactly the same. Cars are not sentient, so it's more extreme, but cars don't get loose (generally, though I wish they were now at that level...), cars are typically only active when a moron is active. Dogs are not like that, dogs are independent of their moron, whether the moron knows it or not.

Re: dogs

11 April 2014 - 10:27am
They're all different - there's about as much point trying to generalise about dogs and their propensity to attack as there is doing same for humans. They range from totally passive to manic and murderous, regardless of size, just like us. Maybe that's where they learnt it!!

Re: Touring Wales

11 April 2014 - 9:35am
drg1973 wrote:Thanks. We are planning to cycle wales from Bristol to Llandudno in four days in June and will go to Trawsfynydd via a470 given the bridge is closed. Is this main road as dangerous and fast as it looks.
It is a very fast road. There are ways to avoid a good deal of it though. Up into Coed y Brenin (forestry tracks in part but pretty decent) at Llanelltyd. Come out onto the 470 at it's pretty much highest point is no more demanding in terms of ascent descent.
Go further round out to the east (Aber Geirw) is tougher but takes you much farther along the 470. Back to safer territory actually (pavement).

Views notwithstanding, the cycle track Dolgellau to Barmouth is one of the finest in the land IMHO. However you will be faced with less than pleasant options at the Briwet bridge diversion. It's safer now that the convoy system is in place however.

Re: Advice needed re: pannier sizes for front rack

11 April 2014 - 9:32am
A big thank you to all who had replied. Your advice and input was greatly appreciated.
I'm thinking to stay with the 56Ltr Altura Drylines on the back & the 36Ltr Altura Skye on the front with my tent on top of the rear rack
92 Lts should be sufficient
Upgrading my front panniers was never about carrying more weight
I have purchased a lot of lightweight stuff but some of it (down sleeping bag & self inflating pillow) can be a bit bulky and leave little space for other stuff
I also believe in being comfortable in my tent after a hard days ride and carry what I need to achieve this!
Thanks again to all

Re: Advice needed re: pannier sizes for front rack

11 April 2014 - 9:00am
One thing about bulky panniers on the front is making sure to avoid high kerbs etc. (I took a tumble on our tandem on day 2 of a LeJog & broke self and bike fixings because of this).

FWIW, we cycle camp on the tandem with 2x28L panniers on the back & 2x16L on the front with the tent on the rear rack and a bar bag.

Re: dogs

11 April 2014 - 8:26am
That is harrowing reading. It might be worth putting a small warning on that link for those who don't want to see technicolour photos of leg wounds at 8 in the morning

Re: Insurance for trips over 100 days

10 April 2014 - 9:27pm
Axa does single trip cover up to 365 days which I believe is renewable too?

I was under the impression for the ctc one you just needed the yearly cover if you were going more than 100 days? Admittedly I didn't get as far as reading the small print though!

Will be interested to see what other suggestions come up here as I need insurance for 130 days worth soon!

Re: Insurance for trips over 100 days

10 April 2014 - 9:05pm
In case nobody has any suggestions, try checking/searching the Thorn Tree (Lonely Planet) forums. Not cycle specific but quite a few long term travellers come up against the time limits so it comes-up moderately frequently and there are companies that do longer term travel insurance for world travellers - so you might find some companies to contact and check regarding insurance.


Re: Does anyone want to cycle to Poland

10 April 2014 - 8:36pm
I cycled along the north coast of Poland to Gdansk a few years ago and it was fine, much of the route on paths or quiet roads. However after heading south from Gdansk I had one scare too many as a result of reckless driving and I took a train back to Szczecin. I have never seen so many L plates on cars in one day in my life than what I saw in Gdansk!

Insurance for trips over 100 days

10 April 2014 - 8:23pm
I'm having trouble finding insurance for a trip of over 100 days. Insure and go do not cover cycle touring , the ctc insurers only cover up to 100 days. Can anyone point me to a suitable company- preferably one which does not insist on cycle helmets ?
Thanks Nigel laverick.

Re: Cycling round Iceland

10 April 2014 - 8:21pm
BigH wrote: I found myself eating a lot of hamburger and chips at these places because there was not much else on offer.
I would have hoped some things would have changed since my circuit of Route 1 in 1999, apparently not, I couldn't face pizza or fried chicken for many months after that trip.
Summing up, it was a challenging tour but well worth the effort, happy memories.

Re: Does anyone want to cycle to Poland

10 April 2014 - 8:18pm
I made the mistake of touring in southern Poland and Slovakia about 6 years ago. I've just about recovered. The driving was TERRIBLE. I was driven off the road by oncoming cars , had the hair on my arms shaved by trucks 'overtaking' .... Things may have changed.


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