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Updated: 12 min 51 sec ago

route 6 Nottm to Sheffield

1 hour 18 sec ago
has anyone cycled this stage. if so was it fun or too windey and footpathy to be pleasant...Be grateful for comments..

Re: France - channel to the Med (or vice-versa)

1 hour 1 min ago
davetb wrote:You can always hire a car, one way, at the end of the trip, back to the ferry port. Its very easy to do. This yr we walked in to Avis at 09.00 and were traveling N everything packed by 10.00
Dropped the car in Caen and cycled the last 15k to the ferry port, and luckily caught the next boat.

I really like the idea of this. Can you give an idea of the approx cost?
Already thinking its got to be a lot less hassle than trying to get two fully loaded touring bikes on a train.

Re: JOGLE support vehicle HELP!

1 hour 5 min ago
I hope you get someone to help out. I don't think your request too extar-ordinary. I think you should make the offer to pay the drivers B+B,at least. There must be some Aussie young man or woman who wouldn't mind seeing the country gratis by doing that work: it would be an experience! I guess the devil is in the detail. You don't want to create 'a slave',there's gotta be something in it for the driver. I think if I was widowed,suffered some injury that stopped me getting out-and-abou,t I'd consider it. Still,to keep all your riders happy,they could make demands that might make the volunteer wish he hadn't taken the job.
I saw a similar advert last year(?) If I had been single,might have taken up the offer: tho they were offering the volunteer B+B and expenses paid. There could be a lot of yakka in driving that van tho: routes,stops,people phoning up the driver to come and get them,they fagged out,inclement weather etc.

In the end it could work out well,or be hell,or a comedy!! You'll have to do a video!!

Re: What to do with your bike if you need to get back in a h

1 hour 40 min ago
patpalloon wrote:I'm planning some longer European tours next year and was wondering what to do with your bike if you had to come home quickly?
Sounds as if you are planning for failure, it's not a great mental state to be in at the start of a tour if you already have an easy opt out up your sleeve.
There are so many variables, something will turn up on the day, don't worry.

Re: eurovelo 1

1 hour 44 min ago
Ta Zed. Haven't got many replies or advice! Have looked at a variety of maps to see roads...but you never know how busy they are,and if they have an accompanying cycle path. I don't want to go on a murderous car/lorry autoway. I see there is a Eurovelo described route...but no detailed explanation of its 'traffic'. Am looking for some 'unclassified' route,or English B road type of thing. Definitely not A road. Not worried about France,there there's always small unclassified roads. Spain doesn't seem to offer as much which means...they're aint the traffic? there is the traffic,and its all funnelled onto what roads are detailed!! Am expecting internal Spain to be quiet,but in some parts I fear 'racetracks',and with no wide shoulder to ride along?

Re: JOGLE support vehicle HELP!

2 hours 37 min ago
The members here are pretty much people who love cycle touring.

You need someone who likes driving a campervan more than bike touring and likes using the associated kit. So a motorhoming type forum may be a better audience than this one. You could use pop up tents as bedrooms; this would allow the driver to get a proper nights sleep.

Personally I don't really agree with the use of support vehicles; cycle touring works better stripped down. Otoh I can see circumstances where its unavoidable.

Re: Favourite country?

3 hours 11 min ago
Another vote for Germany from me, followed by The Netherlands.

Re: eurovelo 1

3 hours 32 min ago
We were planning to do Faro to Huelva earlier this year (then head up the Camino de la Plata), but had to cancel for family reasons. We thought we'd found a reasonable route running parallel to the coast most of the way just using the Michelin 1:400,000 maps and Google streetview to check availability of bike paths/lanes. Didn't look too daunting! Others who have actually done it might know better!

Re: France: Cycling on Coast Paths and Wild Camping

4 hours 21 min ago
spot on - private sites are no better than municipal ones and are quite expensive now. Due to the Revolution there is no such thing as trespass in France.In 85 I well remember meeting two French girls on a tandem who were planning to camp 'au sauvage'. They asked me if I would like to join them - that was a memorable 2 days - it took me a week to fully recover!

Re: Cycling in Spain late August to mid September

4 hours 28 min ago
Having lived in southern Spain/Andalucia for 7 years all I have to say is you must be crazy. The Med coast is so dangerous it's a complete no-no and if you go inland you can definately expect temps. of 35C - 45C. Those are seriously dangerous for your health, which is why I gave up cycling from May to end of September.

