Roger Crosskey

Roger Crosskey is CTC Councillor for London and is also on Strategy and Policy Committee.

I have been an active commuting and touring cyclist for over 45 years, since spending a very wet week one Easter as a teenager on a CTC holiday. As well as being a CTC member and a Right to Ride campaigner, I am a member and volunteer for the London Cycling Campaign and I have worked in the past as a volunteer Ranger for Sustrans, helping to develop a new route through north-west London partly along the Grand Union Canal. This involved meetings with British Waterways, Park Royal Partnership and local Council Cycling Officers as well as practical work on the route and investigating the best alignment once the route left the canal. Since 2007 I have been getting great pleasure and satisfaction from the British Cycle Quest.

My training includes a B.Sc., a CNAA Diploma in Finance Studies (with a management accounting option) and a part-time course at LSE covering charitable governance. I have done other in service training on financial, IT, staff management and project management subjects over the years.

I have worked since 1975 as a manager or administrator in small charities in inner London, in several different areas of work: employment training, support for victims of crime, conflict resolution and disability services. In some of these jobs I had to develop new services, managing a small team of staff to do so. At present I work for Wheels for Wellbeing a charity in south London which runs cycling sessions for people with disabilities in Croydon and Lambeth and is developing a national information service on all aspects of cycling for people with disabilities. I will be taking the lead on developing a new database for this during autumn 2011, which will not be linked to any organisation so that it could be passed seamlessly to different agencies to manage depending on resources.

My voluntary work has included five years as Chair of Paddington CAB and similar periods in officer roles on the committees of a local community centre in Maida Vale, an arts centre in Whitechapel and the Paddington Farm Trust, which operates a bunkhouse and family holiday centre in Glastonbury, run by volunteers from London. I have spent twelve years working as a volunteer with the YHA, inspecting standards in hostels and commenting on policy. I am also on the committee of the Inclusive Cycling Forum, a CTC section for promoting cycling for people with disabilities.

The present is a very interesting time for UK cycling. After years of being largely ignored it is now being officially encouraged but also raises antagonism because of cyclists’ perceived bad behaviour. A resurgence of cycling is growing on the back of commuting in London and other towns and cities and leisure/sport activities such as mountain-biking. CTC has an important role in encouraging positive developments and continuing to challenge misunderstandings and potential safety threats to cyclists.

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