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Updated: 1 hour 27 min ago

Trail A Bike For Tourer?

1 hour 38 min ago
Result! (I think) I have sat on this for a while and a few ideas have been bandied around, questions asked and answered by both Burley and Surly. A Moose rack may not work on a Surly DT so neither camp want to offer any rock solid guarantees such is the legal climate these days. Hurumpf. However by grinding down the size of the Piccolo tow hitch by 8 mm, lengthening the Surly rack stays and fitting a small steel plate to the quick release mechanism on the Piccolo I think I'm in business!

A rack would cost £50 and it could be hopeless. Some longer stays including postage will cost £12. All the other bits will be recycled from bits I have lying about.

I'll keep you posted. All I have to do now is wait for my daughter to grow 3 inches. Job done. Maybe...hc

Re: Surly Disc Trucker

1 hour 52 min ago
Good advice on saddles. I'm not suffering by any standard, but such a great bike is worthy of little upgrades. The guys who sold me the bike have just had a staff do at the Brooks factory so I'm sure they'll have some good advice. Gawd help me! Liking the imperial for something different. Wether or not I'll fall down the slit I don't know...hc

Re: Canada to Mexico

2 hours 31 min ago
I've finished my tours for 2014 and starting to plan 2015 now

Would starting at the end of September and finishing mid/late October be too late for this tour (Vancouver to San Diego inland through the national parks) judging by previous comments it would seem not but would like to check.

Also, does anyone know what the road surfaces are like in Death Valley (traveling North to South)?

Re: Show your touring bikes !!!!

5 hours 21 min ago

My Surly 26" disc trucker with Rohloff. Photo is it being cleaned in a river in Mali during my tour of Africa. I'm now in Kenya with it still heading South.


Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

6 hours 39 min ago
@Pioneer - Ta. As I won't be in a rush to get anywhere I could drag my stuff around with me - after all it's unlikely to slow me down too much - but it's not my favoured option.

@TrevA - Call me thick, but that's something I didn't even consider! Not only that but you seem to have covered much of the ground I'm thinking of. My base would probably be Wells-N-T-S if I take that option. Simples.

Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

7 hours 34 min ago
One way would be to do day rides from a fixed base. My sis in law has a caravan at Hunstanton so we do this quite a bit. You can do out and back routes in different directions. We've done rides to Wells, the Walsinghams, Castle Acre, Fakenham and Downham Market as day rides. Some nice rural lanes but stay off the main roads and the coast road if you can.

Re: Show your touring bikes !!!!

7 hours 44 min ago
shane wrote:More photo's when " Red" is finished.
Quite unusual, a M-gineering on this forum.

Tell more about this guy in Kiel-Windeweer (this is a village )

Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

8 hours 29 min ago
mercalia wrote:Heh £370 the people from Suffolk/Norfolk not that silly then. I would only want to spend £100 tops, but then I live in London now and know the value of money when u dont have it.
If you can organise & sell a trip with 3 nights B&B plus luggage transport plus a pre-organised route (so you've already found the quiet roads for folk) & sell it for £100 you could be onto a winner (or have deep pockets). Could you get 3 nights B&B (in separate locations) for £100? Of course you can always camp &/or organise your own route &/or carry your stuff to keep costs down - the choices are entirely yours, subject to what is actually available.


Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

9 hours 29 min ago
We had our autumn weekend club tour up there two weekends ago. Didn't think the roads were any worse than rural Suffolk. Much less traffic though, brilliant! But if you are only going for a long weekend, is it really worth the logistics of planning baggage transfer and costs involved? Surely can't a small single pannier (there's them on here that worship the cult of the single pannier...) or a saddlebag suffice?

Re: Getting to Scandinavia

13 hours 8 min ago
There were rumors of a new Bergen/Stavanger ferry earlier this year from Newcastle in my Norwegian class (yep, I'm learning Norwegian) and it still seems to be on-going
http://driveeuropenews.com/2014/07/30/n ... good-news/
I used the old Newcastle to Kristiansand ferry and it was packed out so cannot see why this route does not have a viable ferry.

Re: Pennine Cycleway

13 hours 17 min ago
Good for you. Quite a few people confuse them though, so it's not an unreasonable assumption.

Re: Pennine Cycleway

14 hours 3 min ago
honesty wrote:There is also the possibility that Richard Fairhurst is talking about the Pennine Bridleway national trail, for which from the their website a mountain bike is recommended.
No, there isn't. I am talking about the Pennine Cycleway. If I wanted to talk about the Pennine Bridleway I would use the word "Bridleway"!

Re: Pennine Cycleway

14 hours 5 min ago
Thanks all for the information.
I have done the TPT a couple of times. First time on a hard tail MTB and second on a hybrid with MudGuards fitted.
The Woodhead section was fine on both although walked a few yards on the rocky bit with the loaded hybrid.

For some strange reason I get towards the end of the year and realise I haven't done much then decide to get my finger out. November isn't the best time of year for Pennine routes but on the other hand it does give an extra dimension with the shorter days and possible poorer weather.

I intend doing it over 3 separate weekends. Derby to Hebden Brdidge, Hebden Bridge to Appleby (both 2 day weekends) then Appleby to Berwick, 3 days. I am trying to balance getting some distance done but also being able to stop and see things and enjoy rather than some of the head down days I have had in the past where it was just about getting to the end point.

If all goes well the intention would be to do it with other people maybe next spring...
I don't have a problem deviating from 'official' routes where it makes sense at the time.

Thanks again..

ps what mapping web site?

Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

14 hours 10 min ago
Cheers Ian. My experience of zig-zagging along my local roads tells me that, before long, the only thing suitable for even commuting will be a full suspension MTB.

Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

14 hours 36 min ago
MickH wrote:I'm planning a long weekend in North Norfolk ...
If North Norfolk is anything like South Norfolk, make sure all the bolts are done up tight on your bike ... ready to be shaken like a mad thing by potholes and badly repaired roads. Same authority so may easily be as bad as South Norfolk. I find I'm avoiding the repaired potholes as well as the many un-repaired ones.


Re: Pennine Cycleway

14 hours 44 min ago
There is also the possibility that Richard Fairhurst is talking about the Pennine Bridleway national trail, for which from the their website a mountain bike is recommended.

Re: My second tour (I made it)

15 hours 16 min ago
from my house I can get to wales via the wirral way up towards 2 mills,
where then I can join another cycle route along the coast,avoiding all hills , 1st time and all want be nxt year now though.

Re: Getting to Scandinavia

20 hours 2 min ago

So environmental rules were the problem.

Rather makes you wonder if air transport is subjected to similar/equivelent obligations.

I was very sorry to see the Hamburg Cuxhaven route disappear rather a lot of years ago - referred to in that article.

Re: Short Duration Norfolk Trip - Baggage Courier

22 hours 15 min ago
RickH wrote:If you've not already sorted dates & route there's an organised Tour de East Anglia, early May bank Holiday weekend next year (1st-4th May).


Heh £370 the people from Suffolk/Norfolk not that silly then. I would only want to spend £100 tops, but then I live in London now and know the value of money when u dont have it.


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