Now if your talking the winter, that's something completely different, do be aware that there are autoroutes and RN/ruta nacional and very little else - that's why La Vuelta has to use RNs so much -buena fortuna.
ps - look out for the drunken Spanish drivers, the sober ones are very considerate like the French.


Re: JOGLE support vehicle HELP!

6 hours 7 min ago
Why not just travel very light and stay in B&Bs sharing rooms?

Re: JOGLE support vehicle HELP!

6 hours 20 min ago
If between the six cyclists you cannot find one friend or family member to undertake this support role, I would suggest you are unlikely to find a stranger to volunteer.
I can't imagine anyone rushing to assist as it doesn't sound like a very attractive offer, sharing sleeping accommodation with six strangers in a camper van for eleven nights!
Is the driver of the support vehicle expected to cook and clean also? Is the driver required to supply the vehicle or will he/she have any say in the choice of vehicle? Will the cyclists and their bikes have to be ferried to/from each end of the LEJOG, if so from/to where?

Re: Favourite country?

7 hours 49 min ago
Germany - huge range of scenery/terrain, great food at affordable prices, friendly people, great transport infrastructure and the weather is generally pretty good!

I forgot to mention the beer!

JOGLE support vehicle HELP!

8 hours 53 min ago
[b]Hi, I am new to this forum so excuse me if this isnt the correct way to put this out there....

Me and 5 of my friends are planning on doing the JOGLE ride somewhere between the last 2 weeks of june and the first 2 weeks of july next year. The plan is to do it in 9 days cycling, starting on the saturday and finishing the following sunday. The plan would be to have a camper van as a support vehicle and accommodation for the time we are away but we are stumped when it comes to a support driver.... i have tried a few companies who can offer such services but these seem to be a little (a lot) on the expansive side.....

I dont know if this is a bit rude but is there anyone out there who might be interested in coming along for the ride?? We plan on taking a total of 7 days off work.... friday - monday to friday - monday. ( days either side to allow for traveling to and from the start and end.

if someone would be kind enough to offer their services we would ensure that there expanses are all taken care of (food and drink etc..).. if we are really stuck payment can also be arranged.....

Does this sound like a problem people have had in the past or does anyone have any suggestions of what we can do?

Re: Avoid the Spanish Gota Fria!

9 hours 23 min ago
Beekeeper, looks like you were very unlucky with the weather. The link refers to eastern and not southern Spain. I've toured southern Spain many times in Sept & Oct and not had any issues with poor weather and certainly not enough to put me off. The extreme weather and average climate data do not support avoiding the area either.

We had a couple of wet days in Lozere, southern France, in sept when it rained non-stop for 36hours and at its peak dropped 228mm in a two hour period. Apparently not an uncommon event but no one would advise avoiding the area.

Bad weather happens.

Re: Favourite country?

10 hours 23 min ago
Different countries for different reasons I think. France for safe riding and croissants, Spain for the landscape, Holland for cycling infrastructure, Morocco for the desert, Italy for the people. If I had to stay within national borders for a long tour, I'd probably choose France. The alps, the med and plenty of beautiful landscape, all under one flag. That said, there are so many countries I haven't visited.

Favourite country?

11 hours 3 min ago
We have just finished a 2 month tour through the length of Japan. It is an amazing country definitely our favourite so far. http://www.cycling-nomads.com/japan-is-number-one/ We didn't meet any other long distance cycle tourists whilst we were there. We would recommend it highly for that slightly longer tour. What is your favourite country and why?

Re: What to do with your bike if you need to get back in a h

30 October 2014 - 10:02pm
Buy a ticket for you and the bike, buy parcel tape amd bin liners, make a large plastic bag with them and cover the bike. This is the easiest, simplest way. Folk go to ridiculous efforts when all you need ks a few quid spent in a supermarket. I am told clingfilm works, but never tried it.

Re: Show your touring bikes !!!!

30 October 2014 - 9:29pm
Surly Long Haul Trucker 26" in Tuva Republic, Russia this summer.


Re: France - channel to the Med (or vice-versa)

30 October 2014 - 7:45pm
I have done twice North to South and three times South to North by different routes. Can't really help you with a preference because I enjoyed every ride. Must agree though the west coast is the least interesting and Aquitaine is very boring. If you do go through there avoid the cycle paths as they are teaming with very slow leisure riders


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